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    I guess one thing I'd like to see is adding somebody with strong ties to either Chicago, Indiana or ohio.

    Lee was born in New York, played his first two years in Manhattan (NY) and now has been at Marist so
    he's all Yankee state. That wouldn't hurt either but then I think you need that midwest guy to round things out for recruiting.

    It seems like the talent level of players is getting a bit better in Michigan over the last few years, and Saddi's doing quite well in-state. I think Meyer and Laval were the strong guys in Indiana. We can't let that drop off too much.
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      Michigan will play LSU in their first game of the Maui Invitational.


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        Dakich transferred to tosu. Not that he'll have much of an impact but it does irk me that so many of our 5th year transfers opt to go to other B1G schools. It taints their legacy a bit. At least Donnal went out of conference. He should have some impact.


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          That IS a bit irritating. I guess it's evidence of how little there is there, since he was going to go after playing time.


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            DeAndre Haynes is named one of the assistant coaches. Fairly young guy with ties to Detroit, the state of ohio and (briefly) Illinois. He was a MAC POY while playing PG at Kent State.



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              Luke Yaklich is coming on as the other new Assistant Coach. He was Illinois State's Associate Head Coach and is supposedly a defensive guy. ISU was #19 in the nation defensively last year.

              I can't say I'd heard of either of the new assistants but they both have good resumes. I like that Haynes has strong ties in Detroit and ohio and Yaklick is strong in Illinois. It looks like he was a H.S. and AAU coach in Joliet for 14 years before going to ISU.


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                You said "yaklich".

                (Cool. Let's hope for the best. SIGH.)


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                  Don't be such a sad sap. Who were you looking for, aside from Larry Brown?

                  p.s.- Apparently, it's pronounced YOCK-litch. I don't know if that helps.


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                    Something more positive.


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                      I will say though, the fact that he made a point of hiring a defensive specialist as an assistant is comforting. Hopefully the guy turns out like Donlon. I would have been superbummed to hear of just a generic-assistant hire. There needs to be a defensive coordinator.


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                          Like all redshirts, rising sophomore Charles Matthews—who sat out last season after transferring from Kentucky—has had many one-on-one sessions with Sanderson. Matthews weighed 178 pounds when he got to Ann Arbor in the summer of 2016 and is up to 200. “He’s really blossomed in the last year,” Sanderson says. “He’s strong and explosive and I think he’ll be a good player for us, but obviously he’s got to prove it on the court.”

                          Several other Wolverines, including Ibi Watson, Xavier Simpson, and Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman, have posted impressive numbers at the summer session of Camp Sanderson.

                          Rising junior Moritz Wagner has bulked up from 205 pounds (when he visited Michigan in 2015) to 245 without losing any stamina on the court. Some of that is simply luck of the genetic draw. Although Wagner’s conditioning was deemphasized as he got stronger in preparation for last season, it never suffered. Glenn Robinson III is a more extreme example. He was lean yet powerful, requiring minimal effort to propel himself forward and upward. Robinson destroyed Sanderson’s conditioning tests without much preparation. Mitch McGary is another former Wolverine who stepped on campus ready to compete in the Big Ten.

                          That is not the norm. Beilein, more so than most other coaches, recruits skill and length at the expense of a developed body. “We’re not depending all our success on ‘one-and-dones,’” Beilein said at a press conference in May. “Our success is dependent on, ‘Can we get good players that will develop going on the upside?’” He has always believed he and his staff can coach up the physical side and toughness.

                          Sanderson has gone as far as suggesting to Beilein that he take a chance on a player who is physically underdeveloped. “I see that as a huge positive and so does Coach Beilein. He knows what they’re going to blossom into when he gets them here. We use that as a strategy in recruiting. When there’s a kid who is really developed and really strong and explosive—you look at him and don’t see as much potential to grow.”

                          Correcting technique, stretching ligaments, building muscle. To an outsider, those are the important elements of a strength and conditioning coach’s job. To Sanderson, they’re secondary. “I love being around young kids,” he says. “I care about them. I take the part of developing them and helping them reach their goals very serious. But the relationship piece—if that’s not right, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing in the gym.”

                          When told that Stauskas says he wouldn’t have reached the NBA without his help, Sanderson smiles.


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                            JB and his coaching staff are really good at what they do, you'd hope more recruits notice how much their players develop into NBA draftees. M finishes as the bridesmaid for way too much blue chip recruits.


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                              Interesting. Caris is knock-kneed. The injury-prevention aspect didn't turn out for him.


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                                No torn ligaments in his knees.