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UM Football Recruiting - by WM Wolverine

This is a sticky topic.
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  • M insiders like TomVH and Josh H seem to think M has a better than 50:50 shot with him and our optimistic. I really like his talent level and he'd fill a great need as a 'free' safety type...

    He'd give M one of the better DB classes in the country as I have Standifer being grossly underrated (or some recruiting services have him unrated), he's imo a strong 3-star or better from watching his film. Terrific athletic who gets up to speed quickly (imo more important than '40 yard' speed) and has very good change of direction and closing speed...

    Sounds like quite a few of M's targets are looking at late summer decisions; Kalis, Wormley, Diamond, etc... Mauk was supposed to decide awhile ago, some think he's still waiting for Kiel to decide as they overlap some of their top schools.


    • I still think Kiel is going to Oklahoma and Mauk will end up at ND. I know Mauk soured on the Irish a couple months ago, but I just get this gut feeling that he's going to end up there.
      I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta


      • We really, really, really need a good Safety or two...
        I'll let you ban hate speech when you let me define hate speech.


        • Gant, Clark and possibly Jarrod Wilson is a pretty nice collection.


          • Good read from a respected recruiting expert who posts at times at Rivals:

            A few random thoughts on recruiting.......

            - Jordan Payton decommits from USC: Highly touted west coast WR who plays for national pwer Oaks Christian (think Jimmy Clausen, Marc Tyler, Nick Montana). Michigan is in play, but in my view he is a good, not great prospect. Played very early for a high-profile program so his name has been near the op of many recruiting lists for a long time, but he is not overly athletic and lacks game-breaking ability. Runs solid routes and has soft hands. Likely to have a similar career that another highly touted Californian who considered Michigan had ? Cameron Colvin. I frankly, would much rather have Aaron Burbridge, assuming Michigan can get him into school. Burbridge is a true game-breaker

            - Interesting how few big-time RBs and WRs Michigan is involved with this recruiting cycle. Look for things to change next year. Remmeber when I listed the all-time top OL classes in recent Michigan history? The top-rated class of all-time, the mid-70s class that included Mike Kenn, Mark Donahue, Walt Downing and Bill Dufek, was followed the next year by arguably the best backfield to ever enter Michigan in one year ? QB rick Leach, TB Harlan Huckleby and FB Russell Davis. Stud backs want to play behind talented lines. Moreover, as offensive linemen mature into solid players later than RBs, bringing in a top-rated backfield next year could mesh very well with this season’s OL recruiting to produce an offense similar in talent to that recruited over 30 years ago. With Shane Morris already in the fold as the “new” Rick Leach, the only question is who will be the latter-day versions of Huckleby (Dymonte Thomas anyone? How about Kamani Thomas?) and Davis (Ty Isaac? Lorenzo Woodley-Lamar’s cousin? Wyatt Shallman?).

            - In search of Class of 2013 running backs? If so, head south, as in Georgia, Florida and Mississippi. Five of my top 11 2013 RBs are from Florida (Derrick Henry, Adam Lane, Kelvin Taylor, A.J. Turman, Fred Coppet), three are from Georgia (Tyshon Dye, Keyante Green, Kamani Thomas) and two are from Mississippi (Ashton Shumpert & Kailo Moore). Antohtre four backs from Florida and Georgia are in my top 20 (Janier Ferguson, Greg Bryant, Tarean Folston, Deshon Taylor). The only top 11 RB not from those three states is Oregon superstar Thomas Tyner, perhaps the best of the bunch. Word on the street, however, is that Tyner may quit football to focus on track, where he is an Olympic potential sprinter after posting a national bets for a sophomrioe in the 100 meters with a 10.38 100 meters. That would be a big mistake in my view, given that with his great size (6-0, 207) he could be the closest thing we have seen to Herschel or Bo in quite some time.

            - I hear that stud Ohio OL prospect Kyle Kalis is sort of a low key guy who doesn’t like to make a big news events out of his college decision. Wouldn’t it make sense, therefore, for him to commit to Michigan on a sleepy fourth of July when most people are away from their computers and the recruiting news media is relatively quiet? Would be nice wouldn’t it? And no, I have no inside info. Just some wishful thinking on my part.

