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Brady Unlimited III: Wolverines in the NFL & NFL News

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    From a fantasy site, pretty funny, and true, statement about Pryor's presser yesterday:

    Agent Drew Rosenhaus put on a performance straight out of Jerry Maguire, insisting Pryor is a first-round supplemental prospect, a high character player, and perhaps the most unique quarterback athlete the NFL has seen. Back here on Planet Earth, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reiterated that Pryor is seen as no more than a mid-round pick. Several GMs have told Mort that they want to be sure Pryor is willing to consider a move to a "Jermichael Finley-type" of tight end down the line if they're going to use a supplemental pick this year.


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      Jake Long is ranked the #1 NFL offensive lineman by his peers.


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        Not surprising. Jake is a monster. And to think we almost lost him in that fire before he even played a down for Michigan.


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          He was only ranked a 3 star as a junior at Lapeer East HS. Even by time he signed with Michigan, he was only ranked a 4 star.

          Congratulations to Jake.
          I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta


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            Jake really grew into his frame. O-Linemen are somewhat hard to predict because so much of their future ability is tied to how they mature physically.


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              Fun Fact of the day- The Patriots now have the longest steak in Boston without a championship.


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                No city deserves that type of success. I'm envious.


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                  Last weekend, my son Jamie and I had the opportunity to attend a CFL night game

                  A few players from the B10 that you may remember. Playing for Montreal #30 Dahrran Diedrick, RB from Nebraska 2002

                  Also playing for Montreal #69 Eric Wilson of Michigan 2000 at DT (left side of pic). For the Argos #56 Rob Murphy, OT from OSU 1999 (he is the one on the right side of the pic with the tattoo on his right arm).


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                    heh @ the official with the red flag sticking out of his pocket ... tsk .. tsk .. .. so tacky.
                    I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta


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                      Nice pics!


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                        The new rookie wage scale will limit No. 1 overall pick Cam Newton's contract to roughly $22 million over four years.

                        It will be a five-year contract, but the fifth season will be worth $14 million and won't be guaranteed. Obviously, it's a dramatic drop from No. 1 overall picks of years past. Newton's contract total will be reported at around $36 million across five years, less than half the worth of Sam Bradford's.

                        Nice to see the NFL adopting some sort of rookie scale. Teams were just getting hammered by being in the Top 10 and then having one of those picks "bust". Rookie salaries were getting ridiculous...on par with perennial all-star veterans. I guess Cam will still be able to help renovate a few churches, though.


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                          Yup, Lions were especially hurt by getting locked in with duds in the top 10 picks; it hurt the Lions by not being able to spend to help the team in other areas. Even good players in the top 10 picks that don't end up being very good end up overpaid. This is something that needed done a long time ago... The 'value' of draft picks imo went up and made them more valuable; also teams that want to trade picks will have a much easier time.


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                            I think the rookie pay scale is the right thing to do as well, for all the reasons mentioned above.
                            I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta


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                              Yep, and they couldn't have started with a better #1 pick than Mr. Newton. Looks like he just took a pay cut.


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                                Poor thing. I feel so badly for him ...
                                I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta