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Michigan Wolverines Hockey

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  • #31
    Thanks for the updates, Rob.


    • #32
      you're welcome, OT---but I've been away for a while talking to my sister and bro-in-law and missed the last 30 minutes of the meantime, halfway thru the 3rd, it's 4-1 Good Guys

      ...and right now, I hear the Pep Band playing the greatest fight song ever written, The Michigan Victors!

      Hail to the Victors Valient!

      Hail to the Conquering Heroes!...


      • #33
        Another GOAL!!!

        5-1 Michigan!!!!


        • #34
          and another penalty on BG for interference, Michigan goes on another power play...


          • #35
            All-in-all, Michigan has thoroughly outclassed BG right from the start, assuming the radio guys are giving an unbiased account. I'd be shocked if there is another game in this series after tomorrow night's game (I'm NOT gonna mention what game # that would potentially be, though!!!)


            • #36
              things are getting realy chippy on the ice right now, BG very frustrated and turning to "goonism", more penalties about to be announced after the commercial break as the refs head right now to the penalty boxes with players in tow...


              • #37
                ND tied 2-2 with LS State in the waning moments of their game #1


                • #38
                  Michigan got the worst of it at the penalty box as BG gets a power play despite instigating the fight(s)


                  • #39
                    Michigan kills yet another penalty!

                    still 5-1, under 3 minutes to go...


                    • #40
                      delayed penalty upcoming against BG...


                      • #41
                        and maybe more penalties?... as they sort it out

                        M power play, for last 1:29 of game


                        • #42
                          PA announcer: "One minute remaining"


                          • #43
                            It's a great day to be a Wolverine!!

                            Final score: Michigan 5-beegees 1!!


                            • #44
                              41 shots on goal for Michigan as they win their 24th game of the season


                              • #45
                                They'll sweep tomorrow. BGSU finished dead last in the conference with 3 wins during the regular season.