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  • Originally posted by iam416 View Post
    I read the UFR and didn't think it was quite so rosy. I mean, they got torched in C1, pejorative "arm punt" or not. Then Brian said they COULDN'T play zone because RPO slants were eating them alive (true). His only solution was to move the safeties up a few yards.

    He considered the run defense "not quite a debacle" and the pass defense a total debacle. Yeah, Rutgers isn't going to challenge Don Brown. But, Ohio State might (remains to be see if OSU's offensive 'improvement' is real or not).

    Anywho, that gets to Hanni's point -- Brian is more or less saying that Don Brown had no option but to get bent over by a superior scheme. Can't do C1 because McSorley and his receivers (Gesecki included) are too good. Can't do Zone because RPOs are eating it alive. Still have to account for Barkley, too. That is basically saying it ain't Don Brown's fault -- their scheme is unstoppable.

    And there sits Hanni saying, NFS!!!!! Why the F don't we run an unstoppable scheme???? Instead of some horseshit 1980s dinosaur offense that barely dents the likes of Cinci-fucking-nati!
    Yeah ..... I didn't mean to make it sound like M didn't get ass-raped. They did. For some reason, Brown doesn't seem to trust his Ss and CBs in zone. He's played it some but we're probably talking 10%. So, we saw a shit ton of press-man, C1 and a scattering of Zone and C-2 still with press man.

    Not sure but I'd bet that there are issues with players knowing how to hand-off coverage in zone and Brown was worried about McSorely eating gaps in zone coverage alive. Instead, he hoped McSorely wouldn't have time. He was badly mistaken with a lot of that having to do with Moorehead's scheme.

    You have to wonder why they didn't give it a go and again I susect there are trust issues and they might not have practiced it extensively. Anyway, not making excuses. The whole thing stunk.

    PS: I get Hanni's frustration about innovative offense. I'm frustrated. It's depressing. I don't think O'Korn is up to much of anything innovative, frankly and that goes two ways. There's not much to lose if the coaches try some different shit out becasue what they are doing clearly isn't working. Peters?
    On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): “We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


    • O'Korn was much better, but he was playing in a hole. Going into that game you were hoping to win a slugfest, he drove them for two TDs, that's about the most you should have expected along with a couple field goals. If the vaunted D gives up two TDs in the first 5 minutes you are in trouble. Peters should play some but that is because you have to find out if he can play.

      If I had a DC playing exclusively press coverage, he better damn well be in Cover 2 most of the time.