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    Look at the highlights of M-ND and the Sugar Bowl. Two of the most ridiculous victories ever. In the ND game at least Denard and his WRs made the plays, but the Sugar Bowl was just ridiculous.

    I'll admit it too; I was hooked by Hoke after Year 1. But by the ND game the next year I was ready to move off him, and definitely hated Borges. That ND game was a masterclass in stupid playcalling.


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      You'd have to break down each of Hoke's wins and losses v. JH's to conclude anything and then maybe not even then.

      Hokeorges's offenses had zero identity. It was incoherent and my sense is when they won a game it was a wacky win and when they lost M got hammered.

      The only hammering I can suggest is meaningful in this sort of subjective undertaking is M's loss to osu in JH's first season. The majority of JHs 20 wins were beat downs of teams that got blown out. The losses were all close with M in every one of them except osu in 2015.

      Although I may not love M's offensive identity right now it has one. The play calling is coherent and, for the most part, makes sense (exceptions at times noted).

      Durkin and Brown, although fielding different styles of defense had good ones with Brown being >>> Durkin, esp. v spready teams, and Durkin wasn't bad.

      Hoke's defenses under Mattison were OK but unless M was defending power teams, not spready ones, they weren't terribly good.
      On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): “We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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        Hoke played an awful B1G in '11/'12 and was more lucky than impressive in his wins/losses. B1G has improved and Harbaugh has lost more 'tough' games where the ball bounced the other way.

        I'd be very interested in looking at both of their advanced statistics, I'm sure Harbaugh would be far, far more impressive. Regardless, Hoke's teams got much worse every season.


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          It'd be nice to have Hoke the recruiter instead of Drevno the recruiter.
          Monkeys don't sell bananas.


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            Hoke was a good recruiter. He recruited Ohio well too
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              Hoke: The Original Sleepover Man
              Monkeys don't sell bananas.