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MICHIGAN MEN'S BASKETBALL- '19-'20: Hello Coach Nook!

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  • #61
    Originally posted by hack View Post
    Ask Stevens just in case you catch him at a weak moment, then either Beard or Donovan.
    Originally posted by Whitley View Post

    Who wold you want hack?

    I find myself thinking about Chris Beard.
    It's totally going to be Tony Bennett. Book it!
    AAL 2018 - Teez Tabor


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      Wouldn't complain, but why would you think that?


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        Originally posted by lineygoblue View Post
        JD, Schembechler spoke up when Pitino was available before he went to Louisville, and said, "The Basketball Coach at Michigan should NEVER make more than the Football coach". Up until that time, Pitino was rumored to have serious interest in Michigan's opening. (I believe it was before Amaker) About two days after Schembechler said that, Pitino signed with Louisville. Schembechler was not coaching at the time. There was a good chance we could have had Pitino.

        Of course, he might have pulled the same crap at Michigan that he did at Louisville, and if so, we'd be on NCAA Probation Part Deux.... so maybe its better Schembechler spoke up after all ...
        Here's Pitino in 2013, confirming the version that I'd heard.


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          Originally posted by Jeff Buchanan View Post
          This is a really interesting survey. Not only does it list just about every conceivable coach to replace JB, but it will give a general sense of who the peanut gallery thinks the best replacement might be. It doesn't have enough data yet because it just came out but it will probably by the end of the day and certainly by Friday.

          Cast your votes:

          I'm kind of surprised that Bobby Hurley, Wojo, Dawkins, and Collins weren't mentioned. I've seen their names all pop up in other mediums. Maybe mgoblog just isn't loving former doookies? I can't really blame them, although (gulp) Hurley would be a lot more desirable than several of the names that made the poll.


          • #65
            Sources are reporting that JB didn't have a buy-out. WTF!

            As a long time observer of the stupid shit M's Athletic Department does to itself (forget the list, you know it), this amounts to egregious malfeasance. Inking a contract with JB after his flirtation with the Pistons without a buy-out clause joins the list of utterly ridiculous self inflicted wounds M is famous for.

            If the UCLA coaching search is an indicator of how hard it is going to be for Manuel to land a tier 1 coach, and he doesn't, Warde will skyrocket to the top of the list of AD failures and passing up Bill Martin (aka, the Less Miles Fiasco that ended up landing Rich Rodriguez) and Tom Goss (the fucking Halo) is a real achievement.
            On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): �We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


            • #66
              No buyout? When some buyouts for other coaches were looking at are $5mil or more? smh


              • #67
                Supposedly Beilein said ``we should catch up", after telling Manuel he would take NBA interviews, and their next contact was 11 days later. Martin on his sailboat. Michigan's culture just creates these stupid situations over and over. They haven't learned.


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                  Originally posted by hack View Post
                  Wouldn't complain, but why would you think that?
                  Chris Beard and Billy Donovan were mentioned, so thought I’d mention another name in the “A” tier of coaching candidates.
                  (Given, it seems like M is going to settle on a “B” or “C” tier guy... )

                  The argument for Bennett:
                  - Just won a championship. What else does he have to prove at Virginia?
                  - Virginia is losing a few players to the pros.
                  - Bennett isn’t a UVA grad. Connections to the Midwest (Wisconsin area)
                  - Runs a clean / similar program to M.
                  - Current salary isn’t that much. Beilein was a top 10 paid college head coach. Bennett isn’t even top 10
                  AAL 2018 - Teez Tabor


                  • #69
                    Could be. I'm starting to feel like Manuel is going to be another in a long line of idiots in the AD. The names change, the fuckups remain. Don Canham ain't walkin through that door.


                    • #70
                      Bennett was the 4th highest paid basketball coach in the NCAA at 4.15 Million. I'm not sure if the title changes his salary structure

                      Beard's contract is now at 4.575 million per annual with a 3 million dollar buyout.


                      • #71
                        Originally posted by Jeff Buchanan View Post
                        Sources are reporting that JB didn't have a buy-out. WTF!
                        I know its not a good answer, but maybe Manuel actually trusted Beilein, and figured that the new contract was a contract to coach for the remainder of his career, and he had no other reason to believe that Beilein would bolt. I guess in the future, Manuel won't be able to be trusting anymore.

                        Beilein, whether he intended to or not, has left the program in bad shape. We stand to lose three current roster players, and Jalen Wilson has now requested to be released from his LOI.

                        I have to wonder, when Beilein was recruiting these kids, did he ever give them any indication that he might bolt to the NBA? My guess is no, he didn't. So, if he didn't let them know that there was at least a possibility that he might leave, he in fact LIED to these kids to get them to come to Michigan.

                        And now, as he leaves to cash the checks, and coach the Cavaqueers to NBA middling status, Michigan is left to pick up the pieces, with a new coach, and that coach is going to be tasked with building trust again, amongst the recruits across the country. That isn't easy, and it takes a lot of time. Something Michigan doesn't have.

                        Nobody is happier about all this than Izzo and his ilk. Beilein was making them sweat, but now its back to same old, same old.


                        • #72
                          I think Michigan was either going to luck into somebody who surprise says yes, or is going to go with a mediocre proven name. I'd rather not the latter, but I don't know that we should believe in this AD's ability to reel in the big fish.


                          • #73
                            The ability to land someone depends on how much money they are willing to pony up, I have not heard any figures on how far they are willing to spend.


                            • #74
                              Also the ability to come at those guys in a serious way -- these steal-a-guy-away hires tend to work better when they go fast and quiet. Dan Gilbert's figured it out. The career assistants waiting for their first big shot will have the patience for a methodical process, but if you want an established guy, as Manuel says he does, you don't fuck around. Michigan's got hangups about doing what it takes to meet its own expectations.


                              • #75
                                To that end, I'm for either Juwan or somebody a bit older. Juwan isn't likely to retire in the job. I fear that Shaka Smart would bumble around for longer than he deserves to be in the job.