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  • Kamala Harris...the dumbest Veep in prep needed for a major network interview...just wing it...the media loves us...duhhhhhh....
    Shut the fuck up Donny!


    • That's what happens when you hire people based on gender and/or skin color instead of whether or not they could do the job. That was pretty obvious in most places decades ago.


      • It was refreshing to see someone in the media refuse to throw softballs at that dumbass. She looked "...why are you asking me questions I don't know...we are on the same team...wahhhh!"
        Shut the fuck up Donny!


        • Originally posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post

          Moving my political response off the CFB board over here. LOL that Trump was "effective". He had no significant legislative victories after the tax cuts, coasted for a while, and finally the luck ran out in Year 4. Joe is incompetent too but he started office with a mess. Trump did not.

          Trump couldn't repeal Obamacare. Couldn't get ANY infrastructure bill done. He agreed to an immigration bill then broke his word when conservative media showered him with abuse. He walked away with nothing. In late 2018 he shut down the government because he demanded more money for his Border Wall. Then reopened the govt 35 days later after accepting a LOWER amount than the Democrats had originally offered him. That was the period where Schumer tricked him to saying ON LIVE TV to take all responsibility for the shutdown. Imagine getting fucking tricked and punked by Chuck Schumer. SAD, PRESIDENT DEALS! In 2019 he achieved nothing. Basically sat in his dining room off the oval office eating McDonald's, watching tv, and ranting about the media and Robert Mueller. In 2020...well...if you think he had a good 2020 you just may be a crashcourse.
          Just an amazingly ignorant, hyperpartisan view of the tax cuts. "Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play"

          Here is a list of the results of the tax cuts:

          Unprecedented Economic Boom

          Before the China Virus invaded our shores, we built the world’s most prosperous economy.
          • America gained 7 million new jobs – more than three times government experts’ projections.
          • Middle-Class family income increased nearly $6,000 – more than five times the gains during the entire previous administration.
          • The unemployment rate reached 3.5 percent, the lowest in a half-century.
          • Achieved 40 months in a row with more job openings than job-hirings.
          • More Americans reported being employed than ever before – nearly 160 million.
          • Jobless claims hit a nearly 50-year low.
          • The number of people claiming unemployment insurance as a share of the population hit its lowest on record.
          • Incomes rose in every single metro area in the United States for the first time in nearly 3 decades.

          Delivered a future of greater promise and opportunity for citizens of all backgrounds.
          • Unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and those without a high school diploma all reached record lows.
          • Unemployment for women hit its lowest rate in nearly 70 years.
          • Lifted nearly 7 million people off of food stamps.
          • Poverty rates for African Americans and Hispanic Americans reached record lows.
          • Income inequality fell for two straight years, and by the largest amount in over a decade.
          • The bottom 50 percent of American households saw a 40 percent increase in net worth.
          • Wages rose fastest for low-income and blue collar workers – a 16 percent pay increase.
          • African American homeownership increased from 41.7 percent to 46.4 percent.

          Brought jobs, factories, and industries back to the USA.
          • Created more than 1.2 million manufacturing and construction jobs.
          • Put in place policies to bring back supply chains from overseas.
          • Small business optimism broke a 35-year old record in 2018.

          Hit record stock market numbers and record 401ks.
          • The DOW closed above 20,000 for the first time in 2017 and topped 30,000 in 2020.
          • The S&P 500 and NASDAQ have repeatedly notched record highs.

          Rebuilding and investing in rural America.
          • Signed an Executive Order on Modernizing the Regulatory Framework for Agricultural Biotechnology Products, which is bringing innovative new technologies to market in American farming and agriculture.
          • Strengthened America’s rural economy by investing over $1.3 billion through the Agriculture Department’s ReConnect Program to bring high-speed broadband infrastructure to rural America.

          Passed $3.2 trillion in historic tax relief and reformed the tax code.
          • Signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – the largest tax reform package in history.
          • More than 6 million American workers received wage increases, bonuses, and increased benefits thanks to the tax cuts.
          • A typical family of four earning $75,000 received an income tax cut of more than $2,000 – slashing their tax bill in half.
          • Doubled the standard deduction – making the first $24,000 earned by a married couple completely tax-free.
          • Doubled the child tax credit.
          • Virtually eliminated the unfair Estate Tax, or Death Tax.
          • Cut the business tax rate from 35 percent – the highest in the developed world – all the way down to 21 percent.
          • Small businesses can now deduct 20 percent of their business income.
          • Businesses can now deduct 100 percent of the cost of their capital investments in the year the investment is made.
          • Since the passage of tax cuts, the share of total wealth held by the bottom half of households has increased, while the share held by the top 1 percent has decreased.
          • Over 400 companies have announced bonuses, wage increases, new hires, or new investments in the United States.
          • Over $1.5 trillion was repatriated into the United States from overseas.
          • Lower investment cost and higher capital returns led to faster growth in the middle class, real wages, and international competitiveness.

          Jobs and investments are pouring into Opportunity Zones.
          • Created nearly 9,000 Opportunity Zones where capital gains on long-term investments are taxed at zero.
          • Opportunity Zone designations have increased property values within them by 1.1 percent, creating an estimated $11 billion in wealth for the nearly half of Opportunity Zone residents who own their own home.
          • Opportunity Zones have attracted $75 billion in funds and driven $52 billion of new investment in economically distressed communities, creating at least 500,000 new jobs.
          • Approximately 1 million Americans will be lifted from poverty as a result of these new investments.
          • Private equity investments into businesses in Opportunity Zones were nearly 30 percent higher than investments into businesses in similar areas that were not designated Opportunity Zones.

