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Badgers @ Wolverines, Post Game Discussion.

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    As a lions fan, I hope they draft TJ Watt. Kid is all over the field.
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      Originally posted by jaadam4 View Post
      hopefully they kick to Peppers
      Wisconsin's punter is a freshman.
      Lotti, his longest punt this year is 48 yards, but consistently around 40.
      Not nearly as good as Sam Martin or that Alabama punter, but it's gotta be better than Colorado's punter.
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        It sounds like Mone has been practicing this week. That's great news
        F#*K OHIO!!!


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          Rumor mill via mgoblog -- Biegel broke his foot in practice and will be out.


          • #35
            Wow; that's a huge loss if so. He was all over the field against sparty
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              rumors rumors rumors. I'll wait until it's official
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                These rumors come from the same "Isaac Nauta to Michigan" source?

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                  one of the football players dentist
                  F#*K OHIO!!!


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                    They're always the first to know
                    Repugnant is the creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven, conscious of his fleeting time here.


                    • #40
                      Had a screw put in his foot yesterday, apparently.


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                        From ESPN:

                        Wisconsin linebacker Vince Biegel underwent surgery Thursday night to have a screw inserted for a cracked foot, his father, Rocky, told me. He said he hopes Biegel is out only 2-4 weeks. The news comes as a devastating blow ahead of No. 8 Wisconsin's game against No. 4 Michigan. Biegel has started 46 career games with 32 starts.
                        Repugnant is the creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven, conscious of his fleeting time here.


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                          The S&P + Five Factors analysis for M v. Wisky is out there for your reading pleasure ...... it's awful, unless your'e like me and obsessively pour through this stuff. Here it is:

                          UM-O vs UW-D:
                          Run points = 16.3
                          Pass points = 19.5
                          Total Std points = 35.8

                          UW-O vs UM-D:
                          Run points = 14.7
                          Pass points = 14.8
                          Total Std points = 29.5

                          That's a 6-7 point spread with Vegas calling it closer to 10. I'm not into betting but from what I've read the books are hoping bettors will be enticed to take Wisconsin and the points...... meaning they think M will win by 10.5+

                          Couple of points. If M doesn't turn it over (and it is going to be a wet game so the likelihood of turnovers increases for both teams) and Peppers turns an INT into a pick-six or runs back a punt or KO, M will cover the Vegas line (10).

                          Beigel gone eliminates one aspect of Wisconsin's very good pass rush and makes it more likely that Speight is going to have the time he needs to connect down field.

                          There's a piece on mgoblog by Ace that breaks down a weakness of Wisconsin's D - the match-up between Cole and Wisconsin's NT who is not anywhere near as agile as CU's was - makes Wisconsin vulnerable to trap plays. MSU had success with this play early but, for reasons not understood, didn't go back to it. It's a play tailor made for Smith and Harbaugffense is loaded with variations on the trap theme.

                          As well, M will test the zone behind very aggressive LB play with a back side that is not as good as M's is. If Speight and his receivers (esp, Butt and Darboh or any of the backs leaking out into this zone) get hot with this sort of short to mid-range passing game and its not too wet for receivers to hold on, M is going to make Wisky's DC pay for the aggressiveness he seems to like with his LBs. Pick your poison it will be looking like.

                          M 41, Wisconsin 20

                          Things that will make me and that prediction look stupid:

                          (1) Turnovers (duh)
                          (2) Smith can't see the massive hole right in front of him
                          (3) Dropsies
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                          • #43
                            M 30, Wisconsin 17.


                            • #44
                              Gotta say, I'm not QUITE as confident as Pro Football Focus is:

                              No. 8 Wisconsin at No. 4 Michigan
                              Line: Michigan, -10.5

                              Under/Over: 44.5

                              While Wisconsin should be able to keep the Michigan offense in relative check — at least in comparison to the Wolverines’ first four opponents — their power game on offense plays right into the hands of Michigan’s elite defense. The Badgers have scored 85 of their 113 non-garbage time points (better than 75 percent) via long, grinding drives lasting at least six plays, while Michigan’s defense has yielded just 10 points on drives of that length. Without the threat of being able to explosively move the ball downfield against Michigan’s elite corners, Wisconsin will be forced to rely on something that simply hasn’t been done against Michigan this year.

                              Prediction: Michigan 34, Wisconsin 3


                              • #45
                                I have a feeling mother nature is going to play a big part in the game on Sat. It's going to be a tough one in the elements
                                F#*K OHIO!!!