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    Have at it ya bawbag fuckwits! Take your soccer/football/futbol talk here
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    Benny Blades~"If you break down this team man for man, we have talent to compare with any team."

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    My Cousins own a professional soccer team here in the States and came up an inch short the past two years in taking the League Championship.

    They are known as Waza Flo and both of my cousins are instrumental in the teams success.

    I must admit however, I do not follow them as closely as you would suspect or attend the games.

    Soccer games were a staple when I was a young lad. Often they were played in Windsor. But, when fights broke out for no reason at all, I decided this sport had too many hot heads and was not for me.

    I am not afraid of anyone but, I do not like the backstabbing culture that is associated with this sport.
    I long for a Lions team that is consistently competitive.


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      You're talking about fights among spectators I'm guessing Marko?

      Or are you talking about when a guy gets bumped or scratched and starts rolling around the field in agony?
      The only thing missing from that Marvin Jones touchdown reversal is that it wasn't a first round playoff game.


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        Fights among spectators, ULF.
        I long for a Lions team that is consistently competitive.


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          Big matchup today with the Merseyside Derby. Everton hasn't won in Anfield since 1999. But Martinez is in charge of Everton and not Moyes so that is something Liverpool fans should consider.


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            Today is a day that the Everton faithful will want to forget, a 4-0 loss to Liverpool.


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              Just noticed this thread. Nice one.

              I know the majority on here don't care much for soccer, but that game ^ Froot loops speaks of, was fantastic. A game like that is what is needed more often to change some people's views on the sport. Excellent first half display by Liverpool, and then excellent counter attacking by Liverpool in the second half. Some were saying the score flattered Liverpool as Everton were actually very good 2nd half, but I say no..... Great display of attacking football, defending and counter attacking football by Liverpool. They also missed a penalty and a couple of other great chances. Great game.

              Pretty sure, Oz will be delighted.


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                When you lose Lukaku on the frst goal, you're in trouble.


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                  Originally posted by froot loops View Post
                  When you lose Lukaku on the frst goal, you're in trouble.
                  Just few days before they sold Jelavic to Hull City so not many options left


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                    This thread SUCKS! :-)
                    GO LIONS "20" !!

                    Take us to the promised land Matthew.


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                      Racing Santander players stage on-pitch boycott over unpaid wages

                      updated 6:11 PM EST, Thu January 30, 2014

                      Racing Santander's players stand on the field refusing to play in a protest over unpaid wages.

                      STORY HIGHLIGHTS
                      • Racing Santander players stage boycott of Copa del Rey quarterfinal
                      • Angry about unpaid wages at cash-strapped club
                      • Real Sociedad led 3-1 after first leg on their home ground
                      • Racing team links arms in center circle just after kick off

                      (CNN) -- A Copa del Rey last four clash against Barcelona awaited Racing Santander's players if they could pull back a two-goal deficit against Real Sociedad in a quarterfinal second leg but instead the team stood arm and arm in the center circle and refused to play Thursday.
                      Angered by months of unpaid wages and with their demand for club president Angel Lavin and his board to step down ignored, the squad carried through on its threat to boycott the match.
                      They had warmed up prior to kick off but once proceedings were underway it became immediately clear that it would not be a contest.

                      Sociedad, who led 3-1 from the first leg, passed the ball among themselves while the Racing team grouped together in their protest.
                      Substitutes and staff -- including coach Francisco Fernandez Gomez -- who has reportedly not been paid for sixth months -- performed the same gesture on the touchline.
                      Read: Messi going nowhere say Barca
                      Home fans in the El Sardinero stadium also applauded their team, who had enjoyed a fairytale run to the last eight of the cup, beating top flight sides Sevilla and Almeria.
                      Once the ball had been kicked out for a throw-in, the referee Gil Manzano signaled the match had been abandoned with the Sociedad likely to be awarded a passage to the semifinals and a plum tie against the Catalan giants.
                      The unusual events had been in the making since the start of the week when Racing captain Mario Fernandez confirmed the team had not been paid for several months and related tales of hardship as a consequence.
                      Read: Rosell resigns over Neymar affair
                      As Thursday evening's kick off loomed, the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) chief Luis Rubiales met with the Racing players and told gathered reporters what they had decided.
                      "If at 2100 (local time) the Racing board is the same as now, they will not play. The squad decided something last Monday which they made public, and they continue thinking exactly the same, that if the current board has not resigned by the time of the game they are not going to play.
                      "They have the complete backing of the AFE, as always," he added.
                      Racing has spent most of its 101-year history in the Spanish La Liga top flight and finished sixth as recently as 2008, but plagued by debt has suffered two straight relegations as well as entering administration.
                      Benny Blades~"If you break down this team man for man, we have talent to compare with any team."


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                        More common (administration) in the game of Futbol than you'd think.


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                          Originally posted by Fraquar View Post
                          More common (administration) in the game of Futbol than you'd think.
                          Players in my FC haven't received paychecks in 6 months so this is not big deal for them


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                            USMNT had a good friendly against South Korea.


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                              Man U vs Real Madrid at the Big House in August.........

                              that I am looking forward to.
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                              "I would probably say I'm not qualified to run any other NFL team, but I would say I'm qualified to run this one," Wood said.

                              You missed by one, Rod.