            - For those thinking that Ohio State is going to just roll-up and disappear for the next few years when it comes to instate recruiting, think again. Given the coaching transition and uncertainty with respect to future coaching staff and penalties the Class of 2012 will be the one where they are most negatively impacted (Kalis, Washington, Wormley, Pittman, Dodson, .etc….). When it coms to the Class of 2013, however, they are actually pretty ell situated with many of the top prospect in Ohio (not all, of course, think Dymontae Thomas and Michigan for one). They will still land their fair share of in-state talent, it just won’t be 80% of the top kids that they offer. Instead, that figure will probably drop to about 60%. Still leaves room for Michigan to poach a few more in the years ahead. Of course, nothing is certain when it comes to recruiting and the three variables that will most impact Buckeye recruiting are, in order: i) Severity of penalties imposed by the NCAA; ii) Who will be the long-term head coach?; and iii) 2011 on-field performance after the off-season fiasco.

            - The ten “realistic” Class of 2013 prospects I most want Michigan to sign (no order):

            Shane Morris (QB)

            Kamani Thomas (RB) ? 5-10, 185, 4.54, Dallas (GA) East Paulding - Thomas was one of the top rushers in the state of Georgia, gaining 1,901 yards and 22 touchdowns on 237 carries, helping him earn AAAA all-state honors. Really likes Michigan

            Ty Isaac (RB) ? One of top big backs in nation already has an offer from ND. From Chicago area power Joliet Catholic (remember Mike Kolodjiez?)

            Aaron Bailey (WR) Bolingbrook (IL) star WR as a frosh and QB as a soph. 6-3, 200. Think Tai Streets

            Steve Elmer (OL)
            Chris Fox (OL)
            Wyatt Shallman (DL/RB)

            William Udah (DE) ?Coppell, TX star favors U-M and ranked among top 25 players in the state

            Ben Gedeon (LB)
            Dymonte Thoms (RB/DB)

            - The eight “realistic” Class of 2014 prospects I most want Michigan to sign (no order):

            Chance Stewart (QB) ? Top QB in the state, impressive at camp, family supplies lettering on U-M uniforms

            Lorenzo Collins (RB)- Stud RB and part of new Harrison pipeline?

            Trevon Hudson (WR) ? 6-4, 210, forsh starter for powerful Colerain (Joe Bolden and family)

            Jackson Kirby (OL) ?Saw pt as a frosh on uber-talented St. Edward OL (think Kyle Kalis, Tyler Mustipher)

            Jake Khoury (DL) ? Rocko’s cousin has shined at camps after starting as a frosh

            Jashon Robertson (DL) ?Same program as Blake Bars. Starred as a frosh and really put together well. Shining in combines

            Dante Booker (LB) ? top young LB in Ohio? Rare fosh starter for Akron SVSM (Lebron’s alma-mater)

            Gary Hosey (LB) ? Another stud Farmington Hills Harrison young pup

            - Class of 2012 Recruiting End-Game?

            Amazing, isn’t it? Here we are ion the fourth of July and we are approaching the end-game foe the Class of 2012. A scholarship squeeze looms ahead and there are just SO MANY outstanding blue-chippers to hopefully choose from. What to do? On the one hand, do you recruit the best class possible on paper, with lots of five and high four stars such as Adolphus Washington, Ondre Pipkins and Dan O’Brien? Or do you focus more on need, such as signing a less highly rated fullback (Fatu? Hill?), that may not help the class’s recruiting ranking but will more likely help the team win where it matters most ? on the field. Questions, questions, questions, and nobody knows the answers as to how the end-game will play out.

            I think we are just beginning phase one of a three-phase end-game. I would breakm it down as follows.

            1) Phase I: OHIO. Time to pounce on the Buckeye state when the iron is still hot. Chris Wormley, Jarrod Wilson and Kyle Kalis are all likely to make decisions in the next month or so. Wilson will be deciding on july 8. Kalis could decide at any time and Wormley before the end of summer. Throw in the possibility of Maty Mauk making a decision (perhaps soon after Gunner Kiel makes his intentions clear) and that state south of the border could be very kind indeed ot eh Wolverines this summer.

