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U of M Basketball Recruiting Discussion

This is a sticky topic.
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  • #46
    Good question, Seattle. If Nance comes aboard, it could start a trend.

    I wonder if Shaq has any HS age sons?


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      Originally posted by SeattleLionsFan View Post
      Can kids of former NBA ballers go anywhere but Michigan?
      I'd prefer not...... unless they are David Wood's kids.


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        Somebody pointed out on umhoops message board that Jordan Morgan was graded a 75/100 on ESPN and Bielfeldt grades out as a 87/100.


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          Here are some more insights from ESPN and

          ESPN has a complete scouting report:

          Strengths: This strong high energy power forward never takes a possession off. Bielfeldt runs the floor on a consistent basis and simply out works opposing post for easy baskets. In the low post he scores with good touch and crafty moves. Bielfeldt is a below the rim finisher that can also face and knock down mid range and open three with needed time and space. He can drive from the high post as well. Bielfeldt is a good passer and active rebounder on both ends. He could be affective in both pick and pop or role situations. Bielfeldt won’t wow you with athletic ability but will with his consistent production.

          Weaknesses: Bielfeldt must work on attempting to improve his explosiveness he is an average athlete at best. And although his is strong he must continue to add strength in order to continue to hold his own in the low post.

          Bottom Line: Bielfeldt is a skilled power forward that rebounds on both ends and plays with great energy and urgency on every possession. His is limited athletically but is consistently productive because of his all business approach on the floor where he simply out works opponents with passion for the game.
          Bottom Line

          John Beilein is methodical, cautious and secretive on the recruiting trail. He always watches a recruit in person before extending an offer and generally requires a campus visit before making that offer official. Like it or not, that’s how Beilein recruits. The second twist is that Beilein prefers to keep his recruiting philosophies relatively silent, trusting his talent evaluation over almost everyone else. One thing that’s become clear during Beilein’s tenure in Ann Arbor is that he prefers production over talent.

          There’s no questioning Bielfeldt’s production, as he had one of the most impressive statistical seasons in the state of Illinois. The questions surround his height and athleticism. Bielfeldt is listed at 6-foot-8 but those that have watched him extensively tell us that 6-foot-7 is more accurate. Bielfeldt has lost weight but still has a big body that is ready to bang in the Big Ten. He appears to be an undersized five that could play some four down the road.

          The one thing that Bielfeldt appears to provide that no one else on the Michigan roster does is low post scoring. He’s not the biggest guy but he’s someone that knows what to do with the ball in his hands on the block. As mentioned, Bielfeldt is the third commitment in Michigan’s 2011 class and fills the last remaining scholarship for the class. You can find a full scholarship breakdown here.


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            I like what I'm reading about Bielfeldt.

            If he doesn't work out well in basketball, he can go see Brady Hoke about playing TE/DE.


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                does anyone have a link to the info that Horford has now grown to 6'10"? ... we really need a true 5.


                • #53
                  It was on a podcast with the assistant coaches.

                  I forget which part they mention it in but I think it's closer to the end:



                  • #54
                    Nick Stauskas (SG, 6'5", Southborough, MA), Rivals #106 player in the class of 2012, has committed to Michigan.


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                      I didn't realize we had another scholly available? I thought Bielfeldt took the last one.


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                        Bielfeldt is in this year's class. Stauskas is committed for next year's class.


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                          Aha ... I didn't realize that.

                          There's a report in the Detroit Snooze that Darius Morris is considering a jump to the NBA. I can't see him being drafted, but you never know.



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                            Originally posted by lineygoblue View Post
                            Aha ... I didn't realize that.

                            There's a report in the Detroit Snooze that Darius Morris is considering a jump to the NBA. I can't see him being drafted, but you never know.

                            Repeat after me, Liney:

                            the sky is NOT falling, the sky is NOT falling, the sky is NOT falling...


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                              Originally posted by JRB View Post
                              Nick Stauskas (SG, 6'5", Southborough, MA), Rivals #106 player in the class of 2012, has committed to Michigan.
                              Wow, that was quick. Kansas had also offered Stauskas so he's held in pretty good regard.

                              He and Glenn Robinson III make up our recruting class for next year unless somebody leaves early or transfers.

                              I guess it's time to start cracking on 2013!


                              • #60
                                Stauskas is Michigan’s second 2012 commitment, joining forward Glenn Robinson III, and chose Michigan over Kansas, Iowa State and Wake Forest among others. We have a full roundup of scouting reports, videos, rankings and thoughts after the jump.

                                Offers & Rankings

                                Stauskas reportedly held scholarship offers from Butler, Iowa State, Kansas, Michigan, Oklahoma State, Stanford and Wake Forest before making a decision. He was rated a 3-star prospect by all three major scouting services.

                                Rivals: 3-star, #106
                                ESPN: 89/100, 3-star, #32 small forward
                                Scout: 3-star
                                Flagrant Fouls: #6 Canadian