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    maybe the NFC North, or the ACF West.... but not baseball.
    I really have no interest in investing my time to come up with something entertaining to ridicule this team
    In this day and age, the windmills come pre-tilted and the Lions games come as prepackaged losses.


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      "A-Fraud" Took Roids

      A-Rod reportedly tested positive for steroids

      The New York Yankees star tested positive for two anabolic steroids, four sources told Sports Illustrated in a story posted Saturday on its Web site.
      His name appears on a list of 104 players who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in a 2003 baseball survey, the magazine said. He reportedly tested positive for Primobolan and testosterone while playing for the Texas Rangers.
      Rodriguez declined to discuss the tests when approached by SI on Thursday at a gym in Miami, where he lives in the offseason.
      "You'll have to talk to the union," he told a reporter. Calls from SI to union head Donald Fehr were not returned.
      An e-mail from The Associated Press to Rodriguez's agent, Scott Boras, was not immediately returned. The Yankees and Fehr had no comment.
      In a December 2007 interview with "60 Minutes," three days after George Mitchell's report on drugs in the sport was released, Rodriguez denied using peformance-enhancing drugs.
      "I've never felt overmatched on the baseball field. ... I felt that if I did my, my work as I've done since I was, you know, a rookie back in Seattle, I didn't have a problem competing at any level," he said.
      Rodriguez played for the Rangers in 2003, when he won the AL home run title and MVP award. He was traded to the Yankees in 2004. He is drawing a major league-high $27 million salary after signing a record $275 million, 10-year contract with New York in 2007.
      The revelations come at a time when baseball's focus on drugs has concerned Barry Bonds and the legal maneuvering leading to the start of his trial March 2. The government is trying to prove the home run king lied when he told a grand jury he never knowingly took performance-enhancing drugs.
      Rodriguez until now has had an offseason dominated by talk of disclosures in Joe Torre's recently released book. The former Yankee manager wrote of the pressure A-Rod puts on himself and the third baseman's need to command the stage. Torre said some in the Yankees clubhouse referred to Rodriguez as "A-Fraud," although Torre made light of that during interviews promoting his book, "The Yankee Years."
      Baseball's drug policy prohibited the use of steroids without a valid prescription since 1991, but there were no penalties for a positive test in 2003.
      As part of an agreement with the players' union, the testing in 2003 was conducted to determine if it was necessary to impose mandatory random drug testing across the major leagues in 2004.
      The results of the testing of 1,198 players were meant to be anonymous under the agreement between the commissioner's office and the union. SI reported that Rodriguez's testing information was found after federal agents, with search warrants, seized the 2003 results from Comprehensive Drug Testing, Inc., in Long Beach, Calif.
      That was one of two labs used by baseball in connection with the testing. The seizure in April 2004 was part of the government's investigation into 10 baseball players linked to the BALCO scandal, the magazine reported. Rodriguez has not been connected to BALCO.
      Primobolan, also known as methenolone, is an injected or orally administered drug. It improves strength and maintains lean muscle with minimal bulk development and few side effects. Bonds tested positive three times for methenolone, according to court documents unsealed by a federal judge Wednesday.
      Primobolan is not an approved prescription drug in the United States. Testosterone can be taken legally with a prescription.
      I made baseball as fun as doing your taxes!


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        I am shocked!

        Shocked, I say!

        Wait... no I'm not.


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          2009 has not started out in stellar fashion for the Fraudster. Perhaps he should change his unie number.
          I made baseball as fun as doing your taxes!


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            The Tigers have been drafting pitching in droves since DD came on board in 2003 - and only Verlander and Zumaya are on the roster. He traded away alot of what was down there - some in good trades (Miller in the MCab trade) others it looks like he just gave away (Jurrjens in the Renteria debacle). The end result though is the Tigers have been going outside the organization every time they have had a vacancy that has needed to be filled - even though there have been capable guys who were already in the pipeline on some of those occasions.


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              Who are the capable guys the Tigers traded away? Outside of Jurrjens (who ended up with basically the same numbers as Gallarraga), I can't say I remember hearing much about the other pitchers they've traded away(off hand I can only think of the guys that went to the Yankees). That's not to say the guys that got traded were bums or anything, but if they're not ready for the teams they are currently with, then they probably wouldn't have been ready for the Tigers either.
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                Pitchers DD has traded away since 2006 season.

