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Rutgers @ Michigan, 10/28/17, Noon, Eastern, BTN/Stream BTN2Go

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  • #76
    Given that we may throw the ball once per drive anyway, just let the kid play.


    • #77
      Feels like the defense has sort of quit since the MSU game. Everyone just abandoning their responsibilities looking to make the highlight plays.

      Numbers are still okay but the displine has been shit.


      • #78
        OKorn fumbles another snap and nearly picked again


        • #79
          ...and nearly picked a 3rd time.

          He's hit Rutgers defenders in the hands more often than his own receivers today


          • #80
            Sounds like that drive was the final nail.

            Peters in


            • #81
              Peters is in!
              Go Detroit Lions!


              • #82
                He hands off a pretty ball


                • #83
                  Just like the spring game, Peters is in the game and ... "omg, the offense clicks."

                  The o-line took over that drive. Great blocking. What made the o-line look better? Peters made decisions very quickly. As Millen said, took what the D gave him. Accurate too... didn't overthrow anyone.
                  Go Detroit Lions!


                  • #84
                    Hard to overthrow guys 5 yards down field. He's not Speight.


                    • #85
                      At least Peters makes this game interesting.


                      • #86
                        Kid can throw. That arm looks legit.


                        • #87
                          Does he ever throw a pretty fade

                          We're playing a tomato can but it's refreshing to see an actual TD pass


                          • #88
                            God that was painful watching O'Korn. Worse than Nick Sheridan days. Rutgers Ss stepping up to slow the run game because it's obvious O'Korn isn't going to throw and when he drops back to do that, something bad is about to happen.

                            Peters may be a Freshman and I would not doubt during his first series he was wetting his pants. But, holy smokes, the O is totally different with him in there after he completed his first two passes. Rutgers D plays zone but once Peters hit passes, the Ss dropped out of the box and boom, RBs were killing it.

                            First time we saw the wheel route to a back and matched up with a LB. WTF has Drevno been waiting for? osu? The ball was under thrown but those are catchable when you've got separation from a LB covering and Evans played it perfectly. Touch down on a 2 minute drill.

                            Moment of consternation and pucker factor when Grant busted one on a wildcat snap for a 65y TD. PSU did that 2x with RO plays. M's D blew blocking again with Bush running himself out of the play. I'm thinking Kill saw Bush's aggressiveness and called that play.

                            M cannot win without a passing game. O'Korn is not the answer. Peters is. If Speight is ready for Maryland, my bet is that he'll go.
                            On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): “We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


                            • #89
                              I don't care what happens this 2nd half.

                              The entire "trust the coaches" has to go to bed now ... or at least we should be able to question them now without people telling me and Kstat to relax!

                              Again Jim just failed on this one badly and got to wonder what the hell he was seeing or thinking? This wasn't a player that looks homesick, quiet kid, not confident, was 4th string, etc... whatever else people have been saying about not being ready to play. Again we aren't asking him to replace Chad Henne, Tom Brady, Elvis Grbac, etc... just play just as good or better than Speight or O'Korn.


                              • #90
                                I was okay with letting O'Korn play himself off the team. Harbaugh has to do that if he wants to retain credibility with the next transfer he brings in.

                                I'll cut him some slack because once you bench a senior for a freshman you cannot unring that bell.

                                From here on out it should be the Peters show. Build for 2018.