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  • Patriots bracing for Matt Patricia to exit, likely for Detroit
    Posted by Mike Florio on January 6, 2018, 8:03 PM EST

    Getty Images
    The band is going to be breaking up, but not in the way that some envisioned.

    Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Patriots are bracing for defensive coordinator Matt Patricia to leave, most likely to become the next coach of the Detroit Lions.

    Patricia, who has a degree in aeronautical engineering from Rennselaer Polytechnic, joined the Patriots in 2004. He became the defensive coordinator in 2012.

    Regarded as brilliant in all matters, Patricia also is believed to be more than ready to take over a team of his own. He has, we’re told, a very good relationship with Lions G.M. Bob Quinn, who previously worked for the Patriots.

    One knock on Patricia came from his decision to wear the distinctive Barstool Sports T-shirt with an image of Commissioner Roger Goodell in a clown nose while exiting the team plane after Super Bowl LI. Goodell, as PFT reported in July, was still miffed about the gesture. However, it’s currently not believed that 345 Park Avenue will in any way try to throw a wrench into the process of the Lions hiring Patricia.

    Of course, the Lions will have to wait until the Patriots’ season ends before hiring Patricia. The longer the job remains open, the more obvious a candidate Patricia will become, like Kyle Shanahan last year in San Francisco and Dan Quinn three years ago in Atlanta


    • Allright then. Fuck it. And Goodell has another grudge we can look forward to? Excellent.

      Ladies and Gentlemen, let's light this candle.


      • Originally posted by dpatnod View Post
        Titans running game REALLY helping them out late in the game.
        Hey Bobby Quinn, can you imagine if some dumbass thought the run game was irrelevant, or didn't address it?
        HA HA HA HA HA. I know, right?
        Quinn has attempted to fix it, just hasn't worked out so far. A lot of assets directed towards the o-line and too much confidence in 2nd Round pick (a Mayhew pick) Abdullah.
        -$80MM spent on Lang and Wagner.
        -1st Round pick on Decker, 3rd Round pick on Glasgow, 5th Round pick on Dahl.
        -Traded Laken LOL Tomlinson.
        -Traded 6th Round pick for Greg Robinson.

        New moves:
        -Fired Martha's BF Jim Caldwell. One of the dumber Lions stats is how Caldwell had no 100 yard rusher in his 4 years.
        -Only assistant fired is Ron Prince... happened a day after the regular season ended.
        Go Detroit Lions!


        • I know. Because Quinn gets it (my point was that how much he would laugh at our forum's resident offensive / qb / strategy expert's claim). The dolts who think the run game is irrelevent. Well, fuck what can you say.

          Although I will say, perhaps Reiff and Warford would have been fine to bring back (dimwits only semi-coherent thought).... if Taylor Decker was not part of the equation. He is a better plan for a long-term LT than Reiff. Period.
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          • Quinn holding on to all the assistants (and coordinators) is smart.

            If we are th front runner for Patricia and the Pats (as expected) make a deep run....many of the quality coaches will have been taken at that point. Where Patricia can’t find a better coach he keeps the one we have (at least for a year).


            • Originally posted by dpatnod View Post
              I know. Because Quinn gets it (my point was that how much he would laugh at our forum resident offensive expert's claim). The dolts who think the run game is irrelevent. Well, fuck what can you say.
              dammit ... sarcasm ... I just had a "Drax moment."

              [ame=""]Nothing goes over my head my reflexes are too fast - YouTube[/ame]
              Go Detroit Lions!


              • I do wish Quinn woulda hit it a little harder with maybe a RB last draft, though.


                • Good point
                  Clouds are clouds. Cows are cows. The Lions are the Lions .-Andrew Heller-


                  • I imagine Austin is plenty servicable in a pinch.

                    I am on the fence with James Robert Vagina. Maybe Caldwell held him to being so conservative. That would kind of be great if true. Would love it if he pulled out some good-ole boss-hog dodgin' old shine-runner plays and proved me wrong.


                    • If you watch... you'll see that the kicking game is irrelevent in this game.


                      • In truth....what Patricia is has done (lately) with the Pats is very similar to what Austin was doing this year (at least until Ngata got hurt).....give up a ton of yards and hold the opponent to FGs. Austin’s Ds are a little more aggressive on the TO front.

                        Those two getting together could be beneficial for both parities.


                        • It really could. If Austin isn't pissed getting passed over.


                          • See guise, how irrelevent that running play for a touchdown was? Did ya see that?

                            Last edited by dpatnod; January 6th, 2018, 09:17 PM.


                            • Originally posted by dpatnod View Post
                              I am sure I have seen a lion qb catch his own td pass. I can't remember if that was Magnificent Matty or not.
                              We have seen it with a couple guys but Matt was one of them. If I remember correctly he tried to run through a guy for first down. One of those great plays where you say "great job Matt, but never do that again".
                              AAL-Nevin Lawson.


                              • Sounds like the Lions may have already made a decision. Several tweets on the following:

                                Rumored that Matt Patricia and Lions have reached a verbal agreement reported by NBC Sports @Lions

                                I'm trying not to get too excited until it is official, but I can't help it as I have been crossing my fingers since last year that he would end up being the Lions head coach.

                                For the first time as a fan I'll have both a coach and GM I respect. Very excited about this!

                                AAL: A'Shawn Robinson