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Due Process.

(1) The forum has 6 moderators. Jeff Buchanan, Jon, JD, Hannibal, Oracle, Entropy. None of them want to moderate adult posters who should know better. There may be posts that break the rules.

(2) Posters who, at the sole discretion of a moderator, break a rule will be given a warning post that will site one of the rules listed above as the reason for the deletion.

(3) If the rule breaking behavior continues, a moderator can remove an offending post and any ensuing post that whines about that action. If a moderator removes a post(s) the reason for the removal(s) will be posted with the removal notice that appears in the thread. This should be the end of it. Man up, take responsibility for breaking the rules. The forum moves on. If not, see below.

(4) A poster who has had a warning or a post(s) removed can certify a question by PM to any moderator about that action. Do not complain about the action or attempt to make your case in the forum/threads. Moderators shall do their best to address the question within 72h. At the end of 72h the majority opinion of the moderators responding will be the answer.

(5) Banning a poster for egregious and repeated rule breaking requires a unanimous vote to ban from all 6 moderators. We don't anticipate this will ever happen.
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        Mighty fine work JD


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          Originally posted by WingsFan View Post
          Mighty fine work JD
          Thank you. I'll be covering the B1G Tourney as well. I'm excited!


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            Shots from last night's Softball victory vs. Maryland. I'll be covering the whole series.


            The team has won 12 in a row. The baseball team has won 18 in a row. Not sure if I'll get to cover them, though.


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              Highlights from Friday's win vs. the bucknuts


              Michigan won again today, clinching the outright B1G title. I wasn't there but will get at least one more game in tomorrow.


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                I shot my first baseball game. Michigan lost and it was cold & rainy. That said, I still had some fun.



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                  This is an incredible 10K run in the NCAA men's Championships by Ben Flanagan of Michigan. He comes from behind to beat the favorite ...... Vincent Kiprop, from Alabama no less ....... with a kick that is breath taking. I ran this event my Freshman year at M but never made the varsity with a pedestrian 10K time of just under 35 minutes time. The best among us were running under 33. Needless to say, performances have improved since the 60s. Flanagan posted a 28:30. The world record is well under 27 minutes and held by a Nairobian. Keep in mind, you're going 10,000m at about a 4:40 per mile clip at anything around 28m for the distance. You are hauling at that pace. Grueling.

                  Anyway, whipping the boy from Bama in the final 100 yards is sweet.

                  I couldn't embed the video because it's not from YouTube but rather from Twitter so, the link is to the story. There are several clips: you can watch most of the race or just the amazing last 100 yards where Flanagan kicks some Alabama, Kenyan ass. Huzzah!


                  On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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                    Clouds are clouds. Cows are cows. The Lions are the Lions .-Andrew Heller-


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                      Clouds are clouds. Cows are cows. The Lions are the Lions .-Andrew Heller-


                      • He's from Kitchener, Ontario, which is where I live


                        • Who asked ya?
                          Shut the fuck up Donny!