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Michigan Football, Team 137, 2016 Season.

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    QB 2016 prospects:

    1. O'Korn
    2. Gentry
    3. Morris

    QB 2017 Prospects:

    1. O'Korn
    2. Gentry
    3. Peters

    Gentry came in pretty highly rated:

    Gentry flipped his commitment from Texas to Michigan after the Wolverines hired Jim Harbaugh last December. He was ranked as one of the top quarterback prospects in the class, holding offers from Tennessee, Alabama, TCU and Arizona State among others.
    Morris was highly rated, but hasn't shown much in 3 years.


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      Gentry was playing tight end in bowl practices, unsure if that move was permanent.


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        Probably is at this point. Between O'Korn, Peters, Speight, and Morris, Harbaugh has a 4-deep for the next two years.


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          Backup QB is really important. Fortunately, Speight pulled the Minnesota game out for us, and Ohio State was already lost by the time Rudock went out. Hard to believe that Gentry is out of contention after < 1 redshirt season.


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            Backup QB's...what a novel concept.


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              Originally posted by Detroit Dan View Post
              Backup QB is really important. Fortunately, Speight pulled the Minnesota game out for us, and Ohio State was already lost by the time Rudock went out. Hard to believe that Gentry is out of contention after < 1 redshirt season.
              True. Although I think at this point, Harbaugh has got to start trimming the field. I think he can realistically tell three or four guys (at most) that he will give them a shot at the starting job next year. O'Korn is reputed to be the best QB on the roster right now. Morris is the oldest (I think) and has a few obvious physical gifts. Speight is the most experienced in Harbaugh's system and Peters is arguably the most talented. None of those guys will be seniors. Between those four guys, I think that you have at least one solid starter plus one solid backup. Plus, you've got Malzone, although I wouldn't be surprised if he leaves. Gentry seems like he will be the odd man out to me. Maybe give him one more spring, but if he's not the starter or the backup by fall, he seems like too much of a physical talent to spend on the bench if he can perhaps be a big impact player at tight end. And with Wheatley potentially moving out of that area there's a little hole to fill there.
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                I have said it but it bears repeating. Rebuilding teams in East Lansing and Columbus plus a cupcake OOC schedule plus a massive senior class with talent means nothing less than 11-1 and a sweep of conference rivals can be considered success. Anything less is unconditional failure. "If not now, when?" should be the team slogan for 2016. You haven't beaten MSU in East Lansing in nine years and you haven't beaten OSU in Columbus in sixteen years. If you don't beat OSU in Ohio next year then you will watch that streak grow to eighteen, twenty, and beyond. Meyer has had four consecutive 11+ win regular seasons. Dantonio has had three 11-win regular seasons at Michigan State so far this decade. It's time for us to have at least one. MSU swept OSU and UM on the road this year. There's no excuse for us not doing the same thing to MSU and OSU on the road next year.

                The moment that we have been told to patiently wait for ever since the 2012 and 2013 recruiting classes started piling in has arrived. Next year we'll have seniors Darboh, Chesson, Butt, Kalis, Braden, Magnusson, Henry, Wormley, Glasgow, Gedeon, Hill, Thomas, Stribling, and Lewis as starters. That's a fantastic senior class, plus Peppers in what will likely be his last year in a Michigan uniform. The future is now. It's time for some fucking results.
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                  Yes, absolutely! No excuses. It's time to go beat those bastards.


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                    A-fucking-men. 100% agree with every word.


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                      Michigan should have no problem starting 3-0. Hawaii (lol), Central Florida (0-12 last season), and Colorado (worst PAC12 team).
                      I think they easily start 7-0 and then run into at MSU.

                      Michigan will probably be ranked around 15 to start the season. Based on that schedule, they'll be ranked around 6 or 7 by the time they are 7-0 and play MSU (prediction).
                      Go Detroit Lions!


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               got me fired up....:-)
                        I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta


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                          I'm onboard too!

                          "Whole milk, not the candy-ass 2-percent or skim milk."


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                            On board except Peppers ain't leaving after 2 years on the field.
                            I'll let you ban hate speech when you let me define hate speech.


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                              Cody, I expect Michigan to go into the season ranked in the top 6-10. When they are 7-0, they'll be top 5. They should finish this season around #12 and return 3 All-Americans and 18 starters.


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                                Article in the Detroit News today on UM QB situation. O’Korn is early favorite to quarterback UM in 2016
                                John O’Korn, a transfer from Houston who sat out this season and led the demonstration team in practices, has the most experience and has been penciled in by many as the favorite to win the job... Shane Morris, the left-hander from De La Salle, said last week before the Citrus Bowl he intends to be back at Michigan competing for the job... Also competing for the job when spring practice starts will be Wilton Speight, who was Rudock’s backup this season and led Michigan to victory at Minnesota after Rudock left the game with an injury to his ribs; redshirt freshman Alex Malzone (Brother Rice); freshman Zach Gentry, who dabbled at tight end during bowl practices and might stay at that position; and incoming freshman Brandon Peters, who will begin taking classes this month and will participate in spring practice.