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  • You do just fine Deb. You'll never know how much your words and support meant, and still do. Don't underestimate yourself.
    GO LIONS "19" !!

    Take us to the promised land Matthew.


    • Deb, your compassion and spirit comes through loud and clear. No worries about that.


      • Deb if you want to talk about any of my situation pm me - but it is ok if you don't want to.
        In Quinn We Trust??


        • It's a Very Trick Holiday Season Diatribe

          Every Detroit fan liked the Lions a lot.

          HolyT gave up Lions tickets, Turk gave up the whole Lions season!
          Guitarjack still believes and accused them of treason.
          Could it be kittens left dead or kicks that veered right?
          It could be that perhaps Deuce was trolling tonight.
          Most likely in the rankings the Lions will fall,

          Whatever the reason, CG hates all the whos.
          His holiday lawn cleared of all CaptBlues.
          Cat stared down from his cave, with a sour Catty frown,
          As Bimmer buried his who-nuts all over the ground.
          For he knew every Malto down at Ford Field beneath,
          Was busy selling mistletoe for ribbony wreaths.

          Then Sparty growled, with his green fingers drumming,

          For tomorrow Deb knew, all the forum girls and boys,
          Would test her mod patience, would test her mod poise.
          And then! The Eagles! The Cards! The Cowboys!
          All that the Grinch hated, the Ebrons and the Van Noys!
          Then the forumites, young and the old, would sit down to feast!
          Blue pudding, blue koolaid, and the roast beast!
          All that Jdoggie could not stand in the least!

          Every fan at Ford Field, the tall and the small,
          Would sway all together with Joique Bells-a-ringing.

          SING! SING! SING!
          And the more that GB thought of this victory-sing,

          Yes, that cheesehead got a wonderfully, AWFUL idea!

          Then that asshole made a santy claus hat and a coat.

          With this coat and this hat, he looked like our D-tackle Nick.
          They needed a touchdown, the Lions looked all around.
          But, since touchdowns are scarce, there were none to be found.

          He climbed to the snowy roof of Frank Van D,
          And stuffed his cheese curdled ass down the chimney,
          Where all the Honolulu stockings all hung in a row,

          Footballs! Madden games! And Stafford Fatheads!

          From under the bed!
          He took everything, the walls were left bare,

          Back to MLive mountain the Grinch he retreated,
          To send out idiotic posts, soon to be re-tweeted.

          He cupped his Grinch ear to hear the boo-hoos,
          But that Lions forum is cheering? Those are not boos!
          He thought, could it be, could it be just maybe?

          The Lions gave a gift to the whole forum family.

          We have SLFs and ULFs and Drews,
          Emdiggies, and Kayrones, Esseks, and fredsues.
          A-Shock-a-Doc-a-Nuke, a new bro named Blues.
          From Septem to L-F-I-J, and a Dean from the UK,
          Coop and the Loop not too many miles away.
          A YT, an Ozzie, a Dpat, and a Froggy,
          Red and an Axe, Fontes, and the whole crew from Cali.
          Blue and silver as far as could be seen,
          Thanks to the Lions and some help from Tony G.

          and this is the BDLFOTN.
          Where are we going; and what's up with this hand basket?


          • GO LIONS "19" !!

            Take us to the promised land Matthew.


            • 2015 AAL - Ezekiel "Double Digit Sacks" Ansah.


              • Awesome Trick!


                • Wow, Trick! That was pretty awesome!!! Musta taken forever!!
                  Dogs rule.


                  • Much appreciated effort Trickalicious
                    SHOW me. Don't TELL me. Still waiting....
                    Play stupid games ...Win stupid prizes


                    • worth the read
                      Vote for Freedom not for Free Things

                      "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have"


                      • Dirty Gringe bastard........, I use those vibrating friends too!

                        Excellent stuff there, Trick.


                        • Superb
                          If you fall during your life, it doesn't matter. You're never a failure as long as you try to get up.


                          • Well done, Trick!
                            I long for a Lions team that is consistently competitive.


                            • Awesome!


                              • Nice job, Trickalicious.