            2) Phase II: Hop on board before there is no more room. Once the Ohions commit there could only be another four to six total open slots. Perhaps only one on the DL (are you listening Ondre Pipkins, Dan O’Brien, Adolphus Washington?) and on the OL (Jordan Diamond?). The timing of the commitments occurring in phase II would likely be a function of Michigan enjoying a successful phase I and the resulting de facto pressure on the remaining blue-chippers with a strong Michigan interest to act fast.

            3) Phase III: Everybody else, and this could well drag out until February. I suspect that Michigan would prefer to have most of the kids committed after phase II and that phase II would be complete BEFORE the season commences. Better to lock in the top talent before losing a few games than have to deal with that sort of recruiting during the season. Look for phase III to include eventually signing a fullback (Fatu?), hopefully a blue-chip RB if one emerges (come on Brionte, see the light!) and at least one WR (Burbridge if he gets his academics in order). Perhaps a late national type prospect will emerge who is hard to turn down (Zach Banner? Jordan Payton?). Perhaps an old flame will re-emereg if Michigan incurs more misses than hits during phases one and two (Sheldon Day, Ron Thompson?). What about the Cincinnati duo of Washington and Stanford? Will they be phase II or III? Is there even room for them?. Finally, how many kids can Michigan actually sign. People are saying 26. I personally, would not be surprised to see that number go to 27 or 28 come February assuming that there is more than the anticipated team attrition and that there are a couple of supers that want to jump on board late. ‘In fact, excluding Jeremy Clark, who would count toward 2013, it could be theoretically possibly for Michigan to sign up to 28 come February.

            - Final thoughts. The road ahead.

            So why sign up to 28? I think it is unlikely Michigan goes that high, but it is possible. The simple fact of the matter is that the Class of 2012 is not your typical Michigan class. It is not representative of recent classes and it will not be representative of future classes. First off, it is a statement class. It is Brady Hoke and staff’s first full class and they are out to show that they can recruit with the best of them and that they can owne the state and excel in the Midwest.

            Moreover, it is a class that needs to make up for last year’s week effort. It is not a class where Michigan is reloading, as in days past. It is the first class where Michigan is truly rebuilding. Not only is there a major focus on the offensive and defensive lines, positions where the prior regime did a relatively poor job in bringing in sufficient quality and quantity, but with the high numbers the staff is also recruiting “over” recently signed prospects because they appreciate the need to take the additional step of UPGRADING their young talent. Thate’s the only reason to explain talking another five linebackers and five DBs (including Clark ) after signing decent quantities a year ago. This staff understands that they need to upgrade their talent base an that they need to do so both in quality and quantity.

            The staff also appreciates that there is always a proverbial “bump” in recruiting when a new coaching staff comes to town. No losses yet to deal with, the future is bright, an easy sell when you have a great product (the university and football tradition). Of course, who wants to deal with the nuisance of recruiting against opponents who you may well lose to in a few months. Better to wrap up the class while things still look rosey, especially if every other blue-chipper within 500 miles of Ann Arbor wants to sign-up. Of course, we also have that unique confluence of what is happening south of the border. Brady and company could not have asked for a more perfect storm.

            So what does that mean for Class of 2013 recruiting and beyond? First, don’t expect the big numbers in the years ahead. Future classes will b more about reloading than rebuilding. Also, bringing in 26+ kids this year will of course put a limit on available schollies subsequent classes. I would expect for Michigan to still recruit prospects as early as possible, however next year I suspect they will be more selective with their offers and who they select early verbals from. There will be less of a sense of desperation. That, however, does not mean that they will be any less aggressive in going aftr the type of young men wjo can bring Michigan back to the top of the Big Ten. The future is bright, ladies and gentlemen, so put on your shades and enjoy the ride. p.s. Excuse the typos. Had to dash this off and have to go now. I know how to spell, Just a lousy typist and in a hurry to go.
            On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


            • Late update from Rivals tonight:

              Kyle Kalis is planning to come to Michigan again this weekend and bring his family with him. This could be huge. If he drops for Michigan, it could bring a few more with him.

