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Michigan @ Indiana, 10/14/17, Noon ET, ABC/ESPN 3

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  • This game was closer than it needed to be. Abandoning the passing game was assinine. O'Korn is bad enough without tying one hand behind his back. Throw a fucking pass.


    • Michigan with 50-50 run-pass offense in first half: +10. Michigan with all run offense in second half: -10.


      • No interceptions, Dan. Michigan probably couldn't have afforded a turnover. IMO they won the game because they didn't make such crucial mistakes. Would have won the MSU game if they didn't make such crucial mistakes.

        As for O'Korn, tying one hand behind his back isn't a half-bad idea.


        • One very positive thing to note is Lavert Hill. Command of his position out there.


          • Originally posted by Detroit Dan View Post
            Michigan with 50-50 run-pass offense in first half: +10. Michigan with all run offense in second half: -10.
            That was very strange indeed. Mere speculation but, JH's seems to have a trend line in his current tenure at M that causes him to sit on the smallest of leads.

            In his defense, I think there is some analytics I've seen out there for pro-football where you take all your risks up front and minimize them on the back end. I think at the college level, although I don't know that if you did a study of this, you'd find that approach is high variance.

            Anyway, I was disappointed. I don't think M can count on closing out games when leading by small margins by out executing the opponent's defense with strictly runs. it appears this is exactly what JH is trying to do and using Don Brown as his safety net. In this situation, M predictably goes 3 and out when all they need is a couple of first downs. The coaches might be able to make this easier with a modicum of passing on standard downs.

            I think M missed that v. IU where the match-up analytics definitely showed IU was vulnerable there.
            On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): “We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


            • Michigan at Indiana game aired at noon ET — was highest-rated CFB game of weekend: 2.9 overnight.


              • shaddup
                Shut the fuck up Donny!


                • The mistakes against MSU in the first half were fumbles -- nothing to do with the passing game. The second half we were behind and trying to tie the score. Perhaps passing in the pouring rain and wind was inadvisable then, but not applicable to second half against Indiana. Michigan played with one hand tied behind its back, and Indiana was up to the challenge.


                  • Michigan WON. Probably in no small way because they won the turnover battle.


                    • The turnovers didn't have an impact in this one. We won because we won a very lopsided rushing battle. Net punting kept Indiana in the game.


                      • Which is the point -- we didn't turn it over, and yet still won despite not having a passing game. If they had given up a pick-6 like in other games, or surrendered the ball deep in their own territory, they probably wouldn't have won. First rule is Do No Harm. It sure wasn't JOK's ~50 passing yards in the first half that get them up 13-0. It was running the ball.