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Harbaugh Speaks - Others Respond

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  • Harbaugh Speaks - Others Respond

    I thought we'd give this thread title a try. Harbaugh is making a lot of statements nowadays, some of which have nothing to do with the upcoming season or the team.

    Over the past week or so, Nick Saban has been griping about Harbaugh's satellite camps, and how they supposedly don't consider the best interests of the athletes. Interesting, coming from a coach who recruits, signs then makes up reasons to cut players that he doesn't want anymore.

    The last thing Nick Saban wants, is a "Commissioner" of college sports. He may hint at someone having oversight, but its a lock that Nick and the rest of his SEC buddies don't want a commissioner looking over their shoulders, not just at satellite camps, but recruiting practices. Or, have a commissioner TRACK how scholarships are administered.

    Lets have the HARBAUGH discussions here.

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    Harbaugh evidently feels he belongs in the college football elite, and is taking a very direct route to that position. He's got a ton of momentum now. Saban, as current king of the hill, is rising to the bait by letting Harbaugh debate him. Meyer seems to be adopting a wiser strategy of sticking to what has served him well in his outstanding career.

    I'm beginning to believe that Saban will be dethroned and Meyer and Harbaugh will be the two college coaches for the foreseeable future. Saban is 64 and doesn't exactly exude freshness. He has nowhere to go but down or retirement.

    I asked about other big name coaches in another thread and got the following responses: Briles, Stoops, Fisher, Dabo, Miles (thanks to Mike and Wm Wolverine for these responses). Miles is older. Stoops seems like a contender. Never heard of the others (which says more about me than about them).


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      Dabo Swinney of Clemson & Jimbo Fisher of Florida State. Both a bit younger than JH, who is 52. Harbaugh is the biggest celebrity but those two are going to be in the CFP pretty often over the coming decade. Stoops has Oklahoma back to where they should be.


      • #4
        I still haven't heard a "good" reason why satellite camps should be banned.

        Again, all I've heard:
        "Coaches can't spend time with their families during the summer."
        "I don't see why it would benefit us." - Saban

        Literally and explicitly .... those reasons. WTF.

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        ACC = A$$ / Ass
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          Urbs is younger than HARBAUGH!!! too, but he's stuck in HARBAUGH!!!!!'s shadow.
          Dan Patrick: What was your reaction to [Urban Meyer being hired]?
          Brady Hoke: You know.....not....good.


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            By a whole 8 months. LOL

            Harbaugh would kick the living shit out of Urbie.
            "Whole milk, not the candy-ass 2-percent or skim milk."


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              Harbaugh and Meyer are virtually the same age.

              Does Clemson have enough going for it to be powerhouse? Or will their coach move up to a bigger school?

              Florida State and Clemson are the big two of the relatively weak ACC, I guess. They'll probably continue to lose in the biggest games and never make it to the top. Or this could be my wishful thinking.

              Oklahoma seems poised for an extended run in the upper echelon. What kind of offense do the Stoops' teams play? Pro-style like Harbaugh and Saban, or running QB like Meyer and Clemson?


              • #8
                I see these two (Florida State and Clemson) continue to do what they've done; win 11+ games in the crappy ACC and play in a lot of major bowls. No one else in the ACC has the ability to even slow these two down. FSU's rivalry with Florida is the only thing that might slow them down some seasons.


                • #9
                  Oklahoma is up and down. I think FSU is far more likely to continue at a high level and I think Clemson is as well.

                  Right now in terms of forward-looking program, I think the top 4 are very clear and then after that it gets hazy:

                  Alabama ----- Ohio State -- FSU, Clemson -------- Oklahoma, LSU, ND, Oregon -- unproven programs w/ "potential" - Georgia, USC, M, Florida...

                  But, eh, whatever. Every one is chasing HARBAUGH!!!!
                  Dan Patrick: What was your reaction to [Urban Meyer being hired]?
                  Brady Hoke: You know.....not....good.


                  • #10
                    JH played in the NFL at a high level and coached an NFL team that had fallen into the dumpster all the way to the super bowl.

                    Whether he can get M out of the doldrums is still unknown, but it is stupid to question his credentials.


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                      USC should be in that top tier with Bama, FSU, OSU... If only they ever had a great coach (not since Pete Carroll).
                      Academics, location, and tradition.
                      Go Detroit Lions!


                      • #12
                        Academics what? For USC?


                        • #13
                          USC has been garbage since Carroll left. The coaches and AD's offices have revolving doors.


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                            Originally posted by The Oracle View Post
                            Academics what? For USC?
                            Yea USC is a good* school academically. Probably very good still.
                            When I was looking at rankings 5 years ago, I remember seeing USC consistently in the top 25. Lists that rank national universities by academics.
                            Top film school too... In the world?

                            Very expensive for out of state students, unfortunately.
                            Go Detroit Lions!


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                              Even the best programs only need a great coach.