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Nebraska... feeling a bit Frosty right now..

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  • Don't have it available at the'll have to wait till after work


    • Thanks man.
      ďI donít take vacations. I donít get sick. I donít observe major holidays. Iím a jackhammer.Ē


      • Is this the site you mean?

        He's been posting at the Goat Pen/Megasite too


        • Yes that is it thanks, I don't care what Talent says about, you are alright. Yeah the Goat Penis is a frightening place, I see why he found refuge there.

          Wow just popped in, it's a ghost town...he's probably dead.
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          ďI donít take vacations. I donít get sick. I donít observe major holidays. Iím a jackhammer.Ē


          • Grammar... The difference between feeling your nuts and feeling you're nuts.


            • Published Wednesday September 28, 2011
              By Christopher Burbach

              How desirable is a seat Saturday inside University of Wisconsin's Camp Randall Stadium for the Nebraska Cornhuskers' first Big Ten Conference game?

              "Our ticket guy has been here for about 13 years," Wisconsin athletic department spokesman Brian Lucas said of Brian Moore, the Badgers' assistant athletic director of ticket operations. "And he says it's by far the toughest ticket he's ever witnessed here."

              Tougher than a ticket to Wisconsin's Big Ten date with then-No. 1 Ohio State in 2010. More desirable than Wisconsin vs. Duke or other highly ranked teams in basketball. Hotter even than the 1999 Iowa game in which Ron Dayne ran over Iowa en route to the Heisman Trophy, the Big Ten title and a Rose Bowl berth.

              The game is sold out, of course. Tickets, $49 at face value, are selling for $275 to $395 through Ticket Express of Omaha, said Chad Carr, company president.

              Online broker StubHub was listing tickets Tuesday for as little as $221 in Row 60 of a lower-deck corner at Camp Randall to as much as $1,250 for a seat in Row 34 of the lower deck.

              "This game is the top-selling event on StubHub this week," company spokesman Glenn Lehrman said by email Tuesday.

              He said it ranks fifth across all college football games this season, and he expects it to climb to third by the end of the week.

              While Nebraskans have been shelling out well over $200, it was unclear if anyone was actually paying as much as $1,000.

              "The high end on this game really isn't that high," Carr said. "A lot of people from up in Wisconsin feel that their tickets are worth more than they are."

              He surmised that such ticketholders would sell only if they could obtain the high prices they have in mind. If not, they'll go to the game for the same reasons so many others are jonesin' for a pass to Camp Randall: to see two undefeated, Top 10 teams with conference championship hopes compete in Nebraska's historic first Big Ten game.

              People of the corn have been going to unusual lengths for months to obtain tickets. Lucas said the University of Wisconsin made 404 season tickets available for the Badgers' 2011 season at $294 each. People with Nebraska addresses purchased 67 of them. It can't be assumed that all were Husker fans. Some could be Wisconsin devotees in Nebraska.

              "Some might be smart scalpers, too," Lucas said.

              Wisconsin officials expect thousands of Nebraska fans, well beyond NU's official visiting team allotment, the standard Big Ten-game slate of 3,000 tickets. The tally won't be apparent until Saturday night, when we see the number of people in black — which Tom Osborne asked Nebraska supporters to wear to distinguish themselves — among red-dressed Badger backers.

              Carr of Ticket Express, noting that Madison is not a terrible drive from Omaha, projects a historic Big Red migration.

              "We really haven't seen a regular season (Nebraska football) game command these kind of prices since we played Notre Dame 10 years ago," he said.

              The extra craving comes not just from cornheads, but cheeseheads, too.

              "There are Nebraska fans, who everybody knows travel really well," Lucas said. "But there are also our fans, who recognize the historic nature of the game."

              Wisconsin fans are well-aware of Nebraska's storied past, and of Badger Athletic Director Barry Alvarez's Husker ties.

              "We look at it, our fans look at it, as an honor to have been selected for this game and to have it at home," Lucas said.

              Wisconsin is also expecting "droves" of Husker faithful to venture to Madison without tickets. They may find seats in "Badgerville," a new feature for ticketless fans on a practice field next door to Camp Randall Stadium. It seats 5,000 people.

              Admission is free.

              The game will be shown on big-screen televisions in Badgerville. Fans will be able to hear the stadium sounds from next door. Food and beverages will be sold during the contest, although beer sales will be cut off a half-hour before kickoff.

