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  • time to expose the corruption and end this witch hunt



    • Bloomberg got their hands on the internal RNC poll that shows that a lot of Republicans have become complacent about the midterms because Trump seems so confident there will be a 'red wave'


      • Dunno who leaked all this to the Times but it's someone who has it out for John Dowd and wants him look as incompetent as possible. When he was first hired he promised Trump he'd talk Mueller into wrapping things up within weeks? LOL


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            • yep

              texts that will include mcabe and comey with who knows whom else laying the groundwork and executing a plan in order to influence an election and create evidence to use against the apparent winner of that election through the Mueller probe


              • i find it comical that Eric Swalwell dared Trump to unredact the FISA back in April and is now calling it lawless

                and Adam Schiff claimed the first, redacted FISA release would compromise sources and meathods, which proved him a liar, then he said all the pertinent criminal evidence was in the redactions. he is now freaking out lol


                • Sources: Themselves and opposition research
                  Methods: Leak fake news to CNN and The New York Times to spur an investigation


                  • I'm reminded of when the dossier was leaked to the media and none of them could verify it, and couldn't run a story on it. so they had Comey brief the President elect about it, leaked that meeting to the media so they then could report on the meeting and the fake dossier by extension.


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                      • Originally posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
                        America's Shitstain® continues to undermine the Republic. Mark Warner put it best: "The President shouldn't be declassifying documents in order to undermine an investigation into his campaign or pursue vendettas against political enemies. He especially shouldn't be releasing documents with the potential to reveal intelligence sources."

                        Fully expect the non-text msg documents released will be heavily redacted. Anything that refutes Chump's alternate reality or goo-goobler conspiracy theories will certainly be blacked out. This is simply another paranoid attempt to sow discord and doubt with the intent to keep whatever ugly truth Trump wants hidden from getting out. Robert Mueller is one of the few Republicans with solid integrity and that galls Putin's cock holster (and his delusional cult followers) to no end.

                        We should expect Giuliani, Nunes, and other ass lickers to hit the airwaves soon with Olympic level gaslighting.

                        #MAGA -
                        Morons Are Governing America


                        • Why are pages 1-9 and at least 13-16 not declassified? This feels like a lot of cherry picking here.
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                          • how dare he expose out corruption lmao


                            • Originally posted by Whitley View Post
                              Why are pages 1-9 and at least 13-16 not declassified? This feels like a lot of cherry picking here.
                              For the same reason that only texts from individuals Trump feels 'hate" him will be released.

                              Guessing there are thousands of FBI employees who have texted disparaging things about Hillary at one point or another.

                              Note that Mark Warner (who has actually already seen the FISA stuff) also said that Trump & his sycophants need to be careful what they wish for...implying this isn't going to be the bombshell crash is already having wet dreams about.

                              Trump could have done this well over a year ago and never did for a reason other than "my FBI guy says I shouldn't".


                              • I'm old enough to remember when the Nunes memo and the redacted versions of the FISA warrants were enough to send Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Hillary, and even Obama to prison for the rest of their lives.

                                Dreaming about that was enough to give crash weeks of masturbatory bliss as I recall.