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  • He's just messing with you.

    There is one guy on the board that will give you shit about it and be serious, but nobody else really gives a shit how you refer to the Lions
    Clouds are clouds. Cows are cows. The Lions are the Lions .-Andrew Heller-


    • Nope. 'We' say we and us too.

      It was kind of a sarcastic inside joke.

      And my friend, 'we' swept the packers and the bears.

      And also 'we' say fuck the vi-queens.

      Hoping for a coach to take 'us' to the next level in 2018.
      Chemiclord: Holy shit. DWT can't possibly be THIS dense... Can he?


      • I say 'we' and 'us' all of the time. But usually those two words are attached to "suck, blow, can't compete," and other forms of whining about the current state of Lions affairs.

        Someday I hope to talk about our team in a more positive manner.


        • Originally posted by TheLondonLion View Post
          A good and likeable man who made us better and made us expect to get to the post-season rather than dream, but being caught with 9 and 10 players on the field is inexcusable at this level.

          He left us in a better place than he found us, now we need the right man to make us viable playoff contenders.
          I agree.

          Good to see you chipping in, TLL.
          I long for a Lions team that is consistently competitive.