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Michigan 36, Cincinnati 14

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  • Michigan 36, Cincinnati 14

    I'll be at this game (and the following week v. AF) so, view from the stands forthcoming.
    On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."

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    Cincinnati got outgained by Austin Peay, the I-AA equivalent of Kansas or UAB. Austin Peay hasn't won a game since 2014. Cincinnati sucks.

    We should cover in this one easily. 52-10. Somewhere therabouts.


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      Originally posted by Hannibal View Post
      Cincinnati got outgained by Austin Peay, the I-AA equivalent of Kansas or UAB. Austin Peay hasn't won a game since 2014. Cincinnati sucks.

      We should cover in this one easily. 52-10. Somewhere therabouts.

      This is a scrimmage that I don't want the M players to take as such. Remember it's the Adam Sandler look-alike fickell fighting binturong's. What? Yes, the binturong is a bear cat. fickell is not as funny as Adam Sandler. Let's be clear on that.

      Whatever. Here's what I'll be looking for:

      ufm's assistants typically move to HC positions at other schools and try to make the teams they're coaching look like osu only less talented. So, we'll see a mini me addition of the buckeyes. Maybe.

      Will Don Brown continue with his 3-3-5 deployment of Bush, Hudson et. al. shot out of cannons defense? If Cincy shows up with a spready read option offense, yes. The downside for M is that fickell and his coaching staff will have seen this. So, expect some wild-ass, hot rod version of a 4 man front. I love Don Brown.

      Continue the upward arrow trend for turnovers. It's been pointed out by other observers that the 3-3-5 thing that is run in the style of Don Brown (Casteel/Scott Schaeffer redux) doesn't give a lot of opportunities for INTs. What it does do is confuse the OL leaving gaps for cannonballs that shock the QB who, like Franks did and Zaire did, fumble it with regularity.

      Nolan Ulizio rounding out to form on pass-pro and run blocking technique. He should have a much better go at it than he did against UF's DEs. Give Runyan some run at RT and JBB at LT (cautiously on that one).

      An improved inside run game. Most have been praising Bredeson, Kugler and Onwenu including Jim Harbaugh post game and again today in his Labor Day presser. There were a couple of nice wholes made by these three that you could drive a truck through that Evans missed.

      Overall, the Bearcat's DL is light. Reportedly they have good depth so, they'll be fresh when they get blown back routinely. This is what I want to see ..... a fucking mean-ass set of men bludgeoning seals.

      How about outside? Remains to be seen. Brian (mgoblog) pointed out that the likely reason M had any success running outside is because it appeared UF doesn't deploy or neglected to deploy a force player on the LOS. Fickell we'll see that. I still think we'll see Isaac or whoever gets outside of their playside DE running over or around pursuit. Over in a sort of unfair way for Isaac, around, juking jock straps off defenders for Evans or Higdon.

      Inside/outside runs as constraints to each other. I've harped on this and pinned my stature as an observer of M football on the combo of these two bread and butter plays as defining Harbaughffense. Well, I think we are going to see this in full bloom against Cincinnati so, you can mock me if that isn't the case. I'd like to see another 200+y rushing performance with the mean YPC around 5 or more. 6+ would be really sweet but, I'll be realistic.

      Speight? Continue to command the offense. Make your reads, check down and hit the open guy with crisp, accurate throws. Get the easy fade routes down between him and his receivers. Lock down the long ball to keep opposing teams knowing that Wilton will hurt you if you load the box to accommodate cover zero or any kind of crazy Okie, bull-rush front shit. Improve completion rate to >65%. NO TURNOVERS.

      An early exit for starters if the unfolding game indicates it's a good approach. Protect against injuries. The back-ups need playing time. Especially on the DL and with the LBs. There isn't any depth for the DBs so, never mind for them.

      I predict Michigan will win.
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      On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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        Cincinnati is a bad team and Fickell is a dunce. He was a bad defensive coordinator and a bad hire for Cincy. He only got the job because he coached at OSU (no matter that he coached badly).

        6 ypc should be the expectation for this type of game. If Michigan is the team that we need them to be, then we should expect a bloodbath.
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          Cincy is awful, gimme. Should be decided by halftime.


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            Im glad Ty Isaac seems ok, he went out 2 times including his last carry with what looked like a sore neck. Gr8 game from him with those unscheduled runs.


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              A month ago, Cincinnati is a team I said could be pesky for M, as opposed to Air Force.
              However... it appears the Hayden Moore + Mike Boone offense hasn't progressed that much, if anything, from last season.
              If Cincinnati gives M any trouble, it would be their defense in a lower scoring game in the first half... but I don't think this will be much of anything.

              M wins 38-3. How bad will Cinci's offense look is the question. Maybe shutout. Have fun, Luke Fickell.
              Go Detroit Lions!


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                Isaac running the ball like he wants contact.


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                  Touchdown Crawford!


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                    Shock the world!


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                      Bearcats 3 and out.


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                        Pick six Tyree Kinnel.


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                          This broadcast is just one 3-hour long Michigan recruitment video for defensive prospects.


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                            Devin Bush in untouched with the sack.


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                              Yeah, I don't think Cincy breaks 150 yards.