          Of course, Trump made tremendous progress in deregulation, foreign policy, and trade policy during his term too, but we can leave that to another day. Serious tax cuts have been tried three times in modern US history, and three times they have caused an economic boom. But when one immerses himself in left-wing claptrap, one cannot see anything good coming out of the productive part of the economy.

          BTW, name anything Biden has accomplished, particularly with his massive inflation tax.


          • Jesus Christ, did you copy that straight from the Trump campaign website or from Kayleigh McEnay's binder?

            I'm sure you put a lot of time and effort into verifying all those "facts" too. You're always so careful to make sure what you post is true


            • And LOL you should get down on your geriatric knees and thank the everlasting hell out of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell if you're that thrilled about the Tax Cuts. They had far, FAR more to do with passing it than that dipshit President you still gush over. That dumbass wouldn't be able to tell you much of anything that was even in the bill, or any bill. He was busy watching TV. The details are for the little people.

              Thank goodness we elected Donald Trump instead of another rando Republican like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. Only Trump, among all in the Republican party, had the negotiating skills to convince an overwhelmingly Republican Congress to pass a goddman tax cut.


              • "Mostly ineffective"

                Sound familiar?

                "Mostly peaceful"
                Shut the fuck up Donny!


                • Ted Cruz proposed a bill in the Senate sanctioning the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. 55 Senators were in favor; 44 against. It failed. The Ds filibustered.

                  This happened YESTERDAY. It's staggering.

                  Right now I don't blame Strangelove at all for persistently and solely tilting at the Trump Windmill. Anything has to be better than actually trying to defend the Ds at this point.
                  Dan Patrick: What was your reaction to [Urban Meyer being hired]?
                  Brady Hoke: You know.....not....good.


                  • Like I said...D filibuster noble. R filibuster...racist.

                    The narrative is whatever they say it is. Opposing viewpoints will be labeled as such.
                    Shut the fuck up Donny!


                    • Originally posted by iam416 View Post
                      In the Quinnipiac poll, one number of note (to me) is that, again, Latinos are less impressed with The Chairman than the overall average. Wheareas The Chairman was only under water 34-53 overall, he was 28-61 with Latinos. And that continues a trend (for polls that ask the question) of The Chairman underperforming the overall numbers with Latinos.

                      To retirate my reiteration of a reiteration....demographics is NOT destiny.
                      Their voting patterns won't change.

                      If in 2024 the Republican wins 55% of the Hispanic vote without changing the message, then we'll talk.


                      • Originally posted by iam416 View Post
                        Ted Cruz proposed a bill in the Senate sanctioning the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. 55 Senators were in favor; 44 against. It failed. The Ds filibustered.

                        This happened YESTERDAY. It's staggering.

                        Right now I don't blame Strangelove at all for persistently and solely tilting at the Trump Windmill. Anything has to be better than actually trying to defend the Ds at this point.
                        It's all going to end up scrapped anyways once he invades Ukraine.


                        • I have to admit, I LOL'ed when I read Geezer's post. I have no clue which of those claims are true or not and I'm not going to go through them all to find out.

                          Wherever the source (and those kinds of things are important to post) this is just another example of both sides trying to control the narrative, especially important leading up to the mid-terms in November. It's also a reminder that since the early 1800s, maybe before that, politics doesn't change much. One side tries to paint the other and visa versa as any number of bad things, the definition of bad things pertinent to the times.

                          What's changed is the speed and volume of utter bull-shit that can be spread by all forms of media. What also seems to be happening is that the lies get shamelessly bigger and bigger. I think that is mainly becasue the idiots we are surrounded by every day, suck this stuff up, take it home and spit it back out whenever and wherever they get a chance to do that. To their kids included. It just keeps spreading as in, it must be treu if everyone else thinks it is. Scary shit,

                          Trump wasn't subtle about pushing falsehoods, neither is The Chairman. The "big lies" have just gotten bigger and more shameful to people who give a shit about truth and who have the intelligence and desire to call bull-shit on them ..... case in point: The "dumbass" Sotomayor, during oral arguments being presented in the Biden Vaccine Mandates case, made a meandering political statement about the benefits of vaccine mandates because, she said, "100s of thousands of children are in the hospital and many are on ventilators (paraphrased)." That is wildly just fucking FALSE.

                          Sotomayor's claim, though, is entirely consistent with the point I'm making. We have a sitting justice pandering to the left wing by fucking shamelessly lying to advance the lib's COVID narrative in a courtroom where there is no place for that. When I read that this morning in my NYT's news feed (that incidentally just tore her a new ass-hole for this Big Lie), I just shook my head and went, yep everything Wiz has posted about this dolt is spot on ....and she is sitting on the Supreme Court of the United States. FUCK.

                          It was Joseph Goebbels in the late nineteen thirties that invented and then enabled the Nazi party to shameless optimize outrageous lies ...... the bigger the better, he once said. We're back to that kind of crap here in America and we should all be very disturbed about it.
                          There is such a thing as redemption. Maybe we're seeing one. We just saw it!!!. M 42, OSU 27. 11/27/21.


                          • When Ted Cruz Invades Ukraine? WTF?


                            • I don't think it's a stretch to say the economy under Trump was good and under Biden it is a failure.
                              Shut the fuck up Donny!


                              • Originally posted by Tom W View Post
                                When Ted Cruz Invades Ukraine? WTF?
                                Sorry, heh, Putin. Not Lyin' Ted.