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  • I think there is more to the Peters thing than lack of ability. If you want to play at Michigan on Jim Harbaugh's team you better be prepared to sacrifice anything for both the game of football and getting on top of and also improving your academics.

    I've worked for guys like JH before. He is the quintessential Marine Corp personality. He'll not tell you that but he loves the Marines. IMO, he reflects the best traits of Marines. Hi character, unrelenting, exacting. Peters? I just don't know.
    On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


    • Well the first step is to start friggin running on most 2nd-and-6 situations. Let's be a damn running team already. It's there and possible. We'll need Speight to make a few plays for us this year, especially in Happy Valley. As long as we don't beat ourselves at home very OSU, I bet the refs make a few plays for us in that game. I don't see Speight as the obvious downfall of the team. He's just as likely to step up as he is to fall apart. He had been stepping up quite nicely in Columbus, but the coaching staff just keep on putting his neck out there on the chopping block. We had an elite punter and an elite defense that was stopping OSU. Could have pinned them inside their ten yet again instead of that third-quarter interception. They've got to stop using him as if bad things aren't gonna happen. It's on the coaches, IMO, and not on Speight. Speight is what he is.


      • That's a good point Jeff, something is not there with him taking charge. I seen it after the spring game when he was interviewed, he just seemed like he didn't want the attention.

        It was funny when JH called out signals at B10 media days (talking about Peters), looking back he is frustrated. I can say Harbaugh knows Speight is the best option at qb have.

        One other point Jim said he wanted to settle him down by benching him after the 2 pick 6s, if JOK lit them up he would have stayed in the game. In all the talk of Speight, O'Korn, Peters, etc... I could care less who the starter is and who actually plays ... all I care about is seeing better play out of the QB position because no matter what anybody says the QB position is the most important position on the field and can either make you a great team, good team, or a average team. No other position can say that!

        This team is capable of being very good, but need a lot better QB play for sure. This defense will keep Michigan in a lot of games this season, but need an offense to help out, not make mistakes, score points when given the opportunity, and play up to their abilities and talent level against mostly lesser talent that they face this season.


        • Good write up from FL/SEC


          • Originally posted by hack View Post
            Hey Niff, glad you had a good time at the game. Cheers...
            Thanks, sir. Spent a fuck ton between the tickets/parking/pre-drinking/post-drinking/in-between-drinking/food...but as long as UM gets the W it was worth every penny.
            AAL: Eric Ebron


            • Finally got around to this ...... Michigan Monday from the O-Zone.

              Good read. There's an embedded GIF on Ty Wheatley sealing the edge on big Isaac gain. I missed that one. Quite good.

              On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


              • Originally posted by Jeff Buchanan View Post
                Spot on.

                I had a great discussion with my friend Doug Dillon this afternoon. Doug may be one of the best observers of M football I know. He thinks the criticisms of Speight are "overblown." He notes it's coming from a bunch of "Millennials who think they know a lot about football and really don't know shit." Game manager? Does anyone know exactly what this means?

                Speight's not a lot of things that we fans think he should be but he is what Harbaugh has right now and they are more on the same page than a lot of people including me give him credit for. He is also WAY better than O'Korn or Peters. He sees the field better than either of them, knows the offense and how it works and is a vocal leader. He sets an example for others to follow in terms of hard work and understanding your craft.

                I, for one, am going to stop whining about him and my rather uninformed view that he is limiting the potential of this team.
                Heh. That sounds like the Doug that I remember.


                • Originally posted by Da Geezer View Post
                  Any UM receiver wearing # 1 catches that ball. At least for the last 20 years or so.
                  The rare occasion when Da Geezer is making sense.


                  • Originally posted by WingsFan View Post
                    It all good with Speight (with a selected few) b/c we won the game. When he shits the bed vs PSU im not saying a word.
                    He was 21-34 with a TD and no INTs last year vs. them. Hopefully, that will give him some confidence when the time comes.


                    • Y'all remember how Rudock called out two years ago? Harbaugh straightened him up remarkably. No reason to think Speight can't similarly improve through the season. M won't really need much for a few weeks to beat these tomato cans anyway. Hopefully he's there by PSU

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                      • That's my hope. Rudock started at Iowa then came to Michigan, looked terrible early on (especially on deep balls) and by the end of the year he was money.

                        As annoyed as I was watching Speight throw high and out of bounds just like he did last year, he basically has 1 year starting under his belt (Rudock had 2) and after a rocky start maybe he'll start that upward trend like we saw with Rudock. I have my concerns but like I said earlier, O'korn is not the answer and Peters is not ready yet. I expect unless he completely blows out, Speight is the starter for the next 2 years.


                        • Originally posted by whodean View Post
                          Y'all remember how Rudock called out two years ago? Harbaugh straightened him up remarkably. No reason to think Speight can't similarly improve through the season. M won't really need much for a few weeks to beat these tomato cans anyway. Hopefully he's there by PSU
                          Hope your'e right. Problem is that Wilton has been great, like really NFL caliber, Ben Rothlesberger great at times then he reverts to WTF Speight. I'm not looking for any kind of sustained improvement. I just want him to get us more yards than he gives up in a game with those WTF plays he dials up on occasion.

                          I trust Harbaugh to call the plays he can succeed at and not call the ones he'll get in trouble with given game circumstances. So, that combo is likely to help us into some wins we might otherwise not had without it.

                          We can call it the Sp8baugh factor. I like that. Maybe someone can quantify it on a game by game basis.
                          On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."