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  • Well I sure hope so. The buzzfeed trolling over the tiki torches was at times pretty funny too.

    But, we'll see. I don't know what the real litmus test is. DCists think it's got to be Gorka out of the White House by Monday. I don't know.


    • No idea if it's real:


      • Tomorrow and Monday will be the litmus test...that's when we find out the positions and approach of the conservative spinmeisters.

        Tonight there is a furious and spirited exchange of communications flowing between conservative leaders, and I don't really believe that Donald Trump will have a whole lot of influence on the end product it coalesces into. Nobody looks to him for leadership on moral issues, and definitely not this one.


        • It sounds like it's real, a lot of quotes in this article with the Nazis celebrating his quotes. According to them he really likes them, he really, really likes them.

          I kind of think it's overkill validation for them, having Bannon, Miller and Gorka in there was validation enough for the Nazis.


          • And, therefore, they took a step in the direction they believe in. Unless something changes, they'll take more steps.


            • Well, if he carries on as he has, there is a good chance Trump will be tied to their actions going forward.


              • Not clear to me that there will be consequences for that.


                • Back to my spinmeisters comment. Lets hope.

                  But if, after consideration, Neo-Nazis are preferred to Progs, then this too shall pass.


                  • Miscellaneous And Off Topic Subjects

                    The bottom has not been hit. Until we learn to separate those with ill intentions (racists, terrorists, bigots on both sides) from those whom people disagree with... bottom has yet to be felt.

                    No optimism here... too many people looking for the fight... wanting the battle to justify their positions... is is a long way from over and it has just started.

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                    Grammar... The difference between feeling your nuts and feeling you're nuts.


                    • We also need the people with whom we disagree to separate themselves from those with ill intentions.


                      • Prominent Republican politicians across the board were calling out white supremacists and neo-nazis by name yesterday.

                        With one glaring exception.


                        • Whatever Trump's true opinion (if he even has one), he won't go after theses people because he knows they are part of his fanatic base, a chunk of the idiots that make his ego stroking rallies work for him. He won't give that up.

                          Would love to see someone from the sports world who Trump claims as a friend call his ass out on this. He doesn't give a shit what politicians say, not even his most trusted people. But a Tom Brady or Bob Craft saying something publicly might actually bruise his ego enough to get him to do the right thing (or further bury himself). But it won't happen.


                          • I have a feeling words aren't gonna be enough. Will require actions. If I'm the BLM folks, I head right over to Charlottesville and see if the standards are the same for a black protestor be arrested vis-a-vis a white one.


                            • I think Jacobus did a nice job of taking Trump to task over tip-toeing around condemning the alt-right melee in Virginia.

                              "The problem with quotes on the Internet is that it is sometimes hard to verify their authenticity." -Abraham Lincoln


                              • The BLM folks go there for confrontation, not analysis of law enforcement bias. I see they changed their homepage - removed the 'whitey is killing us so fight them at every turn' screed. I don't think you'll ever see a peaceful interaction between Alt-right and BLM.
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