              For Wisconsin's first three games, Badgerville was for pregame festivities only. It shut down before the game started.

              "But this," Lucas said, "is a special occasion."

              Contact the writer:
              Grammar... The difference between feeling your nuts and feeling you're nuts.


              • OWH: How do Huskers stop UW's 'machine?'
       Sirles said. They'll make you earn everything.

                So how do the 4-0 Huskers beat a team that doesn't beat itself — on the road? Coaches and players pointed to five things:

                • No turnovers and few penalties. Nebraska is doing much better in the penalty department — 21st in the nation with just 4.5 per game — but ball security remains a concern. NU has lost four of its 13 fumbles while quarterback Taylor Martinez has had several close calls on passes to go with two interceptions.

                "If we can keep the penalties to a minimum and turnovers down and not hurt ourselves, we should have a good shot," Sirles said.

                • Force turnovers. Head coach Bo Pelini is fond of promoting the "takeaway" among his defensive players. He wants Nebraska's defenders to make mistakes happen — not just wait for them.

                "I think we have done a pretty good job of that over the years," Pelini said. "The challenge will be that much greater. They haven't been giving the ball up."

                Nebraska is off its usual pace for takeaways. Thus far, NU has just six, and two — Quincy Enunwa's forced fumble after a Fresno State interception and Washington's fumbled kickoff return — had nothing to do with the Huskers' defense.

                "We haven't been good at that," safety P.J. Smith said. "That's something we need to work on. . we've missed a lot of opportunities that we should have taken care of."

                • Start quick, set the tempo and, as Smith said, "play with your hair on fire." Offensive coordinator Tim Beck's offense is designed to wear down defenses in the second half; NU has run for 89 and 133 yards in the fourth quarters of its past two games.

                • Win early downs. Part of Wisconsin's efficiency on offense — and stinginess on defense — is parlaying strong first- and second-down performances into good third-down odds.

                "They're good on first and second down," Carl Pelini said. "They execute. They understand their scheme. They're efficient."

                • Sweat the small stuff. Papuchis said Wisconsin's team — its offensive line in particular — excels with technique. Targeting the right defensive players. Executing play-action fakes. Tight ends getting good releases. The Badgers do well in the margins.

                Nebraska must too, junior running back Rex Burkhead said. One way Burkhead has grown this season, for example, is his willingness to wait for a downfield block to spring a longer run.

                "That's when it comes down to little details," Burkhead said. "You've got to concentrate on that, whether it's your footwork, hand placement of your linemen, those little details. That's what's going to make the difference between a few yards or big plays."

                The fast-paced Big 12 — a league of points, penalties and the occasional personal grudge — was arguably more of a breeding ground for track meets than smart play. Steadiness is just what NU needs on Saturday, Pelini said.

                "You have to do everything you can to not make the mistakes yourself," Pelini said. "I don't know if you can force them to do it. But you can put your hat on the ball or tip the ball and take advantage of opportunities that come your way."
                Grammar... The difference between feeling your nuts and feeling you're nuts.


                • Sounds like UNL is moving people around in the secondary....again. This will be the 5th grouping in 5 games. Not a good sign.
                  Grammar... The difference between feeling your nuts and feeling you're nuts.


                  • Originally posted by entropy View Post
                    Looks like Gayville......
                    ďI donít take vacations. I donít get sick. I donít observe major holidays. Iím a jackhammer.Ē


                    • Originally posted by entropy View Post
                      Sounds like UNL is moving people around in the secondary....again. This will be the 5th grouping in 5 games. Not a good sign.
                      Moving guys around on the OL too, from the sound of it.

                      The butcher's bill for taking two years off in recruiting has come due.


                      • Originally posted by Optimus Prime View Post
                        Looks like Gayville......
                        You would be the board expert.....;-)
                        Grammar... The difference between feeling your nuts and feeling you're nuts.


                        • Grammar... The difference between feeling your nuts and feeling you're nuts.



                            not sure about wisky fans, but he has nebraska fans correct.
                            Grammar... The difference between feeling your nuts and feeling you're nuts.


                            • Note to Meathead Bielma:

                              You might not want to run the score up on the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

                              .... just a thought ....
                              I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta


                              • Why not?
                                Grammar... The difference between feeling your nuts and feeling you're nuts.