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U of M MEN'S BASKETBALL 2017-2018

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  • #91
    Teske is legitimately good at it, and he can move his feet. Might have a jumper, too.


    • #92
      Is it just me, or does it seem like Matthews could take over the game whenever he wants to / needs to? He just seems so comfortable on the court, especially with the ball.


      • #93
        I hope we see that out of him. I think he's still finding his way. That said, he's already looking pretty good.


        • #94
          I don’t know if he’s got the ball skills to really be a primary guy. Think that’s why calipari bailed on him. As a 2-way forward that can play in transition though, he is impressive. Elite type athlete Michigan didn’t have last season.


          • #95
            Very good defender too.


            • #96
              Good comments. It just seems like I look up and there is Matthews naturally with the ball and, as JD says, still finding his way. So he passes off. But if he wanted to, he could take it to the hoop every time. I think it's that he is very quick. By the time I see him with the ball, I've missed how he got it. Not sure if this makes sense, but there's something about his game that I'm struggling to wrap my head around.


              • #97
                I think ultimately the season will hinge on MAAR. This team is loaded with quality ballhandlers and scoring forwards. What they seem to be short on is guards that can create shots. Simpson will be a fine PG but he isn’t a pure scorer like Walton. A lot of possessions will come down to MAAAR being asked to loosen up defenses focused on Wagner.

                If Matthews becomes that kind of perimeter guy then great, but I’m not seeing it from him yet and I’ve already seen MAAR in that role.
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                • #98
                  I liked what I saw out of Teske. He looked like a completely different player.

                  Matthews, not so much, but that's only the first time that I have seen him.


                  • #99
                    Matthews’ performance is expected. An athletic wing that has hardly played college basketball in three years. The biggest concern I saw was how Matthews would take shots way too quickly in a possession. As he gets more experienced in real games, that should help Matthews get use to Beilein’s offense.
                    To go from high school to 10 minutes per game at Kentucky... sit out a year... then get 34 minutes a game. Drastic change for Matthews.
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                    AAL 2018 - Teez Tabor


                    • This team is a long way away from finding out who does what right now. Lotta good pieces, but won't be surprised to see them take a few lumps in Maui. Hope to be wrong.

                      Also tough to see anything so far since we've seen nothing but zone so far. Will hold off reading too much into anything after seeing something else.
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                      • Good finish to the game.
                        It was 38-40 with 13:00 left in the game ... M switched from Mo to Teske at the 5 for the remainder of the game and finished on a 23-7 run.
                        Not directly Teske, but he made an impact on D and had several buckets. Whereas Mo gave up too many buckets on D.
                        Helps that DRob made a few 3s in that stretch.

                        Time for LSU in Maui on Monday.
                        AAL 2018 - Teez Tabor


                        • Teske Better than Wagner?

                          Of course it's only one game, but Wagner was conspicuously on the bench at the end of some of our biggest games last year. We need rebounding, and Teske's good at that. I'm sure Beilein knows better than I. Should be a fun year.


                          • Michigan v. LSU at 11:00pm on ESPNU


                            • Damn, looks like M had a 9 point lead with 5 minutes left. Sucks to lose this one and wake up to the news of a blown lead.
                              Could have set up a fun game vs ND today, but instead get that Hawaii Chaminade team.... free bad win!

                              Good ole YouTube with the entire game for your viewing:
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                              AAL 2018 - Teez Tabor


                              • Originally posted by Cody_Russell View Post
                                Damn, looks like M had a 9 point lead with 5 minutes left. Sucks to lose this one and wake up to the news of a blown lead.
                                Could have set up a fun game vs ND today, but instead get that Hawaii Chaminade team.... free bad win!

                                Good ole YouTube with the entire game for your viewing:

                                Sorry Cody,
                                I hit EDIT instead of QUOTE. I think all of your text is still there.

                                Here's my reply:

                                They were losing for the whole first half, made a very nice run in the 2nd and then let it slip away. My takeaways:

                                Mo and Matthews were very special. MAAR was about average. Everyone else was not so good. Duncan was a real negative. He can't stay in front of anyone and that hurt a lot down the stretch. The problem is that Livers hasn't shown enough to start eating away at his minutes. Same with Ibi. The other issue is that we don't yet have a down-the-stretch PG. Eli Brooks got the call last night. Overall, he had a decent game but missed a key FT, had a turnover and gave up a big 3 to LSU's Frosh PG (who looks to be very good) late.

                                I don't think losing to LSU will be counted as a "Bad" loss in and of itself but it does hurt because Chaminade is not an FBS (or whatever the term is) school so the victory (if I may presume we get it done tonight) doesn't get counted when the selection committee looks at our resume. I do see us as a bubble team this season.

                                Hopefully, as the season goes on, one of our 3-headed monster at PG establishes himself as the leader and Livers improves enough to send Duncan to the bench as our super-scorer. Even if Livers is just a defender, that would serve as a great improvement to the team.

                                On the positive side, Matthews did look super special last night.