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Weekly Pick'em Thread 2023

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  • Originally posted by edindetroit View Post

    Since you were in the hospital make 3 picks this week to catch up. Hope the hip is healing well.
    Thanks edindetroit. I'll go with San Fran, KC and I the Cowboys.
    Last edited by DanO; October 1, 2023, 01:57 PM.
    GO LIONS "23" !!


    • DanV if you are still in this you need to pick from SNF or MNF teams.
      "Your division isn't going through Green Bay it's going through Detroit for the next five years" - Rex Ryan


      • Chiefs tonight for me


        • I got a little worried that the Chargers pick would blow up in my face. The Raiders not having Jimmy G helped.


          • Goddamit.
            Lions Fans.

            Demanding Excellence since Pathetic Patricia Piddled the Pooch!


            • ​​image.png

              WEEK 5

              Thursday, October 5

              Chicago at Washington 8:15pm

              Sunday, October 8

              Very Early Game

              Jacksonville vs. Buffalo (in London, England) 9:30am

              Early Game​s

              Houston at Atlanta 1:00pm
              Carolina at Detroit 1:00pm
              Tennessee at Indianapolis 1:00pm
              NY Giants at Miami 1:00pm
              New Orleans at New England 1:00pm
              Baltimore at Pittsburgh 1:00pm

              Late Game​s

              Cincinnati at Arizona 4:05pm
              Philadelphia at LA Rams 4:05pm
              NY Jets at Denver 4:25pm
              Kansas City at Minnesota 4:25pm

              Sunday Night Football

              Dallas at San Francisco 8:20pm

              Monday Night Football

              Green Bay at Las Vegas 8:15pm
              Last edited by edindetroit; October 8, 2023, 10:46 AM.
              "Your division isn't going through Green Bay it's going through Detroit for the next five years" - Rex Ryan


              • Detroit.
                GO LIONS "23" !!


                • Dolphins
                  "Yeah, we just... we don't want them to go. So that's our motivation."
                  Dan Campbell at Green Bay, January 8, 2023.​


                  • Houston
                    Dopeler Effect: The Tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly. - Author unknown


                    • Detroit!!


                      • Detroit
                        "Your division isn't going through Green Bay it's going through Detroit for the next five years" - Rex Ryan


                        • Buffalo


                          • Miami Dolphins


                            • Da geezer gettin lucky with that Giants pick in the second week😎


                              • To be fair the Giants schedule is extremely rough. Niners, Cowboys, Seahawks, Dolphins and Bills all in the first six weeks. I imagine they'll be more competitive after that. As long as they don't give up.