FORUM POSTING RULES - Read before posting

Forum Rules.

(1) The guiding principle for posting in this forum is moderate yourselves.

(2) Don't write a post that attacks, impugns or denigrates another poster's character. There's an obvious difference between the language of humor and hateful, debased language. Know the difference and post accordingly.

(3) This is a Michigan sports forum. The forum welcomes posts from M's sports rivals. Talking smack, posting sass is what college sports rivalries are all about. Rules (1) and (2) above apply. If you don't want to view the posts of a rival talking smack or sassing, use the ignore feature in User Controls.

(4) This forum is about sharing thoughts, ideas and viewpoints about all sports, any number of subjects and issues, learning stuff from other posters and having fun. There are threads by subject matter within the forum for doing this. Keep the threads on point.

NB: The rules above are not intended to build a case to ban a poster. There are consequences for rule breaking as specified below. That's as far as it should go. Only the most egregious and persistent rule breaking would cause the moderators to consider a ban.

Due Process.

(1) The forum has 6 moderators. Jeff Buchanan, Jon, JD, Hannibal, Oracle, Entropy. None of them want to moderate adult posters who should know better. There may be posts that break the rules.

(2) Posters who, at the sole discretion of a moderator, break a rule will be given a warning post that will site one of the rules listed above as the reason for the deletion.

(3) If the rule breaking behavior continues, a moderator can remove an offending post and any ensuing post that whines about that action. If a moderator removes a post(s) the reason for the removal(s) will be posted with the removal notice that appears in the thread. This should be the end of it. Man up, take responsibility for breaking the rules. The forum moves on. If not, see below.

(4) A poster who has had a warning or a post(s) removed can certify a question by PM to any moderator about that action. Do not complain about the action or attempt to make your case in the forum/threads. Moderators shall do their best to address the question within 72h. At the end of 72h the majority opinion of the moderators responding will be the answer.

(5) Banning a poster for egregious and repeated rule breaking requires a unanimous vote to ban from all 6 moderators. We don't anticipate this will ever happen.
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    I don't suppose there's any way to put a Michigan Logo on the front page? :-)


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      Originally posted by -Deborah- View Post
      Is Liney the only one?

      Also, if there are problem users who the mods would like to keep out of this forum, please message me that information. I am able to put them in a special group that will prevent them from coming in, but still allow them to go to the Lions forum.

      I don't think these guys know K-Stat yet:-D

      I will say that a lot of the Tigers folks didn't want to come here or to the Pistons Forum because of him but I think that's a little harsh.


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        KStats schtick wouldn't last long in here at all.


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          Nah, It really wasn't K-stat in the case of the Tiger sect, They just wanted to keep their own little enclave separate from the real world.
          Benny Blades~"If you break down this team man for man, we have talent to compare with any team."


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            When I click to read a thread, it always starts with the first post on that particular page. Anyway to take the screen straight to where the most recent posts start?


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              Look here

              Benny Blades~"If you break down this team man for man, we have talent to compare with any team."


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                  Lurked in the freep forums, lurked in world crossing. Promise to post more here (been lurking here as well forever).


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                    Deborah - as of right now, we don't have anyone that we'd automatically exclude from posting here. There were some problem children in years past, but no recent problems. We can put any troublemakers in a time-out status as the need arises.

                    Also, in addition to myself, Jeff B and Rob F amongst the current members were all Mods at the Worldcrossing site. There are a few others as well, and I'll let you know who they are, as they arrive. I'm not sure what monikers they will adopt as they get here. Some may change .. (as did Tin Mad Dog ... heh)
                    Last edited by lineygoblue; March 1st, 2011, 11:41 AM.
                    I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta


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                      I am in now. Thanks for the invite.
                      I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta


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                        Thanks, liney. I'm going to send you a private message with some questions about the particulars. Please check your private messages here when you get a moment.
                        Dogs rule.


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                          Got it, Deb. You have a response.
                          I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta


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                            Rounding up the remaining suspects

                            Should we make an inventory of who hasn't signed up here?

                            I'd really like to keep as many of us together as possible ... even Talent!:-)


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                              So, yeah ... just figuring some of this stuff out but ...

                              New posts in a thread since your last visit that you have not seen will cause the thread title to be bolded when you log in, right?

                              Click on the thread title and then click (upper left side of the window) - "First Unread Post" - and it takes you there.

                              This way you can quickly read what's been posted since your last visit, right?

                              Anyone familiar feel free to correct me.

                              Anyway .... like this place and the new posters that seem to be filtering in.
                              On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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                                Jeff, check this out:
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                                Dogs rule.