                2008 off season: None so far

                2008 season: Jason Grilli (Zach Simons deal), Denny Bautista (scrub minor leaguer in return)

                2007 offseason: Andrew Miller, Burke Badenhop, Dallas Trahen and E DeLaCruz (Cabrera deal) Jair Jurrjens (Renteria deal) Roman Colon (swap of minor leaguers), Jose Capellan (D Bautista deal)

                2007 season: Wilfredo Ledezma (McBride trade),Mike Maroth (Chris Lambert trade), Christopher Cody (Jose Capellan trade)

                2006 offseason: Andrew Claggert, Humbert Sanchez, Kevin Whelan (Sheffield deal)

                2006 season: Brian Rogers (Sean Casey)

                DD's drafts:

                In majors: Justin Verlanders (1st) prospects: James Skelton C (11th)

                Traded away: Cameron Maybin CF (1st), Chris Roberson C (2nd), Kevin Whelan RP (4th), A Claggert P (11th), Matt Joyce OF (12th)

                Prospects: Jeff Larish 1B/3B (5th), Casper Wells OF (14th), Michael Hollimon SS/2b (16th)

                Traded away: Andrew Miller SP (1st), Christopher Cody (8th)

                Prospects: Duane Below p (19th), Casey Fein rp (20th), Rudy Darrow p (32nd)

                Prospects: Rick Porcello SP (1st), Cale Iorg ss (6th), Jon Kibler LHSP (30th)

                2008 draft is too early to tell much, to a large degree that is 2007 as well.
                2012 Detroit Lions Draft: 1) Cordy Glenn G , 2) Brandon Taylor S, 3) Sean Spence olb, 4) Joe Adams WR/KR, 5) Matt McCants OT, 7a) B.J. Coleman QB 7b) Kewshan Martin WR


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                  A-Roid comes clean... he took them.
                  I really have no interest in investing my time to come up with something entertaining to ridicule this team
                  In this day and age, the windmills come pre-tilted and the Lions games come as prepackaged losses.


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                    You know what? Goddamn. Good for him. It beats the hell out of Mark "I'm Not Here to Talk About the Past" McGwire.
                    I made baseball as fun as doing your taxes!


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                      Ya know what? Had he had any integrity, he would have come clean when this entire thing blew up, rather than deny, deny, deny until someone finally proved it was all bullshit.

                      I have no respect for A-Fraud at all.


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                        Nobody proved anything. His name surfaced as one of over 100 who tested positive. He could have denied, denied, denied like Clemens did, always leaving that shadow of doubt, that remote possibility that he was set up by a vengeful ex-trainer--like Clemens has. He came out and said, I did it. Good for him
                        I made baseball as fun as doing your taxes!


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                          How about when Canseco mentioned that he had introduced Rodriguez to a steroid dealer?

                          Remember how A-Rod so emphatically asserted that was 100% false? I do.

                          Rodriguez has also said on more than one occasion that he was clean and had never done that stuff.

                          And his name surfaced as tested positive in a document seized by federal authorities. Uhhh... I dunno about you, but I'd consider that proof that he was lying about being clean. He was more than willing to play the innocent act until he realized that he had been exposed as a phony. The only thing I might give him credit for is that he was smart enough to realize he was finally caught.
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                            I can't add much to this other than I'm a humanist. Alex Rodriguez has confessed to a wrongdoing. You can condemn him for the wrongdoing, but for this act he has my admiration.
                            I made baseball as fun as doing your taxes!


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                              I'm a humanist too. I'm just not going to laud the "integrity" of a man who didn't be honest with the people until he felt he had no other choice. I won't crucify him for being human, but I'm certainly not going to respect a liar who only admitted to his failings once his back was against the wall.

                              Had he come forward say during the Mitchell investigation and said, "This is what I did, it probably wasn't true to the spirit of the game, but I did for [insert reason here]" then I'd probably laud his courage to face the music. Right now, I don't see him as any different than your average Joe caught in a lie. Pardon me if I don't find that to be anything to applaud.


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                                Confessing only after being outed does not make a righteous man.

                                I'm on a cliche' roll today

                                Integrity is what you do when no one is watching
                                SHOW me. Don't TELL me. Still waiting....
                                Play stupid games ...Win stupid prizes