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B1G/NCAA basketball

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  • You're such a pushover ...


    • The Big10 hasn't won a title in 15 years but since Izzo winning they've put six different teams into the Final...speaks to a lot of conference depth

      2002 Indiana
      2005 Illinois
      2007 OSU
      2009 Michigan State
      2013 Michigan
      2015 Wisconsin

      Now-member Maryland was champ in 2002


      • LOL, life on the road in the B1G.


        • Texas A&M was down 12 points with 34 seconds left in the game and tied it up with a 14-2 run in 33 seconds. Unbelievable. Now it's going to double OT tied at 83. Insane.


          • A&M wins 92-88 in 2OT. They were down 70-58 in the final minute of regulation. I wouldn't want to be a NIU fan tonight. Or ever, but especially tonight. Ouch.


            • One of the craziest finishes I've ever seen.
              I was streaming the game and was about to switch to the Xavier - Wisconsin game when NIU was up 12... Glad that didn't happen.

              Poor NIU
              AAL 2018 - Teez Tabor


              • Few days old but some strange coaching moves...Jamie Dixon leaves Pitt for TCU (Pitt tired of first round exits and boring-ass basketball I guess but still...) and then Pitt hires Kevin Stallings from Vanderbilt to replace him. Boggles the mind.


                • surprised to see no comments on the game last night..
                  Grammar... The difference between feeling your nuts and feeling you're nuts.


                  • Was Jim Harbaugh involved in some way?


                    • See? They would have had better ratings had they included Harbaugh ...

                      I didn't watch either ... for that very reason ... :-P


                      • I couldn't make it past halftime because of the time of the game.
                        Mountain time zone people are lucky.
                        AAL 2018 - Teez Tabor


                        • I'm in Missouri for a family reunion with my wife's family, and we were still visiting while the game was on. I didn't hear the score until after midnight CST when we got back to the hotel.


                          • I watched the game. Definitely a classic, one of the best championship games ever.


                            • Yep
                              In Columbus, of course, the fanbase holds the University accountable for doing the wrong thing. -Talent, Esq-


                              • Great game. I was out of town too, at a hotel near the Denver airport. At first all I could find was the horrid Bleacher Report Carolina Team Stream. I guess they are doing one-sided broadcasts now. It was just disgusting. Absolutely dripping with bullshit. Then I went out to the lobby and watched on the regular CBS feed. Should have stuck with the stupid partisan one until the end to get the reward of some Carolina-centric anguish. Anyways, well...

                                1. I like Jay Wright. A lot. Wish we had a coach like that. IIRC I've said that before here.

                                2. Time zones are generally a pain if you're a fan of an east-coast team, IMO. I found that to be the case here too. I like being able to put the kids to bed and have missed only the first quarter of a game.