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  • Sounds like Moe might not go tomorrow and injury might be longer term than shorter.

    Love the luck we've been having lately.


    • FFS


      • He says he playing tomorrow, but pretty clear it's something that's gonna be an issue all year.


        • Well, that would be another reason to not go to the NBA.


          • If the NBA would have him. Already wasn't getting the buzz that usually comes with flirting with the NBA and coming back, and now is a big man with a foot complication. I'm sure he'll get a look in the NBA from somebody, but is gonna have to stand at the back of the line.


            • Livers starting today. Really tough spot for him, having to deal with Jackson. Hopefully the move knocks drob back into gear.


              • Izzo 10 feet on the floor will never not be annoying. Any other coach does that and it’s a tech.


                • No matter the outcome this is fucking great. Not intimidated, not bullied. Doing our thing and that includes some hustle points.


                  • Fuck, Wagner with the foot again?


                    • 3 freshmen really playing well too


                      • Watching this matchup of Robinson trying to defend Jackson is nauseating.
                        It’s happened a few times already.
                        AAL 2018 - Teez Tabor


                        • Comment

                          • This is some really awful refereeing.

                            All 3 Michigan centers in foul trouble.

                            Winston had no chance to make that shot. None. He flailed and got a call.


                            • Wagner's just a foul magnet. Is. He needs to be smart enough to cut out the one completely stupid one a game and things would be much different. Always being completely dialled in on defense would maybe cut out another one per game. He gets caught flat-footed.


                              • Michigan averages 14 fouls per game. They have 12 at halftime.

                                Pretty disgusted with the lame foul calls all around. We’ve outplayed them otherwise.