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Michigan 33, Florida 17

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    I don't really like McElwain at all, but I'll give him credit for having ethics balls to suspend multi players before the big game. Not going the Nick Saban rout of 'boys will be boys'.


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      I don't think there's much of a difference between scarlett and perine at all. Depth will be hampered a bit.


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        Wings Fan,

        Stop slobbering over Mcelwain. That's an NCAA and/ or a compliance issue. Mac has no choice. You can bet if it were sleeping in a parked car, they'd be playing.
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            This morning running his mouth, lol this -

            Florida RB Jordan Scarlett said, “Michigan’s DL doesn’t move well sideline to sideline,” and “No one in the SEC can block Taven Bryan,” calling out Michigan’s defense.



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              Franks named as the starter for the Gators


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                4* drop back QB, RS Frosh. Played some last season as the #2 (Del Rio with shoulder injury in 2016)

                Would not be surprised to see Zaire situationally like M used Peppers and before that Denard (after his injury).
                On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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                  Fear of running QBs is still built up from many years of getting burnt. I'll take the classic drop back guy every day. Though Redshirt freshman making his first collegiate start vs Gary & co and Don Brown defense - He probably will be yanked before half.


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                    He's cannon fodder


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                      Wolverines O-line v.s. Gators D-line is my key to the game. Will probably be a close, low-scoring game. At least it will be closer than our last trip to Jerry's World.
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                        Originally posted by Rocky Bleier View Post
                        Wolverines O-line v.s. Gators D-line is my key to the game. Will probably be a close, low-scoring game. At least it will be closer than our last trip to Jerry's World.
                        Agree ..... and for some very specific reasons that highlight what Harbauffense is trying to be all about.

                        Harbughffense is OL dependent. It works when the OL can execute it. Think back on JH at Stanford. He had OL guys who were, in Brian's (mgoblog) terms, brain nerds. This is the first year M will have JH OL recruits (except Cole). By all accounts, they are brain nerds ..... they get it. And, year 3.

                        Brian has pointed out in last year's UFRs that JH's run game is complex enough to have up to 20 variations. Your average OLmen isn't going to be able to execute it and ...... in 2016, they weren't. Take the zone stretch play, you know, the one that averaged 1.6y per attempt.

                        Now add to the mix this year's smart OLmen who are coming down to 300 lbs, not up to it and are mobile (? Onwenu might be the exception), Greg Frey. The ingredients are there to see the OL execute the JH run offense. Frey is a master at the zone stretch from the time he was with RR at M, through IU, and now back at M with JH.

                        This is not to say the zone stretch is M's bread and butter run play, it's not but it is an effective counter to inside power or zone off of PA when it can be run effectively. To date, it has sucked and there are many, many UFRs that prove that it sucks. Because of that, one might assume JH's run offense has been little more than frustratingly ineffective.

                        I'm betting (hoping is the better word at this point) that we are going to see an effective, much more effective than against any team in 2016, M running attack v. a stout UF D v. the run. The zone stretch will work and Evans and potentially Isaac will have big games. Look for it .... or not. That will be disappointing to say the least and portend a mediocre season.

                        TBF, I'm echoing a bit of what Brian (mgoblog) just put up in his annual Five Questions (on offense) piece. I thought it was so on point that I pretty much summarized it above. You can read the whole thing at mgoblog - much more detail - you know where it is.
                        On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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                          Well Florida is no Indiana...but I do expect the Gayturds to keep it close...
                          Shut the fuck up Donny!


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                            True ...... but their roster is such a mess.

                            I've seen this kind of thing go both ways. It's either a downer where guys mope around or it's a huge motivating factor if the coaching staff and the seniors can leverage it.

                            To be on the cautious side, I'll say they leverage it and play beyond their level. I don't know Jim McElwain that well. I do know he's been tremendously successful before UF but not at UF if you're looking for THAT guy to turn a moribund UF program around. He's not done that, yet.

                            UF's offense has been not great, Bob and it's been the QB position at the heart of it. I don't think Franks, as a RS Frosh, is going to light it on fire. Guess I could be wrong but the history of such things says, not. But then there is M's CBs and, oh, their RT position.

                            So, the "Gayturds keeping it close" is probably a good call. That we've seen HARBAUGH!!! not do so well in the 4th quarter against ranked teams in close games is also a factor. If he doesn't turtle with a big lead in the third, it's M's to lose.

                            Oh, wait, he can turtle all he wants if M is looking like Wisconsin did v. RR's M team in ??? (I've blotted out the year and date). I did say I was looking for that, didn't I.
                            On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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                              And, dude, Gayturds is NOT the preferred nomenclature. "normal everyday average cockgobbling Florida men", please.


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                                A thousand pardons...

                                fuckin' douchebag
                                Shut the fuck up Donny!