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Michigan @ Wisconsin, Noon, 11/18, Fox/Stream FoxGo

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  • At this point the only reasonable answer is to just nuke the entire state of Michigan because Harbaugh did this on purpose.


    • It still matters to them. The seats will be red. I'd guarantee it.


      • Originally posted by Tom W View Post
        8-4 was pretty much the consensus prediction. It does suck any less, but we can’t say we didn’t see it coming.
        8-4 with this schedule would get any other coach fired.

        Only reason Harbaugh will still have a job without question is it is removing him will cost too much.


        • We're probably not gonna know the starter at QB until he walks out onto the field. Hopefully one of Speight or Peters will be available. If it's O'Korn, well, that's cruel and unusual punishment.


          • They won't be bored with it.


            • Barely even a “rivalry game” when one side has won 12 of 13 (or 14 of 16).

              That’s about to go to 13/14 a week from now.
              Go Detroit Lions!


              • Originally posted by hack View Post
                We're probably not gonna know the starter at QB until he walks out onto the field. Hopefully one of Speight or Peters will be available. If it's O'Korn, well, that's cruel and unusual punishment.
                It’s punishment to Michigan fans. Running Peters out there would be punishment to Peters.

                They’re going to get annihilated. It’s going to make 2015 look like a nail biter. At the very least don’t get your young QB killed in the process.


                • 8-4 was expected, but seeing how it played out is what was so frustrating. A loss at home to MSU. An offense that looked incompetent and incapable all year. Blowout loss to PSU. No wins against a team with a pulse. It's been very tough to watch.


                  • Okorn might be dead before this one is over.


                    • OKorn giving everyone a sneak preview of next week...


                      • Oh well. Time to go out to dinner. See ya all next week.


                        • run out of bounds on 3rd and long, followed by a run into the pile on 4th and long...


                          • Wisconsin has still played nobody.

                            If they can beat OSU in the title game then fine but they should be outside oooking in until then.


                            • This season just makes last year’s screw job in Columbus just more bitter. Those asshats are just going to be laughing their asses off all afternoon next week.
                              Last edited by Tom W; November 18th, 2017, 03:37 PM.


                              • Never thought in my life that Michigan would ever be this desperate for a QB with a pulse. All of the NFL QBs that have come through AA and this is what it’s reduced to.

                                I’m just getting closer to accepting that they’re never going to win the B1G ever again. If anything maybe expecting them to is just unrealistic. They’re not a first rate football program no matter how much money they pump into it.

                                Maybe 8-4 or 9-3 is the absolute ceiling for Michigan football. This is just the new normal.
                                Last edited by Kstat; November 18th, 2017, 03:40 PM.