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    Mike doesn't look happy; not one bit
    Repugnant is the creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven, conscious of his fleeting time here.


    • #17
      MSU getting trucked, didn't see this one coming. Cant remember a Dantonio team looking this bad in a while (besides Bama), maybe vs osu at home (?) but that was more like a late collapse IMO


      • #18
        Wow; running into the kicker
        Repugnant is the creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven, conscious of his fleeting time here.


        • #19
          Why would Wisky snap that with :10 on the play clock? Run it down and take the delay.


          • #20

            Won't be needing these today
            Atlanta, GA


            • #21
              Sparty burns couches win or lose.


              • #22
                That was a thorough demolition. You wouldn't guess who had the freshman QB.


                • #23
                  I've had you guys pegged for a rough '16 though I'm sure Sparty will play their very best game of the season vs M.


                  • #24
                    I thought they got out coached, but I think Wisconsin is better than originally thought. The offensive game plan was way too much manball and way too vanilla defensively. The former is to be expected but not the latter.


                    • #25
                      The stats paint a weird picture of this game. MSU had more plays, more first downs and more total yards. Oh yeah, ....... and more turnovers. Turned the ball over 4 times on 1 fumble and 3 INTs.

                      That last "win" is the killer.

                      We now know ND is BAD. So, kinda dilutes the value of MSU's ass kicking of ND and drops MSU's O and D down a peg or two.

                      Wisky? Dunno, man. LSU is not good. We saw two not good teams duke it out in a scoring duel involving field goals with Auburn getting by LSU 18-13. Not sure Wisconsin's win over LSU amounts to much in evaluating them.

                      I don't think MSU is as bad as they looked yesterday. M/MSU will still be a battle.
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                      • #26
                        I don't think MSU is as bad as they looked yesterday.
                        Don't ever judge a team on one week.

                        Wisky can defend the run. Whether they can handle a two-dimensional offense is still TBD. But, their front 7 can play. Fournette and LJ Scott are two very legit RBs playing on teams that are dedicated to running the ball. Harris and O'Connor, however, are not two very legit QB.

                        This is probably perfect for M. Wisky is inflated. M should have the speed on the edge to move the ball well-enough to score. Wisky still has a frosh QB -- I mean, their passing game won't be good. And it's in AA. If this were in Madison, it's a different story, IMO. I'd have it as M -3 in Madison. In AA, I think it's more than 7 and I'd probably put it at 10ish for the number.
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                          F#*K OHIO!!!


                          • #28

                            even that dude's face was like "Where did George Perlis just go?"
                            F#*K OHIO!!!


                            • #29
                              Turned the ball over 4 times on 1 fumble and 3 INTs.

                              That's where Dantonios teams has always excelled, always near in the top ten in + turnovers. I think they were about +14 last year. Really miss Cook taking care of the ball, O'Conner is already called Maxwell 2.0


                              • #30
                                Yeah that was Maxwell bad yesterday.