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Michigan @ Wisconsin, Noon, 11/18, Fox/Stream FoxGo

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    Originally posted by hack View Post
    I'm not suggesting I would trade this for that. The outcomes are independent of each other. Just saying that a win against Wisky would in no way make up for a loss against OSU.
    Don't worry we won't have to face that dilemma LOL


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      On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): “We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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        Wisconsin opens at -10 v. Michigan. Tea leaves see it at -7.5 by KO as the bets flow to M. -10 is in line with S&P+ and Sagrin after you remove home field advantage on Sagrin.

        In other news, M is ranked #18 in the Coaches poll and #19 in the AP poll. Up to #16 in S&P+
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        On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): “We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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          Originally posted by drok View Post
          I am quite optimistic about this game. I think we are going to win.

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          I'm with you about being more optimistic. In truth, the Wolves have Wisky's number. Hell, even Rich Rod beat them when they were ranked.

          I expect UM 's defense to really shine this game and get turnovers. Their qb has been susceptible to throwing them and he's not that mobile. Stop their run game and you have at least a chance to win.


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            The injuries have really accumulated and many of them are significant players for M. I've been saying all season Wisconsin is beatable but were going to need to be near full strength to do so. Can't make a prediction on this one till we can see whose playing and Harbaugh will withhold that till Saturday.

            Wisconsin's stats are inflated by the weak competition, hopefully yours are adjusting for that Jeff.


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              As usual, bronxblue in his piece called "Best and Worst" does a great job at lending balance to the outlying fan claims of prepare for two bad losses versus 10-2 is in the bag.

              He goes over the Maryland game in the context of the preceding two and concludes we still don't have a good feel for how M will do v. teams with equal or better talent. All we have is MSU and PSU and, unfortunately, things did not go well in those two games.

              For the hand-wringers among M's fan base, the offensive outburst by Maryland in the second half does not mean M's defense is not good anymore and will not hold up v. the Badger. He provides details. You can take my word for it or read the article yourself. The defense is very good and will hold Wisconsin's offense in check. Keep in mind while Taylor is good, M's defense has been practicing against Higdon and Evans. As well, Hornibrook has more interceptions than TDs and has thrown at least one INT in every game this season (except BYU and Utah State) against pass defenses that rank at or well South of 26th. M's pass D ranks 7th.

              He offers no reassurances about injuries and says, we're not going to know about them until Saturday so, don't get worked up about it. It is what it is going to be, my excellent analysis of the injury situation above notwithstanding.

              I thought the best part of these always humorous and well written articles was the part where he offers to the meat eating, battles in the Roman Colosseum crowd who wanted a blood bath this explanation - M's average starting field position was the their own 44; Maryland's was their own 20. This explains why Maryland had more yards than M. And this ....

              Compounding this yardage discrepancy was how efficient Michigan was at scoring. Michigan's average scoring drive in this game was 5 plays; Maryland's was 11. Michigan ran 56 plays to get their 35 points, while Maryland ran 70 to get their 10. For the game Michigan's average play was 5.4 to Maryland's 4.9, but that masks the fact Michigan was averaging 6.8 ypp in that first half while Maryland barely eclipsed 3.

              I'd add, we will not often see a Harbaugh coached team try to dismember an opponent that has for all intents and purpose already been killed (2016 Rutgers excepted). There are two reasons for that. JH isn't into style points on the field, maybe off it and during recruiting trips but, no, he's not going to embarrass an opponent. Well, except Rutgers and Ash and his boys deserved it after the public trash talk that went on before the game (something about "Rutgers is going to become M's biggest rival" or such).

              As well, after a 28-0 lead gained in the first half, the coaches had every reason to substitute freely, which they did on D, to a lesser extent on O to reduce the chances of injury. The offense is purposefully limited for Peters anyway and there was absolutely no reason to show to the respective coaching staff of these programs how it might get opened up v. Wisconsin or osu..... and ......

              M got to play rope a dope with Maryland in the 2nd half with a solid performance by punter Brad Robbins that precipitated the situation where the Terps had to burn clock while driving the field to score. They only did this twice with one of those drives ending in an endzone INT by Long and an 80y return. Hard to watch for the Roman Colosseum crowd looking for the kill but imminently wise and in that context understandable.


              So, after 10 games, I don't think we really know how M will do on the road, inside Camp Randall against the #5 ranked football team in the country. Looking at that statement, you'd think no chance.

              Disregarding that my takes are obviously biased because I am the ultimate homer, other than the ridiculous distraction of Badger fans stomping their feet to put the rickety stadium that is Camp Randall in some sort of harmonic motion on every important defensive play, I like M's chances. A win in Madison will increase my perception of team 138, Jim Harbaugh and the likelihood that M will beat osu in Ann Arbor the following week.
              On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): “We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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                After multiple 10,000 word essays, the ultimate conclusion is this:

                I don't think we really know how M will do on the road, inside Camp Randall against the #5 ranked football team in the country.
                Great stuff, Buchanan.
                Dan Patrick: What was your reaction to [Urban Meyer being hired]?
                Brady Hoke: You know.....not....good.


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                  How dare fans inside Camp Randall stomp their feet and make noise, how unbecoming can they be?


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                    LMAO at mgoblog apologism and data mining. The eyeball test against Maryland was clear -- the defense got shredded by a team with their fourth QB. A dropped pass on a trick play, a missed field goal, and an interception in the end zone cost Maryland 13-17 points. UM's offense was "efficient" because Maryland handed them the ball inside their 35 yard line on three consecutive posessions. The only defense of this turd is the argument that everyone quit playing once we were up 28-0, so therefore nothing that occurred after that mark matters. That's not a very encouraging scenario either.


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                      Michigan hasn't played a decent power running team yet this year. They'll probably do an okay job of holding of physically, but Paul Chryst is a terrific offensive coach and he'll find our weaknesses. The Badgers are great at combining smashmouth football with jet sweep action to keep the defense honest and coach Chryst has always had a great feel for what mix to run -- dating back to his days as Bielema's OC.
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                        Yeah, Michigan's schedule isn't all that impressive outside of PSU and MSU, who they were manhandled by. Wisconsin's win over Iowa is arguably the best win on either team's resume this season.


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                          This one is easy. One tough team on the road - PSU - and the result was pain and embarrassment. This one is at Camp Randall, and Wisconsin is playing for payback and to clinch their spot in the B1G Championship game. The offense can run against inferior defenses, but Wisconsin ain't Minnesota. Take away the TEs, and Peters won't hit a pass. Defensively, smallish players like Bush, Hudson, Metellus, and Kinnel will not hold up against the power run attack of the Badgers. Gonna be ugly, Optimigos. 28 - 0 ugly. Unless Quinn finally breaks out of his slump and finally hits a FG.
                          I'll let you ban hate speech when you let me define hate speech.


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                            Wisc isn't playing for a spot in the BIG championship game. They already clinched that. They're playing for a spot in the CCG


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                              I think Michigan will win, based upon pure homerism. All the injured will play for us. Peters will throw a couple of deep bombs for TDs. Hurst with a tummy rub or two. Breakout games for Donovan Peoples Jones and Ambry Thomas. Might as well throw in Jaylen Kelly Powell, with a surprise big play on special teams.


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                                Originally posted by UMStan White View Post
                                Wisc isn't playing for a spot in the BIG championship game. They already clinched that. They're playing for a spot in the CCG
                                You are correct. Also, Jim Leonhard should make life hard for Peters. I look for at least 3 sacks. Just not our year. Probably would have been better if O'Korn hadn't crapped out against Sparty.
                                I'll let you ban hate speech when you let me define hate speech.