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    Ohio State beats M for 5th straight time to send them oacking. Unfortunately for both teams, OSU couldn't hold 4-0 lead in the 9th against Iowa and ended up in loser's bracket.
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      For those of you who don't know jack shit about Lacrosse Maryland of the Big Ten beat Brown in overtime to play UNC Monday for the men's national title


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        The overtime game winner was awesome, saw it on ESPN. Juke, deke and score from point blank range. Almost enough to get me to watch lacross semi-regularly. Eh, maybe not.
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          UM scores 4 runs in the top of the 7th inning to beat Mo 5-4 and advance to the softball world series. Three of the runs were scored with two out. The game ended in the bottom of the 7th when Mo stranded a runner at third, who had made it there with one out. Next up LSU


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            Michigan Softball punched its ticket for the WCWS today by beating Missouri 5-4. The Tigers proved to be a worthy opponent, taking a 4-1 lead into the 7th inning. However the Wolverines rallied for 4 runs in the top of the 7th, then hung on for the 5-4 victory.

            From M-Live:

            ANN ARBOR -- From stunned silence to utter pandemonium, Michigan punched its ticket to Oklahoma City in dramatic fashion Sunday.

            After falling behind by three runs heading into its final at-bat, the Wolverines mounted a four-run seventh inning to beat Missouri, 5-4, and win yet another Super Regional title in the program's storied history.

            The Wolverines (51-5) avoided an if-necessary third game with the startling comeback to advance to the Women's College World Series. The rally was generated via an RBI sacrifice fly by Sierra Romero, an RBI single by Kelly Christner and an RBI double Kelsey Susalla. With Sierra Lawrence at third, Missouri pitcher Paige Lowary threw a pitch in on the hands of U-M's Tera Blanco. While it appeared the ball may have made contact with Blanco's bat, it was ruled a wild pitch and in came Lawrence to give the Wolverines the lead.

            A sold-out crowd at Alumni Field roared.

            Megan Betsa, who was pulled in the sixth, returned to the circle in the seventh to close out the day.

            Now for the third time in four years and the 12th time in program history, coach Carol Hutchins' team is going to the Women's College World Series.
            The trip to Oklahoma City is only part of the destinaton for Michigan. A year ago, the Wolverines reached the championship series before falling to Florida. That team returned nearly intact this season to make another run.

            The Wolverines will face 10th-seeded LSU to open the WCWS. The Tigers (50-16) are coming off a Super Regional win over James Madison despite dropping the first game in the best-of-three series. LSU has won 20 of its last 23 games.

            Michigan, meanwhile, has won 23 of its last 24. The No. 2 Wolverines are the highest-seeded team remaining in the NCAA field. Two-time defending champion Florida, the No. 1 seed, was upset by No. 16 Georgia in this week's Super Regional.

            U-M was almost had its own upset problems Sunday.

            Tied 1-1 with Missouri, Betsa exited with runners on first and second with one out in the sixth and Missouri (42-16) fighting for its life. The Wolverines' star pitcher left having allowed just one run on eight hits, but Michigan needed a change of pace and a groundball pitcher. In came Sara Driesenga, a drop-ball pitcher, and the plan looked sound. A groundout got the lead runner at third.

            But Missouri freshman Rylee Pierce silenced a sold-out crowd with a deep shot to right-center field. The home run was only the eighth allowed by Driesenga in 131 innings this season. In a flash, what looked like a simple and tidy weekend turned complicated.

            In the top of the next inning, though, Michigan's Lindsay Montemarano solidified her role as one of the hero's of the day with a leadoff single.

            The rally was underway.

            Earlier in the day, Montemarano got the end of the bat on an out-and-away pitch to knock a second-inning home run over the 222-foot marker in center field.

            Michigan tried to keep piling on, but couldn't generate hits with runners on base. The Wolverines put runners on first and second with one out in both the third and the fourth. All were stranded. Following the fourth -- with her team 0-for-8 from the plate with runners on base -- Hutchins told ESPN that the Wolverines needed a timely hitting, but was "trying too hard." They'd pay for the missed chances. With two outs in the bottom of the fifth, Missouri's Taylor Gadbois sent an RBI double -- only her seventh extra-base hit of the year -- into the leftfield gap.

            The hit felt like a long time coming. The Tigers had spent much of the weekend hitting hard balls at Michigan fielders, who delivered staunch defense time and time again.

            Betsa used every bit of that defense right down to the final out. Putting runners on first and third in the bottom of the seventh, Betsa ended the game on a groundout to first, where Blanco calmly scooped the ball and stepped on the bag.

            Blanco fired the ball into the air as the Wolverines charged the field.

            Dates and times for Michigan's matchup with LSU are to be determined.
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              Both Maryland women and men lose to UNC in the NCAA finals of lacrosse. The men lost in sudden death. Both had been ranked No. 1 going into th tournament. it was the women's team's only loss all season. Thus ends my lacrosse update for those who don't know jack shit about the sport.


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                Thanks a lot for the fucking update but I still don't know jack shit about lacrosse.


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                  Lacrosse is a cross between football, soccer, rugby, tennis and field hockey I think. Or it's a car made by Buick, one or the other.


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                    The Michigan Baseball team was left out of the NCAA tournament this year. Too many losses to OlieO at the end of the season doomed their chances. They still had a fairly decent RPI, but still could not land a tournament berth.

                    The Softball team leaves for Oklahoma City tomorrow, in pursuit of its 2nd National Title. They'll play LSU in the first round.

                    Does Michigan play lacrosse?
                    I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta


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                      Lacrosse is the game where Indians run around and beat each other with sticks, right?


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                        I don't know jack shit about Lacrosse but what you describe sounds like a sport I should start watching.


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                          Great stuff, Stan.
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                            Michigan's Sierra Romero wins the National Player Of The Year, which is Softball's equivalent of the Heisman Trophy. Congratulations to Ms. Romero!

                            I put my phone on "airplane" mode, and now its in a holding pattern over Atlanta


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                              Well deserved. She'd been a candidate for all four years.


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                                Yeah but can she cook?
                                "Whole milk, not the candy-ass 2-percent or skim milk."