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Michigan @ Rutgers Post Game Discussion

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  • I vastly underrated just how bad Rutgers is. Wow that was embarrassing, I felt bad for those kids in a way. But then again everybody, coaches and players, looked like they just flat out quit. That team should not be in the BIG. Can we have a do over and take Pittsburgh instead?


    • I've heard multiple (non-Michigan) people say that Harbaugh should thank Brady Hoke for this talent and the "9 NFL Draft prospects."

      Partially ridiculous... but yes, Hoke is the reason why most upperclassmen physically are enrolled at the University of Michigan...
      1. How many of these players would be NFL prospects if Hoke developed them?
      2, Harbaugh will develop more NFL prospects, clearly.
      3. Look at what Brady Hoke has done to Oregon's defense.
      Go Detroit Lions!


      • At least they can laugh at themselfs, Rutgers band plays Michigan fight song while team gets blown out. Anyone remember Hoke going into UCONN ?


        • Defense.

          "They went three-and-out on their first 14 drives (13 punts and one fumble). Their 16 drives ended with 15 punts and 1 fumble.


          Monkeys don't sell bananas.


          • We're bowl eligible!!!


            • Originally posted by Mainevent View Post
              I felt bad for those kids in a way.
              I did too. I don't think I've ever done this in my quarter century's worth of rooting for the Wolverines...but I was actually rooting for Rutgers to get some first downs in the fourth quarter.

              If this was a boxing match the refs would've jumped in and stopped in the second quarter.
              AAL: Eric Ebron


              • By the way did I see correctly that Michigan had 630 total yards to 30?? When has there been a total yardage disparity that wide? I mean that's a gulf as big as the grand canyon.
                AAL: Eric Ebron


                • Rutgers might've broke a record for back-to-back weeks of futility but in terms of college football history I don't think M did anything historic to Rutgers. Only allowing 1 first down is really impressive regardless of opponent.


                  • The thing that I can't wrap my brain around is that M won 78-0 but we only three for 118 yards. That's bananas.
                    F#*K OHIO!!!


                    • i'll do a mea culpa and apology to talent ... Rutgers is that awful.

                      Was watching with friends visiting from out of town who made me turn the game off.

                      Did JH run up the score or did Rutgers quit? Will watch the whole game tomorrow.


                      • I don't think either...Rutgers is just terrible.

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                        • Did JH run up the score or did Rutgers quit? Will watch the whole game tomorrow
                          What drok said, but it's also an away game meaning M had a limited roster to run into the game...if it were at home they could have played walk-ons and hot dog vendors...and scored less fast.

                          Though, I think OSU's final drive lasted 9 minutes against that "team." They were trying to snap the ball at 1 on the play clock every play. That's the only possible way they could have tried to lessen the score without overtly not trying.
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                          Brady Hoke: You know.....not....good.


                          • No, Michigan didn't try to run up the score.
                            The last pass play by Michigan came to end the 3rd quarter. It was nearly a pick 6, but the ball hit the ground. Lucky Shane Morris.
                            Michigan called all run plays in the 4th quarter. Even Bobby Henderson (5th year senior FB) was a beast on the FB dives getting 26 yards on 3 carries.

                            Rutgers' talent is one of the worst, if not, among P5 teams. As a Purdue(/ Michigan) fan, I'd attest than Rutgers is worse than Purdue;;; Kansas nearly beat TCU and Oregon State won. That Illinois vs Rutgers game is going to tell you who the worst is.
                            Their coaching staff seems to be not good based on what Rutgers fans were saying on their forum. Very inexperienced. Yea you probably could tell just watching the game last night
                            Go Detroit Lions!


                            • We passed for 118 yards for the game. I'm not sure how anyone could accuse us of running up the score.


                              • Originally posted by Pasadena Blue View Post
                                ..........did JH run up the score or did Rutgers quit? Will watch the whole game tomorrow.
                                I was in the stands. Rutgers has huge talent problems on their OL and looked poorly coached. Fatigue played a roll. Evans and Higdon had huge runs with LBs and Ss either getting blocked out or getting sucked in with counters.

                                Massive mismatches everywhere.
                                On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."