              This may get very interesting real soon.
              I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta


              • Maty Mauk rumored to have committed to Missouri... That leaves the recruiting board at QB empty...

                Not landing a QB in this class is going to both put more pressure on Devin Gardner & Russell Bellomy and cause M to potentially not redshirt Shane Morris in his freshman season. I really dislike not taking a QB in a class after not landing a blue chipper... Its more likely M uses this scholarship elsewhere where there is need...


                Bri'onte Dunn reaffirmed that he's got a toe out the door. If the sanctions at Ohio are too severe, I think he goes elsewhere and elsewhere is likely M. If Ohio gets a slap on the hand, Dunn probably stays... He's probably the only RB on the recruiting board other than maybe Greg Garmon who has M in his top 5 but its believed one team [NC] is well ahead for his services...

                Not much news on receivers, it seems the receivers M is targeting are those who will take their five official visits and will decide in the late fall or winter... USC decommit Jordan Payton WR (4*, California) will soon join the recruiting board as he wants to take an official in AA...

                Mentioned in another discussion but Kyle Kalis is taking a visit to M this weekend, he's considered a heavy M lean at the moment so a decision this weekend is possible... There are at most 2 spots left for OL...

                There is some speculation elsewhere M is headed for a 3-4 with Mattison hoarding linebackers (5 in this class if you count Ojemudia) and not looking to add more than one true DT; consensus believes the staff see guys like Wormley or Godin will eventually grow into a 3-tech (DT), the 1-tech being the NT (Mike Martin)... Hoke was a 3-3-5 guy at SD State...

                Jarrod Wilson still scheduled to announce Friday @ 2:30pm... He'd finish off M's defensive back class.


                • Sam Webb thinks he goes Blue. Not a gut feeling. Me too, but I thought it impossible that the 12 dumbest people in Florida could be on the same jury.
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                  • <i>impossible that the 12 dumbest people in Florida could be on the same jury.</i>

                    Have you been to or lived in Florida? You don't need the 12 dumbest to return this verdict.

                    People (on average) in Florida are the dumbest (possibly tied with Hawaii) in the country.


                    • Originally posted by Pasadena Blue View Post
                      People (on average) in Florida are the dumbest (possibly tied with Hawaii) in the country.
                      Right behind OOHI
                      Atlanta, GA


                      • Originally posted by Pasadena Blue View Post
                        Have you been to or lived in Florida? You don't need the 12 dumbest to return this verdict.

                        People (on average) in Florida are the dumbest (possibly tied with Hawaii) in the country.
                        Hey, Pasadena, where was the O.J. Simpson trial held?
                        I'll let you ban hate speech when you let me define hate speech.


                        • I keep hearing things about Dunn that are completely opposite of one another. From "he has already decommited from OSU" to "he's staying at OSU unless they get at least a three-year bowl ban".


                          • Hey, Pasadena, where was the O.J. Simpson trial held?

                            Oh, don't get me wrong ...There are plenty of people in SoCal, so we certainly have plenty of dumb ones to choose from.... it's a matter of percentages and Florida has us beat.


                            • What I said about Dunn is the latest basically coming from his mouth. Buckeyes believes he was firm at OSU for awhile based upon I don't know what but in my mind he's always had a foot out the door, not looking for a better offer but looking to play for a team that can actually play in bowl games and compete for B10 championships. Like I said, the sanctions OSU receive will decide where Dunn lands. I don't expect him to flip any earlier than when OSU is punished so I don't expect anything from there anytime soon.


                              • Regarding the Kalis and family visit for this weekend:

                                Apparently it will not take place yet, but only because the coaching staff is on vacation.

                                The thought is that Kalis will likely reschedule for another time when the coaches are back in town.

                                Just the fact that Kalis wants to bring his family to A2 is great news. He hasn't made any such plans with any other of his suitors....
                                I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta