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As you shop this holiday season, please remember to use the forum's link (listed in the menu as "Amazon Link") to add items to your cart and purchase them. The forum gets a small commission from every item sold and the commission increases based on the number of items sold in a month. (So even buying a 99 cent MP3 helps!) Bonus this year: Amazon has announced FREE SHIPPING through the holidays!!

Additionally, the forum gets a "bounty" for various offers at For instance, if you sign up for a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime, the forum will earn $3. If you create a wedding or baby registry, the forum earns $3. And creating an Amazon Business account will send a $15 commission our way.

Your personal information is completely private, I only get a list of items that were ordered/shipped via the link, no names or locations or anything. This does not cost you anything extra and it helps pays the operating costs of this forum which continue to go up as our commissions have gone down. Thank you for your support and happy holidays!! --Deborah

Here is the link:
Click here to shop at
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  • stalker!


    That was about all of them though
    SHOW me, don't TELL me. Still waiting....


    • Originally posted by DeanUK View Post
      Hi London, I'm from Oxford, so if you're ever in the area feel free to visit! Marko69 (not to be confused with MaltoMarko) is from Edinburgh (Hibs fan with nice nails), Cleggy is another Brit on here. Drew in an American who's wife is stationed in Mildenhall. There's also Septem in Portugal and Essek in Croatia (Osijek fan). Jadaam is based in Africa I believe, but frequents Europe often, and is dying to get his nipple pierced.
      Bravo! Well done!
      I long for a Lions team that is consistently competitive.


      • GO LIONS "19" !!

        Take us to the promised land Matthew.