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Detroit Red Wings & the NHL

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  • Off Topic: Detroit Red Wings & the NHL

    Yet another division championship for the Red Wings. Playoffs start April 13th. Potential opponents include Chicago, LA, Nashville, and Anaheim. LA would probably be the easiest. After that, I'm not so sure. All of them have been playing much better than the Red Wings lately.

    I'm not too optimistic about this year's playoff run. The team is as shaky as it has ever been in net this year (Jimmy Howard has the lowest save percentage of any of the starting goaltenders that are now in the playoffs), and lately, the team has been playing pretty poorly.

    But we shall see.

    Can we sticky this topic until the playoffs are over?

  • #2
    Imagine that, the Red Wings going into the playoffs with goaltender doubts. We will be fine with Howard.


    • #3
      I don't think so, WF. I'll be happy if they get out of the first round. The goaltending sucks and they are under .500 at the Joe since Dec. 1st. It's almost unbelievable that they're currently the 2 seed. I'm hoping they draw Anaheim in the first round so I can go to a game.


      • #4
        oh ye of little faith


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          Wings are the three seed now. Most likely, it will stay that way. Our only hope of making it out of the first round IMHO is if we play LA (now without the services of their two leading scorers).


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            Hey gang-
            Far be it for me to give any advice, but you all should feel free to post in the Lions forum too.

            There are already pre-existing threads discussing the Red Wings, Pistons, and Tigers (and even MSU, ick) if you'd like to jump in those instead of cluttering up the UM board.
            To be a professional means that you don't die. - Takeru "the Tsunami" Kobayashi


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              Thanks for the invite, Seattle.

              I'm sure that as we all settle in more, we'll get around to the other forums in the neighborhood.

              I put this thread here for those of us who are too lazy to navigate to other forums.
              I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta


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                Plus, we're all creatures of habit. We're used to having these threads back on the old forum, too.


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                  Another complete shitting of the bed by the Red Wings again last night. The Wings have won only four out of their last ten and they have won three out of their last twelve games against playoff teams. I'll be shocked if the Wings take their first round series to six games.


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                    Yeah, I see an early exit for them as well. Too bad, because they're getting to be an older team, and the window for Stanley is closing.
                    I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta


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                      yeah I'm pretty nervous right now with Z hurting.. Filppula really didnt step up this year like I thought he would. His regular season numbers were a bit of a disappointment. I sure hope he does something in the playoffs or we're in trouble.
                      F#*K OHIO!!!


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                        I have already made peace that, if Hank cant make it back 100% in round 2 (that is if we win round 1) - forget about it.


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                          Even with Zetterberg, the Wings would be out in five games. Without Hank, sweep. This is by far the worst I have ever seen the Red Wings going into the playoffs. Going back to the late '80s.


                          • #14
                            Hannibal, I don't understand that logic at all. Why are you so down on this years team?


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                              Originally posted by Hannibal View Post
                              Even with Zetterberg, the Wings would be out in five games. Without Hank, sweep. This is by far the worst I have ever seen the Red Wings going into the playoffs. Going back to the late '80s.
                              What? Oh man come on.. That's a bit harsh. Lets just see how they do when the real season starts.

                              I have a feeling Howard is going to throw the team on his back this year. The kid has the spirit. Now his game will have to do the talking.
                              F#*K OHIO!!!