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Michigan Football, Team 137, 2016 Season.

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    Really old article but very good.


    • I just rewatched my recording of the game. Evans is far and away the best pure runner. We don't know a lot about him beyond that yet, but he jumps out of the screen doing stuff that most Michigan RBs have been unable to do for over 15 years.

      Ty Isaac and Karan Higdon both get tackled too easily by their legs/feet. It is an annoying-as-hell problem that dates back to when Anthony Thomas arrived. I don't know why we can't get an RB coach who can teach guys to kick up their feet when they run and break ankle tackles.

      But Evans has got it.


      • Chris Perry and Mike Hart broke plenty of tackles. Basically, we just need better running backs.


        • excerpt from article above on WR's:

          "But in reality, most catches are made with the ball and the defender closing at the same instant and the receiver having to reverse his body into a totally different position, get your hands up and catch the ball and be hit at the same moment. That is the key element in greatness -- agility and strength together.

          Focus is critical here. The ability to find the ball, focusing on it and isolating it from everything else that's happening."


          • Originally posted by The Oracle View Post
            Chris Perry and Mike Hart broke plenty of tackles. Basically, we just need better running backs.
            That's what -- a 10% success rate?


            • Not disagreeing with that. I'm saying it's more the player than the coaching.


              • Brandon Minor was good the 6 or 7 games he was healthy.


                • Evans looks like such a natural though.


                  • Denard was a great runner, and we knew it as soon as he made his debut (against Eastern Michigan, I think). I got the same feeling watching Evans in his first game.

                    The big backs (e.g. Anthony Thomas, Ty Wheatley) were less exciting to begin with, but came around by the end of their college careers (after many disappointing performances).


                    • Western; they are going to be really good and Fleck will promptly get swooped up by a P5 program.


                      • Originally posted by WM Wolverine View Post
                        Brandon Minor was good the 6 or 7 games he was healthy.
                        Apparently, Thomas Rawls was too.


                        • Rawls was stuck behind Derrick Green and Justice Hayes.


                          • Seems legit


                            • Originally posted by WM Wolverine View Post
                              Rawls was stuck behind Derrick Green and Justice Hayes.


                              • Dan,
                                I thought Wheatly was electric as a freshman. He bulked up later in his career IIRC.
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