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Illinois @ Michigan, Game Day - Post Game Discussion.

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  • #31
    If Maryland can ring up 400 yards I'm hoping for at least 300. I can see some of our speedy guys can get some edge plays.


    • #32
      Just so you can be a little uneasy, or maybe a littel bit more aware, about this game, Brian just did an Illinois Preview that reiterates pretty much what I said based on Ace's take on the game.

      Illinois has some dudes on D and those guys are up front where M has some weaknesses like JBB at LT. So, they're going to make some plays and fans will be uneasy. In order to make-up for overall not good on the back end, they'll bring all sorts of pressure - stunts, blitzes, what have you.

      Illinois will also give up some big chunk plays to M. As Brian said, they'll have some TFLs but also some big run, big pass, big TD 3 play scoring series for M doing that. As long as M has more of those than Illinois has TFLs, M is going to roll. I think they will but its not going to happen right off the bat like the uninformed expect it will.

      Think about the Colorado game in the early going. It won't look at all like that but it might have some of the same feel trying to get score separation.
      On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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        Originally posted by jaadam4 View Post
        Unless Jeff George Sr comes out and looks like he did when he played there they won't score a point.
        IIRC, Michigan kind of had their way with Ole Jeffy when they played against him.


        • #34
          Since they had two weeks to prepare for the Illini's D' I expect a few wrinkles and Jimmy will work on The passing game in general. I think a balance of 250 running and passing will satisfy Harbaugh.

          Its a great feeling knowing the other teams offense will be stymied and your team can do what you want on offense and still win comfortably.


          • #35
            Originally posted by Tom W View Post
            IIRC, Michigan kind of had their way with Ole Jeffy when they played against him.
            i'm sure of it but i was too lazy to look it up
            F#*K OHIO!!!


            • #36
              Carroll Phillips is another Illinois front 7 player that is decent. He plays the LEO position and has been disruptive in the Illinois games I've seen.
              Perhaps that is due to Smoot getting all the attention. Yea I'm interested to see if we get Dewuane Smoot vs JBB... though it's not going to matter after a while when Michigan is up 5 scores.
              Go Detroit Lions!


              • #37
                Don't care about the score. Hope for no injuries, then focus on payback next week.
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                • #38
                  45-10. Illini has some talent on defense that could slow us down but their offense won't do much of anything.


                  • #39
                    If M doesn't win by 50 I'll be disappointed.
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                    • #40
                      Grant Perry won't dress today.


                      • #41
                        Kareem Walker is.

                        Braden at LT, Bredeson at LG in warmups.


                        • #42
                          That opening drive was as blatantly disrespectful as I've ever seen. I'm half surprised we didn't see a fumblerooski.


                          • #43
                            TD, Assman; nice
                            Repugnant is the creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven, conscious of his fleeting time here.


                            • #44
                              Nice to see the offense starting fast for a change. That would be a nice habit for them to develop from now on.

                              7-0, good guys.


                              • #45
                                Ha! Jeff George Jr is sporting his dad's 80s porn 'stache
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