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Michigan @ Iowa, 8pm EST, Game Day, Post Game Discussion.

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  • Michigan @ Iowa, 8pm EST, Game Day, Post Game Discussion.

    Installed as a 21-point favorite? Seems high to me
    Last edited by WingsFan; November 6th, 2016, 04:47 PM.

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    Certainly too high, another team that shouldn't score much against M's defense however Iowa does play defense unlike most B1G teams. They could hold us under 30; I'll say 30-10.


    • #3
      I predicted a loss before the season, think it will be close with M pulling it out. Kinnick at night will be tough. 7+ Seems more realistic


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        This an ABC national telecast with ESPN3 also picking it up. It's not a mirror game. Also don't miss the time change. It's at 7p in Iowa City but 8p in the east.

        WingsFan, stuck as requested.
        On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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          21 points does seem way too high. Kinnick is horrible for us.


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            I'll look at some numbers to back this up but Iowa does not match up well with M across the board. This gets mititgated by playing at Kinnick. It gets cold and windy. The stands are almost on top of the field. It's loud. I've been there twice. It is, as has been pointed out, a hard place for the visiting team to play. It will be a test and whiners who say M hasn't been tested on the road will be silenced win or lose.

            Iowa does have some good players where they usually do. On the OL where they run a zone blocking scheme efficiently and at spots on the D. Ferentz is in the Lloyd Carr school of coaching. Out execute your opponent and you will win. This year's record shows how bad an approach like this works in today's CFB game. Iowa is a perennial 7-5, 8-4 team with a few lucky bounces to get them to 9 wins.

            If the weather is not awful, M is going to succeed through the air a lot like they did against Maryland. If the weather is bad, it's going to be a low scoring slog that favors Iowa. Right now, I'll go with - 10.5 for the M win. Like talent points out, the spread is set to get a lot of action on the wrong side. It's too high.
            On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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              Thanks Jeff, Michigan has not played a game outside the state (only vs Rutgers). Trap game for sure, Harbaugh will have them ready though.


              • #8
                No reason to reverse mirror if it's national game.


                • #9
                  Penn State just ran the ball straight up Iowa's ass.
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                    I like Michigan's chances based upon results this year to date.

                    What's with the home field advantage this year? It shouldn't make much of a difference in college football. One field is pretty much the same as another. But the officiating is either crap or it's honest. So far, I'll go with crap. So I suppose Iowa could have some stupid chance. Thankfully, Harbaugh has proven beyond all that, as the nonsense at E Lansing did not even phase him. Michigan wins easily again.


                    • #11
                      The only reason that this game worries me is because it is at Kinnick. We suck so badly in that stadium. In 1994, we beat a 5-win Iowa team by 15 points after pulling away late in a pretty ugly contest. In 1998, we beat a terrible 3-8 Iowa team 12-9 thanks to a late field goal and a safety. In 2001, we beat them by 6 points when we blocked a punt for a TD and every break went our way. In 2003, we lost by 3 after a late score made it look closer than it was. In 2005, we beat them in OT. RichRod lost in 2009. In 2011, our 11-2 Sugar Bowl team lost to 7-6 Iowa by 8. In 2013, we lost again by 3 in a game that wasn't nearly as close as the score indicated.

                      On paper, we should kick the shit out of them. They lost to NDSU in a game that wasn't as close as the score indicated. They needed a bunch of turnovers to beat Miami, OH. They got blown out by Penn State. S&P has them as the 87th rushing defensein the country. Worse than Hawaii, MSU, and Rutgers. Shouldn't be close but, like I said -- Kinnick.


                      • #12
                        sadly, I was in that stadium freezing my ass of off in that 2013 game --- that game was one of the worst, poorly-played (by both teams) games you will ever see.


                        • #13
                          Haven't won in Iowa since 2005. Time to erase that. The game I remember is Junior Hemingway's winning TD reception overturned by a crappy review.
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                          • #14
                            great dissection of our recent defensive problems.


                            Teams are really going after the Stribling side of the field. He and McCray really need to get off blocks. Otherwise, Stribs may need to give way to someone who can.


                            • #15
                              Even when they are unblocked they are taking bad angles.