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  • Bush didn't sustain his level of play but was still pretty damn good and is a Butkus finalist.


    • Agree, Bush, Long and Hudson are possible 3rd team types.


      • They've already got 3 on defense alone with coaches.


        • Bush, Hurst, Gary. Hill, Winovich 2nd team.


          • It would be great if Winovich comes back next year.


            • Hill was better than Bush.


              • Winnovich is going to check his draft status. If he's in the first or second round, he's gone and should be. If lower, he'll come back.

                Hurst was an outlier in coming back. But, It probably paid off. He's going to be a high first rounder now and that could mean millions long term and hundreds of thousands in signing bonuses. Wiinovich will look at that too.

                Flying back from Detroit to Chicago on Monday, I sat next to David Long's big brother. Discovered that when he sat down and opened a blue binder with a big block M on it to a page that was titled "David Long's Plan." Yeah, I was snooping. We didn't have any delving convos, I remarked it was a tough loss to osu and to take care of little brother. He played a great game v osu and was a great player. No one seems to want to throw in the direction of Lavert or David. His brother was a pretty big guy. He played Basketball at Cal State.

                Another page was titled, "Negotiating in the NFL" and "Why Pro Athletes Go Broke."

                Point here is that top flight players and their people are looking closely at their pro careers, get good counseling from the U and are doing this kind of thing when they are Sophomores and after establishing themselves as scoutable by the pros. Long has clearly done that so, I assume he's working on his next steps like I'm sure Winnovich has done and is doing.
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                On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


                • Sorry, I've been busy and wasn't really inspired to look at this.

                  I'll tally the results sometime soon.

                  As far as I can tell, Solomon didn't start vs. tOSU and USC, so he stayed at 3 starts.