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Detroit Red Wings & the NHL

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  • We have high health care costs because health care is the only product or service for which somebody decided long ago nobody should have to directly pay for it. If insurance companies weren't involved and people were paying their own bills then costs would plummet dramatically. We don't have health "insurance" anymore. We have socialized payment plans.

    But reverting back to a system that is designed with a modicum of common sense (i.e. "doctor performs service for me, I pay him") isn't on the table, so get used to it. It will only get worse.
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    • That's part of it.

      A hidden and not well understood aspect of driving up hospital costs is the competitive drive to advance the technology of any particular hospital that wants to play the game. And, why not, there is a shit ton of money to be made here.

      It explains Robotic Surgery, advanced imaging devices and a host of diagnostic labs that are expensive. Your insurance pays for this stuff as Hospitals amortize the high costs of these capital investments across any number of billing mechanisms.

      Don't get me started on big pharma.
      On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): ďWe'd rather be about it than talk about it."


      • I would love to read that too, Doc. My e-mail is


        • I've only had a chance to read half of it, but really great read. Doc, you did a great job taking a complex subject, showing it's complexity, but making it easy to understand. That's not easy to do.


          • It's the National Shootout League. 3 point games have completely destroyed the regular season.


            • Howard is abysmal in shootouts. I don't understand why they don't put Mrzak back in for them.


              • The entire process was heavily criticized before it was implemented, it's the nut-wacky shit EuroMetro hockey players use to settle a match use when tied at the end of regulation.

                I remember watching the Easter Epic, 1987 playoff game, went to 4OT, Isles beat the Caps 3-2! It was on TV for six hours!

                Thank TV broadcasters for the fuckery!
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                ďI donít take vacations. I donít get sick. I donít observe major holidays. Iím a jackhammer.Ē


                • It's another expansion thing. The Johnny-come-lately types insisted on having it.


                  • I like a 5 minute OT, 4on4 for for 21/2 minutes, ref blows play dead when puck is in neutral zone in order not negate a scoring chance and penalize puck possession. Then play the balance of the OT 3on3, problem is your stars will get burnedout over 82 games. After 5 minutes, game ends in tie, sudden death in playoffs as usual.

                    Trash the 3 points allocated per match out the window....losers like in life , get ZERO!
                    ďI donít take vacations. I donít get sick. I donít observe major holidays. Iím a jackhammer.Ē


                    • I don't even care if they keep the shootout, just go to a 3-2-1 point system where a regulation or OT win is rewarded more than a SO win. No other sport awards half a win for losing in OT or extra innings. If that was the case, UM bball would be a damn 5 seed in the tourney this year. It's asinine.


                      • Red Wings acquire Erik Cole from the Dallas Stars for some prospects and draft picks. I'm not a big fan of the trade. The Wings need an offensive defenseman more than they need another aging forward who hasn't scored a playoff goal in 13 years.


                        • Marik Zidlicky is now a Red Wing. The Wings are doing what they do best -- trading away draft picks and prospects for guys above the age of 35.


                          • At least they told Toronto to blow it out their ass over the Phaneuf deal. I don't mind the pick-ups. Cole has 18 goals this year and provides a big body at least. He basically replaces mule and the guys we gave up aren't even playing in North America. Zidlicky is unimpressive but if it means Smith plays less, I'm happy.


                            • Dion Phaneuf already won the Stanley Cup, meet his wife, super model Elisha Cuthbert.

                              "Whole milk, not the candy-ass 2-percent or skim milk."


                              • They can both stay in Toronto forever at $7 mil/year. Phaneuf is a minus-18 in 32 career playoff games. His only claims to fame is that he has a hot wife and, apparently, the Scott Boras of hockey agents.
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