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Due Process.

(1) The forum has 6 moderators. Jeff Buchanan, Jon, JD, Hannibal, Oracle, Entropy. None of them want to moderate adult posters who should know better. There may be posts that break the rules.

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(4) A poster who has had a warning or a post(s) removed can certify a question by PM to any moderator about that action. Do not complain about the action or attempt to make your case in the forum/threads. Moderators shall do their best to address the question within 72h. At the end of 72h the majority opinion of the moderators responding will be the answer.

(5) Banning a poster for egregious and repeated rule breaking requires a unanimous vote to ban from all 6 moderators. We don't anticipate this will ever happen.
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  • What a joke this officiating and commentating is!


    • Brando and Tillman are the most clueless fucking booth I've ever heard in any sporting event. Holy fuck are they bad.


      • "Kinnel should be thrown out of game for gently pushing Goopher in back"

        Metellus thrown out of game for yelling at player who threw punch. Good God!


        • I say we go for 2 again after next TD run of many yards.


          • Man... Hudson looks like me in my High School days!


            • From pj at mgoblog discussion:

              "when we score I want all 11 men pantomiming rowing a boat in unison for 2 full minutes"


              • Metellus will miss first half against Maryland for getting in face of player who threw punch?


                • Upon further review, Josh Metellus did nothing to get thrown out.


                  • Originally posted by WM Wolverine View Post
                    Upon further review, Josh Metellus did nothing to get thrown out.
                    No shit. What the hell kind of call was that?
                    Clouds are clouds. Cows are cows. The Lions are the Lions .-Andrew Heller-


                    • Kinnel was just pushing hothead out of the scrum. "instigation!"


                      • "But we don't know what was said"


                        • Tillman says kinnel who is outweighed by 120 lbs should get tossed for pushing him. Fuck me.


                          • Originally posted by Detroit Dan View Post
                            Metellus will miss first half against Maryland for getting in face of player who threw punch?
                            You have to keep those safe spaces free for all boats to row..
                            Last edited by Tom W; November 4th, 2017, 10:09 PM.


                            • The other idiot on there with Brando? Saying Kinnel should be ejected too is BS!


                              • More humor from mgoblog discussion:

                                "These officials are the same ones who called Lantry's field go no good in 74 in Columbus."