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Michigan @ Maryland, Saturday, 11/11/17 3:30 EST, BTN/Stream BT2GO

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  • Michigan @ Maryland, Saturday, 11/11/17 3:30 EST, BTN/Stream BT2GO

    Road Game ......:shock:
    On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."

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    Maryland lost to Rutgers last weekend. If UM can't win this game, the team should be disbanded.


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      Maryland might be on their 4th or 5th string QB.
      11 in the box defense = not a horrible thought.

      M - 30
      MD - 0
      Go Detroit Lions!


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        Let's be candour here. Peters better get some quality passing plays in this game. I hope the coaching staff doesn't think they'll be able to run the ball like a h.s. team in the last two games.


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          I'd like to get him warmed up a bit like that myself.


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            Off topic, but...

            Can anyone here photo shop Colin Kaepernick in a Packers jersey? I would love to e-mail that image to all of my workmates. :smile:
            I'll let you ban hate speech when you let me define hate speech.


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              I can't read anything you write with that avatar.
              #MAGA -
              Morons Are Governing America


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                M opened as a 14.5 favorite late Monday as it was reported Las Vegas couldn't decide what to do about Maryland's QB situation. Within 12h the line had moved to 15.5.

                Here's the thing. I don't remember the spread for the MSU game but, it was double digit. Not a good thing to be heavily favored.

                Franklin noted that PSU's last two losses were a result of players paying too much attention to their own positive press and he took responsibility for not controlling that. Right. That kind of thing is team dependent. Coaches saying rah-rah stuff can help but not in this case. That PSU has not looked particularly good in their last two losses points more to the "Michigan Jersey" thing that befell LC's teams in his last couple of years. You can't just go out, flash the M on your jersey and play because you think you are better or more talented or have a "schematic advantage." You will get your butt kicked.

                So, no clue what the temperament of this team is. None of us are on the practice field or in the locker room to assess that but this is a road game. Road games in the Big can be hard. I also don't know much about the fan base at Maryland but if I were a player I'd plan on it being disruptive and mocking of any mistakes made by an opponent.

                I also worry about how the coaching staff not named Don Brown will approach this game. JH tends to be Bo like in his conservatism. He's surprised me a couple of times by mixing in a lot of passing on opening drives at home and more notably on the road. Is he going to do this with Peters risking an INT in the early phases of this road game that could affect his confidence? Maybe not as the run game seems good enough to just rely on that.

                He also tends to sit on small leads with very conservative play calling. I question this in the context of how Don Brown plays defense. Michigan's defense is good, right? It sits at number 3-5 depending on what metric one uses. If you look at big plays (over 20y) M's defense yields, there are a lot of them and it increases defensive IsoPPP and drags down Ms defensive efficiency. It seems like a risk JH is willing to take but I'm uncomfortable with it in games were M is ahead by 14 points or less.

                Anyway, (1) I worry about Big Ten road games. Weird shit happens and (2) when you're a big favorite the tendency is to think you are better than you actually are. So, irrational exuberance is out of place right now. I'll allow it to creep into my thinking after M gets out of Madison with a win.
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                On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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                  Maryland isn't talented enough where it matters (QB, lines) to make this game close. Turnovers, big plays, and penalties can swing outcomes dramatically but can't see the Terrapins being competitive.


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                    This game is a layup.


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                      Originally posted by froot loops View Post
                      This game is a layup.
                      Shaddup ...... your boys just beat PSU (good) at home behind an improving Lewerke and some hot handed receivers so, you're all confident.

                      M just trucked the Gophers in Ann Arbor with a nearly 400y rushing attack while passing for a meager 56 sack adjusted yards. I'm not putting too much confidence in the last two games (v. Rutgers and Minnesota) because both teams have terrible rush defenses, Minny in particular. Also, on 16 drop backs, Peters was sacked 3X, one of them taking him down for a 3 count.

                      True, Maryland is not much better in the rushing D department so, JH might just run the ball and see if and when DJ Durkin can find a way to stop it. That would be fine. Shut Maryland out, score 21 points or whatever, call it a win and beat feet back to Ann Arbor.

                      Still, I'd much rather have a proven passer taking snaps behind an experienced OL and a bevy of good receivers getting the ball thrown there way. That's just me..... and therefor it's not a lay-up; maybe a free throw.
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                      On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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                        Harbaugh will run the ball till it's stopped... How many times did Peters throw other than the first couple scripted series and third down? I see no reason it'll change versus Maryland, who are down to a walk-on at QB.

                        I don't we'll see a change versus the Badgers, other than they'll be able to stop the run and force M to pass.


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                          This game being a layup has nothing to do with MSU.


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                            Over/under Maryland passing yards: 40

                            Ah, probably over because they’ll get lucky on one bubble screen. Doubtful their 5th string QB completes many balls thrown 10+ yards.
                            Go Detroit Lions!


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                              Maryland will get their one requisite drive that we seem to give up every game. It will likely take turnovers or garbage time drives to get them more than that. Final score should be somewhere around 34-10 but you never know with our passing game being as shitty as it is.

                              I'm a little surprised that the spread is only 15 given how the past couple of weeks have gone. Maryland's defense was already bad before they had any QB issues. They just gave up 200 yards rushing to Rutgers.