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Considering a forum change

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  • Question: Considering a forum change

    Hey guys. I know we're all creatures of habit so this might cause a little drama, but I wanted to take a pulse check on a change I'm considering.

    Right now, the forum is hosted on a server that I administer. Any upgrades/backups are performed by me and I pay the monthly hosting fee (currently $55 a month). Yes, there are less expensive hosting options but we've tried those and wound up with a lot of downtime and performance issues.

    Our Amazon commissions are no longer coming close to covering the hosting fees. Additionally, this version of the forum software is long past its supported life. Spam-proof features and other new technology is not supported and never will be with this version. So I often have to leave registration disabled just to combat the spammers. That, of course, means no new blood.

    With all of this in mind, I reached out to vBulletin (our forum software vendor) to see what options we have. It turns out that they now offer the forum software a cloud option, where they host our forum and perform all of the administration and upgrades. They have different packages but the one we would probably go after costs about $30 a month. The only downside to this option is that we can't do too many customizations.

    We also have the option of purchasing an upgrade to the latest version for a fee of about $210. This would mean that we stay on our same server and just update the software to the latest version. We would have full control over customizations and still be responsible for upgrades and administration. I'm not opposed to this option as long as we get the support to cover the bulk of the costs.

    So with all of this info in mind, how do you guys feel? Please vote in the poll.
    Nothing. It's fine as it is. We'll support it more actively.
    Move it to the cloud and reduce costs while upgrading it to the latest version.
    Purchase the upgrade license and keep our web server. We'll support it more actively.
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    I'll help with $ on the $210 upgrade
    SHOW me, don't TELL me. Still waiting....


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      We need to run an annual fundraiser to guarantee that costs will be covered.

      I will also contribute.
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        I'll kick in a few bucks and continue to use the Amazon link
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          Originally posted by CGVT View Post
          I'll kick in a few bucks and continue to use the Amazon link
          I always try to use the Amazon link and just used it yesterday. I'm in for helping out.
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            Whatever you need Deb, I can help with $


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              Same though my funds are a bit tight atm.
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                I find it kind there are individuals of this board who are willing to help out with costs. However, ultimately even with their generosity there are no guarantees of future contributions and over time those costs are going to add up. Because of that I think the smart option for you would be to move the board to the cloud.

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                  I would donate. I am okay with the Cloud option, too. Whatever works for you, though.
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                    I will also donate. I'm also fine with the cloud as it would relieve a lot of your responsibility and time.
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                      I guess I should clarify. I will continue to donate and use the link regardless of what Deb decides to do.

                      Deb, you should do what is best for you.
                      In Columbus, of course, the fanbase holds the University accountable for doing the wrong thing. -Talent, Esq-


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                        Several forums I frequent use it. One I run. Not quite as nice as this software, but the price is right ... free.


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                          I’ll be more than happy to donate.
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                            Same. Can donate if needed.
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                              Just so everyone is clear, I'm willing to get naked if that helps.
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