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    AA's Pick Contest

    The rules and game play:

    *You start with a bank of $7500. This contest is against the spread (ATS).

    *Each week I will post the lines to 7 games of my choice. One featuring a team from each P5 conference, 1 featuring a team from the best game from the Group of Five, and 1 wildcard game (usually a good or interesting game or line from a P5). I will try to pick the best/most interesting game or line from each of those groups.

    *You have until 10am (all times central) Saturday morning to make your pick(s). After that, your sheet will be autopicked (your autopick will be an equal distribution -rounded to avoid cents- of your bank for each *available favorite to cover. For example, if you have $1400 left and you forget to make a bet by 10am Saturday, your autopick is $200 for each of the 7 favorites to cover, *not including any Thursday or Friday games, which are exempted from autopicks since they have already been played.

    *There is no bet maximum. Bet as much as you have if you wish. If your pick ATS is correct, the amount you wagered is added to your bank. If you your pick is wrong, the amount you wagered is deducted from your bank.

    *The weekly bet minimum is $1000 until your bank falls below that level. Then, you must bet your entire bank every week until you are zeroed and out of the game - or until you win your way back above that line.

    *You can bet as many or as few games as you wish, it's up to you, but you must bet at least $1000. Let me say this again: you do NOT have to pick all seven games. For example, let's say that you only see one game on the slate you want action on, you can simply bet that one game for at least $1000. However, if you think placing equal bets across all 7 games minimizes your risk, you are welcome to bet the entire slate; or you could cherrypick two or three games or whatever you want as long as you at least bet the weekly minimum.

    *You may only bet in whole dollars in multiples of 5. None of this "$666.66 on Ohio State" foolishness - unless you autopick and your bank is equally divided amongst the up to 7 games which may break the multiple of 5 rule. Even in that case, I will round up or round down the games to avoid dealing with cents.

    *Once you're bankrupt, you're out of the game.

    *The lines I post are final. It does not matter if you found another book that has the line at -3.5 instead of -5.5. It does not matter if the lines move, either. They are written in stone once they are posted.

    *You may not pick a Thursday game after 10am Thursday morning or a Friday game after 10am Friday morning.

    *You are responsible for checking my math. I will make a mistake. I have seen me do it.

    *Next week's lines, weekly winner, and accumulative leaderboard posted on Monday. Maybe Tuesday if I'm lazy or busy.

    *The last slate of this this contest will be the CCGs unless everyone bankrupts before then.

    *The winner is whomever ends up with the most dollars at the end of the contest (or the last person to go bankrupt). Prizes: besides being able to brag about being the winner, I will mail you a fabulous prize package worth several thousand North Korean Won.

    *All bets are ATS. Against the spread. The spread will be posted with the slate. So, if you take Ohio State -20.5, they must win by 21 or more for you to win the amount you wagered.

    So, if Ohio State wins 40-10, and you bet $1200 (and that was your only bet), you would win $1200 and have a bank of $8700 going into week 2 (Not doing vig, too much to keep up with and most non gamblers don't know what it is).
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    On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."

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    Week 1 Slate:

    B1G Michigan -3.5 vs Florida
    SEC Alabama -6.5 vs FSU
    ACC North Carolina -10.5 vs Cal
    P12 Colorado -5.5 vs Colorado State (Fri)
    B12 West Virginia +4.5 vs VaTech (Sun)
    G-5 Northern Illinois +3.5 vs Boston College (Fri)
    WC Ohio State -20.5 vs Indiana (Thurs)
    On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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      Talents' Picks:

      B1G Michigan -3' $1500 (HARBAUGH!!!!)
      SEC Alabama -6' $500 (Too big of game not to pick -- I'll get suckered in by the 6')
      ACC North Carolina -10.5 vs Cal (Just, no....)
      P12 Colorado State +5' $500 (Did you see what they did to the Beav! THE BEAV!)
      B12 West Virginia +4.5 vs VaTech (Sun) (Fuck the Bezerklie Bowl)
      G-5 BC -3' $1000 (I think NIU is considerably down...but woof, BC blows ass)
      WC Indiana -20' $300 (Growing pains with Wilson's first rodeo against a B10 Unicorn -- a competent to actually good IU defense; DeBord vs Schiano, however, is in OSU's favor...small wager on's a rite of passage for all IU students to get backdoored their first weekend in Bloomington...I see no reason why that won't happen to OSU)
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      On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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        B1G Michigan -3' $1000. Inexperience or not, baring Speight mis-cues this should be a convincing win.
        P12 Colorado State +5' $500

        I don't think osu is going to cover. IU's D is decent, it's on the road. We have no idea what DeBord's offense is going to look like...... other than there will be a lot of off-tackle left runs. And that's regardless of whether or not they produce any gains.
        On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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          IU's offensive line, I believe, is sort of mediocre to shit. OSU's defensive line is better than mediocre if you think potentially 4 first round picks = better than mediocre. IU will need Lagow to have a great game and to be able to use Cobbs and Westbrook on ball control routes. Which means they'll have to beat OSU corners in cover zero. I really can't see IU running the ball at all, and if they get behind the sticks then Lagow is running for his life.

          As I said, I do think the combination of some legit talent on IU's defense + OSU's first game under Wilson can keep things around the number and positioned for a backdoor.
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            Yeah, 21's a tough number.

            If IU can just not turn the ball over inside it's own 40, a three TD differential is going to be hard for osu to obtain.
            On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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              Like Talent said, IU's offensive line is going to have a huge say on how good that offense is. If they're having 3-and-outs and turnovers, instead of being able to sustain drives; 20 points isn't a lot for an offense like the Buckeyes. Their defense isn't your typical Hoosier defense, they'll make you earn points instead of giving up big plays repeatedly.


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                AA's picks.

                Michigan -3.5, $500
                Ohio State -20.5, $500
                Colorado State +5.5, $500
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                  FSU +6.5 -500

                  North Carolina -10.5 -1000

                  Colorado -5.5 - 1000

                  Northern Illinois +3.5 -500


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                    last I hear 10,000 won = 1 dollar--so south korea and north korea have same money didnt know that

                    why would big 10 begin year with league matchup
                    big 10 play before labor day seems sacreligious


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                        Been done plenty in the past.


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                          Y'all stop this gibber jabber and place some picks.
                          "The problem with quotes on the Internet is that it is sometimes hard to verify their authenticity." -Abraham Lincoln


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                            VA Tech -4.5 ($500)
                            BC -3.5 ($200)
                            Michigan -3.5 ($500)


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                              Michigan $500
                              FL State $500
                              Co St $500
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