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Michigan @ Wisconsin, Noon, 11/18, Fox/Stream FoxGo

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  • Michigan @ Wisconsin, Noon, 11/18, Fox/Stream FoxGo

    Road to a New Years 6 Bowl starts here ........
    On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."

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    I think it will be a short road.
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      Predicting a shutout. Wisconsin will stop the run and force Peters to make throws. He hasn't been accurate deep. Injuries piling up, too. The only thing that might keep Wisconsin under 30 is the fact that they don't throw a ton. Badgers 28 - 0
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        I'm usually not a pessimist but yeah, I don't see this offense doing a whole lot without a QB who can throw.
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          I am quite optimistic about this game. I think we are going to win.

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            Any news about the injuries? If Hill is in the concussion protocol, he will miss the game. Gary was still protecting his arm after the game. That doesn't sound like a stinger.


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              Wisky 27
              UM 3


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                Originally posted by Hannibal View Post
                Wisky 27
                UM 3
                I hate it when you're right but, man, I'm bringing this out again in the hope that your view is affected by severe ........

                On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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                  I don't care the outcome of this one as long as they get the next one.


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                    Originally posted by hack View Post
                    I don't care the outcome of this one as long as they get the next one.
                    You should and here's why ......

                    Both games are difficult but M matches up better with Wisconsin than they do with osu (when their offense is on and jtb isn't doing dumb hero type things). This makes the Wisconsin game a more winnable one, IMO, albeit it is in Madison. So far, M has looked decent on the road this season - the team and the coaching staff appear to be much better prepared for road games, mentally and technically than in the past.

                    I'd prefer to put that 9th win in the bag v. the Badgers before meeting an ascending osu. Moreover, 9-3, should M lose to the buckeyes, is better than 8-4. It's the difference between a decent bowl, maybe a NY6, and the Holiday Bowl in San Diego.

                    ...... and, do I care about beating osu? Damn straight I do but, you know, one game at a time and a bird in the hand ...... Beat Wisconsin.
                    On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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                      Gonna be an ugly ass game. I'll say Wisky 17-13
                      Shut the fuck up Donny!


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                        I like M in the upset.
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                          I'm not suggesting I would trade this for that. The outcomes are independent of each other. Just saying that a win against Wisky would in no way make up for a loss against OSU.


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                            I picked this up from mgoboard. I've filled in (in red) with some info that I've either heard second hand (TIFIW) or is obvious to even a casual observer .......

                            Doubtful / Out

                            QB Wilton Speight - Neck Speight warmed up for Maryland wearing a helmet. He's reportedly practiced. If he's cleared and he has a full week of practice the coaches like, he'll play with a short leash and Peters is now a reliable back-up that can get plugged in if needed
                            WR Tarik Black - Foot
                            TE Nick Eubanks – Upper body / neck?
                            OT Grant Newsome - Leg


                            CB Lavert Hill – Concussion There's a ton of speculation out there, most of it bad, talking about "concussion protocols." There are such things and there are neurological procedures and diagnostic imaging to evaluate extent. I'm going to speculate he'll play. He remained on the sideline and was up and about. Players badly concussed vomit, can have motor symptoms, are confused, appear sick and usually leave the field for further eval.
                            WR Kekoa Crawford – Lower Body?
                            WR Nico Collins – Lower Body
                            RB Karan Higdon – Lower Body / Ankle This one is interesting. I listen to M radio on the IMG network during the game for obvious reasons. Doug Karsh, who is the sideline reporter, said on the air that he had overheard other players saying Higdon told them he was fine, could have played, coaches took him out on a precautionary basis. He'll play but take him self out if he doesn't feel like he's contributing
                            RB Ty Isaac – Lower BodyThis one has been odd to me.
                            When he first went out playing AF or Purdue I believe, I didn't see anything other than him plowing into the opponent's side line. He got up and trotted off the filed never to return. He did have a couple of carries v. Rutgers and then disappeared for Minny and Maryland. Purely speculative but I wonder if he's got one of those high ankle sprains or a groin injury?

                            OG – Mike Onwenu – Lower Body He was dressed, did not warm up with contact but was wearing a helmet, was on the sideline and would form up with the rest of the offense during time outs. It was rumored he could play but was held out.
                            I'm guessing he'll play.

                            DE Rashan Gary – Shoulder? Might be probable but he didn’t return after getting injured The only thing I've got to go on here is that when he was on camera and down, trainers weren't really working on anything/ Suggests a hard hit. He got up and walked to the sideline apparently unimpaired. It was right after he got to the sideline that a trainer reached under his pads to do something on his left shoulder. Concern on this kind of test is palpable fracture of the collar bone (scapula) or a displaced Acromioclavicular (A/C) joint. If no scaular FX, these are usually A/C sprains. He'll play if this is the case or if he just got dinged hard.


                            CB David Long – Knee He didn't seem to lose a step with his brace after he got it. Whirlpool him up and he'll play a little sore from an MCL or LCL sprain
                            WR Grant Perry – Lower Body? Doghouse? Not sure but played very little yesterday and missed some time before that
                            RB Kareem Walker – Lower body / ankle? Played yesterday but has been dinged up I thought he looked slight, but very slightly impaired. All RBs in the BIG take a beating. He's fine and will play.
                            TE Ty Wheatley – Lower Body?? Played as well yesterday but has also been dinged up
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                            On Harbaugh's expectations for M football in 2015 (NFL NETWORK): We'd rather be about it than talk about it."


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                              I just don’t trust any one aspect of this team enough to give me any confidence in this game.