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Penn State @ Michigan, Post Game Discussion

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  • I would think that Dan Mullen would jump at the job too. It would be a good hire, I think, and he has followed up his "hot commodity" years with some good solid ones.


    • Yeah, that's right. Mullen, I think, is good. To even have Mississippi State hold its own in the West is pretty amazing. And Penn State is a definite upgrade from Starkvegas. And, hell, UFM thought enough of him to take him along to 3 separate schools.

      I'd hate to see Penn State running a competent offense. I'm too use to their thoroughly slapstick routine.
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      Dan Patrick: What was your reaction to [Urban Meyer being hired]?
      Brady Hoke: You know.....not....good.


      • Starkville is a septic tank. The thought that he can get kids to enroll after they see that dump is shocking. It's where dreams go to die.

        "Todd's Taste of the Town" has to choose the Waffle House when they visit. The one strip mall they have has the doors propped open by cinder blocks and the big anchor "store" is the coin-operated laundromat.
        "The problem with quotes on the Internet is that it is sometimes hard to verify their authenticity." -Abraham Lincoln


        • Less Miles would be a great get for Penn State, Penn State is going to have a lot of issues going forward.


          • Les is a great guy. He needs a good OC and he needs to get out of his way and stop telling him to do up the gut runs against a stacked box.

            A competent QB would be nice, too.
            "The problem with quotes on the Internet is that it is sometimes hard to verify their authenticity." -Abraham Lincoln


            • Adam Schnepp is doing some really good work. He's done a couple of these one on ones where a player goes through a play. This one is on the 3rd down throw to Darboh that picked up the first down and set up the TD play.

              First it is neat to have Speight talk about the slant play to Darboh in very revealing detail. Second, it reveals how a Harbaugh/Fishe coached QB goes though his progressions. JH was asked about this in his presser. His response was typical coach speak. Speight's response is really detailed. Enjoy.

              On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


              • I think Talent is correct. If O-state shuts down M like they have every other team, PSU will probably go after Schiano. Makes sense and is a good fit. Schiano was a massive fail (much like Chip Kelly, Spurrier, and Saban) in the NFL, but is a good college coach.