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  • Congrats Sean, but is that any reason to miss the game? :-)


    • When you field a team of elite athletes, you'd expect your coaching staff to lead by example. It would be well-advised for the team to challenge their coaches to "layoff the Gin & Hit the Gym" over the winter. This is a ticking time bomb, Hoke demands that his players hit peak-athletic condition, why not the coaches to a lesser degree as governed by age?

      "AB, I gonna have to "clock" you with a Sun Dial."

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      ?I don?t take vacations. I don?t get sick. I don?t observe major holidays. I?m a jackhammer.?


      • too funny..


        • Originally posted by geo weidl View Post
          Congrats Sean on the twins and to you Grandpa Jeff.
          Wow---I missed it! (been AWOL from the forum all week)

          Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Sean and to gramps and gramma Buchanan too!


          • Joe Frazier has passed away tonight. He was a great one.


            • Down goes....

              No I can't. Too soon.

              Rest in peace, Mr Frazier.


              • Joe Frazier gone---hard to believe. I've been aware of his passing for about the last half hour, only having heard about his liver cancer last week when it was publicized.

                One of the all-time greats of the fight game, IMO, but always overshadowed by The Greatest (Ali).

                I'll say this right now: Ali wouldn't be Ali, in the same sense, if it weren't for the presence of Frazier---each was the yin to the other's yang. Boxing has never since seen a rivalry that measures up to those 3 epic fights between those two---and probably never will.

                Rest in Peace, Smokin' Joe...


                • I had no idea he was only 67. Seeing as all of those fights were before I was born he always seemed much older. RIP.


                  • I was one of the few who wanted Frazier to clean Ali's clock back in the day. I still say he won the Thrilla in Manilla.
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                    • Interesting article about lakes that are drying up in Texas & Oklahoma. Lots of history being uncovered



                      • an amazing streak will end tonight..

                        A University of Miami player has scored a touchdown in the NFL for 149 consecutive weeks. None this week and the only guys they have playing tonight are a couple of DTs.

                        That is amazing.
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                        • WOW! That really is something.


                          • I always liked Miami of Ohio...
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                            • Just got home about an hour ago from working my 4th year on the chain crew for the MHSAA Football State Finals at Ford Field. Had a great time. Saw some very good HS football, from one of the best seats in the house.

                              Ithaca defeated Constantine handily, after a close first half. Just too many big corn fed farm boys. Constantine was very good at hiding the ball as they ran just about everything from the "T" formation, but the big kids from Ithaca finally figured out who had the ball, and shut the running game down. Ithaca's QB (can't remember his name) is committed to Central Michigan, and he could be a good one for them. Good arm, very accurate, good size.

                              In the nightcap Zeeland West pretty much did to Marine City what Ithaca did to Constantine. Zeeland just had too many big kids, and Marine City was quick but small. My claim to fame in that one was when a Zeeland defensive back made an interception, then got knocked out of bounds, right into me. Luckily, I kept my feet under me, and didn't go down like a big striped whale.

                              All in all, a fun day, met some new friends, saw a few old friends and had a good time. Tired and sore, but it was worth it. Already looking forward to next year.
                              "Some people think when they are standing on 3rd base, that they just hit a triple" -- Jim Harbaugh 2021


                              • Doug had a picture of you and your crew. We all missed you but we were all glad to see you working.